Love Untrodden

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What happens when starry-eyed Lily Basie walks in on a devastatingly handsome stranger in her boss's home and calls him a thief then later realizes the presumed stranger is the pop idol everyone seems to be talking about....... Set in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa and weaving through the complexities of family feud,the music world, betrayal and two people determined to find love despite the scars of the past.....and present.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

~~Love Untrodden~~

One,don't get wasted on girls' night out. Two,never forget to buy batteries for the alarm clock. Three, spend less time playing candy crush saga to save phone's percentage. Lily knew she was late but to avoid been overly late she'd ditched her car for the subway in a rush to get to the fashion house before ten o'clock. She was absolutely sure Jacques would have been trying her line but thanks to candy crush, here was her phone, dead to life.
A quick glance at the expensive Chanel wristwatch her boss gifted her two months ago told her she had less than an hour to make it to Hout Bay. Lily had been Jacques assistant for about two years and was practically her right hand. Being a fashion designer, Jacques owned a trendy boutique cum fashion house famous and well known among the socialites and celebrities. She was also also a Human Rights Activist who owned a girls' rehabilitation foundation and just like every other event, her boss was hosting a special women's movement today and she was LATE!
The train, reaching another terminal, slowed to a slow halt and people in their usual bustle,trooped out while others rushed in. And elderly woman got in and seeing the seats contained, her frail hands grabbed the handle bars. Lily got to her feet and offered the woman her seat.
"Woza uhlale gogo. You shouldn't stand."
A smile lit up her wrinkled face as she took Lily's vacated seat.
"Thank you, ingane. Ikosi Ikubusise." Which literally translates into 'Thank you child. God bless you.
Minutes later, a stream of giggles came from a group of schoolgirls behind her. Their heads were bent over a tablet, their gazes glued to something one of them pointed at. Lily almost rolled her wide eyes. Clearly, they were skipping classes to go somewhere and inside their bags must be dresses far from decent. It was common to see teenage girls skipping school at this hour to attend parties or lodge in hotels with older guys.
"The King is back!" One of them screamed in delight. "Oh.My.God! Lucifer!"
What nonsense were they uttering..... King? Lucifer? Lily turned again to see their heads bowed, intently reading from the tablet. As if on cue, the trio chanted a song only vaguely familiar to her ears. To her chagrin, two adults to her left bobbed their head to the song. Wow,it was that popular?
"He's going to be at the Lala Arena next week Friday, girls!"
The 'he' must be the Lucifer they were referring to. Their excited screams almost had Lily whipping her head round to shut them up but instead, she shut her ears against their chatter
If she really wanted to find out who the idol was,she could easily access the truth on the gossip columns and popular tabloids but it really wasn't her thing, besides, her phone was dead.....
Just then,the train arrived at her stop. Lily instantly forgot about the girls and their chatter; she had a dress to pick for Jacques. As she hurried out of the train, she heard the Gogo sending her some words of prayers but she was too late to acknowledge. In her mind, however, she said a silent Amen....

Pheew! It's the first story I'm posting😍. Let's do this together. Like and comment. Let me know what your opinions are. Will post subsequent chapters soon.❤❤❤

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