Vow of a Mate

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Part 8

Rose’s POV:

After the classes I called Drake, but it went to his voicemail all the time. I was a bit worried now. I tried to ignore the negative thoughts and entered the Diner. Seeing Diana in her usual self, calmed my mind. If anything had happened in the pack, she would have told me. I was worrying unnecessarily.

I started my work but became more and more anxious when Drake hadn’t turned up on time. He had not arrived till the closing time. I waited for an hour more after the closing time. What if he was at home? Deciding to check out, I bade an urgent farewell to Diana and Alice and hurried home. But it was locked. Where was Drake?

Planning to wait for him inside, I opened the door and sat on the couch. Looked like it was going be a long wait.


A sharp pain in the neck woke me up. I blinked up to find the reason of the sudden pain. My head was at an odd angle as I was sitting on the couch. Why was I sleeping on the couch? Drake? I rushed to see in his room, but it was empty. Where had he gone? I tried calling him again and send him a message asking his whereabouts?


It’s been a week and still Drake was not reachable. Alice told me that he was not seen in the pack too. Where were you Drake? Diana was more concerned seeing my health was taking a toll on his absence. My body was becoming thinner, and the dark circles around my eyes were becoming deeper, because of lack of sleep and hunger.

I could not concentrate on my regular activities, and lagging on my assignments in college. Two of my professors expressed their concerns, and ask if I was not well. Deciding on the next step, I requested a meeting with Alpha Reol.


I knocked the Alpha’s Office and waited for his confirmation to enter. Once hearing his voice, I entered the door and saw him sitting in his chair.

“Good Morning Alpha.”

“Good morning Dr. Nooman. You wanted to meet me?” He gestured at me to sit in the chair and I followed it.

“Alpha, I wish to know about Drake?”

He looked at me with surprise.


“You see. I have not seen him for a week and I am not able to reach him.”

“Why should you have to reach him?” He asked me sternly.

“As you know, he is staying with me and suddenly he disappeared. He never mentioned that he is leaving and I am worried.”

He was silent for a moment and then looked at me.

“Dr. Nooman, you better drop this issue. Drake is an important man and he will have his own reasons if he is not around.”


“You better drop this, Dr. Nooman.” His voice was sterner, and I could see the Alpha in him is angry now.

“Yes Alpha.” I could not help but submit to his voice. I had one more question to ask.

“Can I know which pack he belong to?”

“Drake haven’t told you?” He asked back.

“No, but he did not intend to hide it.”

He raised his hand to stop me.

“I am not in a position to disclose any information about Drake without his consent. I also command you not to talk about this to anyone in the pack.” He waved his hand stating that the meeting was over.

All the doors were closed now.


It’s been six months since I had seen Drake. I was not able to get any information about him. I tried talking to Aubrey once despite Alpha Reol’s warning, but ended in vain. I had his room clean and ready every day, with a hope that he would return, a hope that was diminishing day by day. It pained to see his belongings every time, and so I had packed everything in a box, and kept deep inside my wardrobe.

Finally I had accepted the fact that I was again alone in this world. Losing your beloved once was pain, but losing for the second time was excruciating. Moon Goddess had be cruel to do this to me.


My graduation day was in two days. Alpha Jackson and Luna Allison were coming for my graduation. Allison knew about what happened to my mate. She offered once to transfer me to the college near to my home pack, but I refused. I need to overcome this on my own, so that I could survive in future. But still I had a small hope of meeting him. Hence I had started to go out very often to various places on every week ends. To all crowded places to see as many faces as I could. My wolf was still recovering on her loss. We had finally come to terms that, we only had each other this life.

Olivia could not come for graduation as she was carrying. She was due in two months, and I could not wait to meet her. After graduation, I was flying to Olivia’s pack, to join as a trainee doctor. Dr. Richard who was the current doctor would be retiring soon, and Olivia was hoping me to join there. It looked as if this was decided a life time before. I sighed heavily to avoid all the unwanted thoughts before it starts.

Almost all the items were packed, except for the necessary items I needed for the next two days. Diana and Alice were sad that I was leaving, but they understood. I could not wallow in pain here anymore. Where ever I went, I remembered an incident with Drake.

Olivia offered me a private jet, but I wanted to travel on the commercial flight. My wolf also knew the reason and she was ok with that. I know she was the one who suffered to the max on each of such journey. I shared her pain every time, and was not sure how long we could survive that. I had to forget him for our peace of mind.

It was a tearful good bye with Diana and Alice. I promised to keep in touch with them. Once boarded in the plane, I settled in my seat. Olivia again outdid herself by booking a business class for me. I made myself comfortable. If I had to spend another 4 – 5 hours, I could not be restless the whole journey.

Once, the plane had taken off, I looked out the window to see the passing clouds. The same clouds which looked solid from the ground, was now nothing more than few wisps when we were near. Just the same way as my love life. It looked solid and beautiful when I looked from outside, but disappeared into thin wisps after falling into it.

Once landed, I gathered my bags and moved to the waiting area. I looked around to find the person, who had come to pick me up. Stupid of me, not to ask any contact number to Olivia. Deciding to call her directly, I took my phone out. That’s when I found that my phone was still in airplane mode. Poor Olivia, she should have called me to find if I had landed and stupid of me to forget it. I quickly turned off the airplane mode, and the next second my phone ringed, but from an unknown number.

“Dr. Nooman here.”

“Good Evening Doctor, I am Steve Roberts, third in command from Alpha Mason’s pack. Hope you landed safely.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“I am in the arrival lounge. Do you need any help in collecting the luggage?”

“Thanks, but no need. I have collected my luggage and coming out.”

“Once you are out you can see a subway counter. Can you wait in front of it? I will bring the vehicle there.”

Giving the affirmation, I moved the trolley out. After some fifteen minutes, a black Jeep Wrangler stopped in front of me and a tall young man got down from the car. He was well built with dark brown hair and matching brown eyes.

“Dr. Nooman?”

“Mr. Roberts.” I nodded my head.

“Welcome to our pack.”

“Thank you. Will you help me in boarding the luggage in car?”

“Please. You climb in. I will take care of the luggage.”

“There are many. Let me help.”

“Please I insist.”

Not willing to continue the conversation, I uttered a thanks and climbed in. I called Olivia to convey that I had landed safe and on the way to the pack. Mr. Roberts loaded all the luggage at the back and climbed in the car.

“Shall we go?” He asked me.

“Sure Mr. Roberts.”

“Call me Steve. Mr. Roberts look very formal.”

“Then please call me Rose.”

“Rose, hope you don’t mind. When Luna mentioned her sister arriving who is a doctor, I expected someone old. I never expected someone this beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I smiled with a slight blush. Who would not be pleased when you were admired by a handsome man?

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