The Last Star(The Last Star Trilogy #1)

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Each individual belonged to a Constellation and conducted it. Everyone was marked with the symbol of their Constellation, they were given Signs to represent each of their Constellations. These Signs were passed down from one individual to another. One Constellation they inherited from their mother and one from their father. Annabelle Virgo tried to let go of her troubled past but her nightmares didn't help. Now she is determined to seek the truth about her past and the her mother's Constellation. Stellaregno, a kingdom protected by the Stars is home to all those who have the ability to control the Constellations they belong to. We are the Stars made conscious. We're crafted from our Constellations. We have Stardust in our blood. We are all made of Stars. We are all Stardust.

Fantasy / Other
Mariam Shakaib
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Author's Note

Dear reader,

Firstly, I wrote The Last Star back in 2018 and this was my first story idea. It's the first installment in a trilogy and the three books: The Last Star, Celestial Gardens and When Stars Fall are also available to read on Wattpad.

DISCLAIMER: I do not believe in astrology. I realize that most of the story parts are related to astrology. However, my religion forbids it and this trilogy is just something I did for fun and while reading it you'll discover that other than the character's heritage the story has got nothing to do with the horoscope.

Just wanted to add that I do no intend for The Last Star trilogy to be published traditionally. This is something I did to gain experience, find my writing style and build a fan base for when I think about releasing my other works.


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