The Last Star(The Last Star Trilogy #1)

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Chapter 18

“Belle, you are not even talking” Tristan said. It was lunch and I was sitting at my usual place with my friends. I pretended that my sandwich was very appetizing.

“You are not even looking at us” Lyra complained. Her voice told me that she was hiding something. She seemed irritated and annoyed with everything, maybe this was just my imagination but I think that she was upset with me.

“Annabelle!” Lewis half yelled which made us all jump. I was knocked out of my trance.

“Thank you Lewis now half the cafeteria is staring at us” Amara said.

Then a teacher walked up to our table and demanded “Who yelled?”

“I will take the credit for that” Lewis said proudly.

“I think you mean blame” it was the first thing I said.

“Lewis, one word: Detention” the teacher said and walked away.

“Oh, not again” Lewis groaned.

“Well, you should behave and at least try to be decent. Maybe then you’d get less detentions and....” Amara got cut off.

“Oh, who cares?” Lewis sounded annoyed. “Can’t you just go back to talking about studying and Annabelle’s dysfunctional life?”

I glared at Lewis. When he caught me he said with food in his mouth, “What? What did I say?” “Lyra, please punch him for me before I strangle him” Amara said through gritted teeth. Lyra did more than punch. She pinched him said a few mean things and then punched him in the chest.

“Can’t you shut up?” Lyra demanded.

“Alright. Alight.” Lewis held up his hands. “Jeez, women”

Amara stuck out her tongue at him.

“Belle, forget about that. Let’s think about Tristan’s birthday party” Amara said. I almost choked on my food.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Belle, don’t tell me you forgot your best friend’s birthday” Tristan grinned.

“I didn’t....forget” I hesitated. Now my face was probably as red as my hair.

“Of coarse you didn’t” Lewis teased.

“Tomorrow, after school” Tristan told.


We ate in silence except Lyra started a conversation with Amara. I felt a little left out but I chimed in eventually. It felt like the good old days.

I was thinking of what to give Tristan for his birthday. Thinking about it made me stressed because I had no idea what to do and also because I kind of forgot his birthday.

I got home the next day after school and had a fight with Granny. I took a shower and wrapped my present for Tristan while my hair dried. It was colder then ever today, just like it had been the past few days. I decided to wear a white turtle neck dress that was above my knees but I covered my legs with leggings and black leather boots and I chose my favorite red coat. After my hair was dry I brushed it and curled it which took about two hours because my hair is really long, it cover up my entire back.

My ears felt heavy because of the earrings and my cheeks were red and so were my lips. I filled in my eyes with eyeliner and eye shadow, and to top it all off I used mascara on my eyelashes and after sneezing about ten times I finally got it right.

I checked the time I still had thirty minutes and I only had to walk so I would be the first one there if I left right now so I went opened the window the led to the balcony and stepped outside to stargaze. The sky was orange and purple today and I lit up the sky with Ophiuchus. I wasn’t supposed to associate with that constellation but I couldn’t help it. I don’t know why I just couldn’t.

The news these days had been bad there was totally a rebellion going on and people were dying we had been put under a curfew and anyone out after midnight would be shot on sight. This is not the kingdom I know. Everyone was mad because of the pairing system, the horoscope they thought would solve all their problems was now making them wipe out half the population. We’ll soon be extinct. I grabbed a newspaper and read the articles about the uprising and riots in the towns.

“Annabelle” Granny shouted from inside.

“Yes?” I sighed.

“You are going to be late” Granny informed “Hurry up”


I headed out and Granny told me to be home by ten thirty. That’s when Dad comes home, I am guessing this about a family meeting.

Tristan’s house was always peaceful. He had a little sister named Harper Capricorn and Brody Capricorn and they were little bundles of energy that never calmed down. Tristan was a full Capricorn and so are his siblings, that means he only inherited Capricorn which was from his father. Capricorn was so strong that it cut of the constellation from his mother’s side. I rang the doorbell and his Mom answered the door.

“Hi Annabelle” she greeted.

“Hi Mrs. Capricorn” I smiled. Tristan’s six year old brother Brody Capricorn was sitting on the couch, chocolate all over his face and he was wearing a baseball cap backwards, his shirt was stained and he was playing with his toy cars. Harper was a little bundle of energy, it was hard to get her to sit down. I guess she was probably running around somewhere.

“How are you?” we asked at the same time.

“I’m good” I chuckled.

“Everyone is in the basement” she yawned. She was fatigued, it was obvious that she had been working all day. Tristan’s Dad was a busy man and the last time I saw him was at our middle school graduation. He was never home.

Everyone? By everyone did she mean the entire school or just our normal group of friends? Oh Stars, I worried.

She led me downstairs just like the way in our house. Turns out it was a couple of guys including Lewis and the girls were just me and Lyra and Amara, although she was not here yet so I chatted with Lyra. Thank the Stars.

“Hi” Lyra bubbled up the minute she saw me.

“Hey” I replied. I took of my coat and Lyra hung it on a the back of a chair.

Lyra looked stunning. She was wearing a purple silk dress that covered her thighs and glittery boots that ran up to her knees. She had styled her hair and pulled it back with pins and braided it across her head. She was the definition of pretty.

Amara arrived a few minutes later.

“When did you get here?” Lyra asked.

“I was the first one to get here” Amara informed.

“What?” that was me.

“I was in the back playing table tennis” Amara told.

“You and your sports” Lyra groaned.

We talked and ate snacks that Tristan’s mom put out. Harper came downstairs for a while and she is a cutie.

“Hey Belle, How’s it going?” Tristan asked.

“Hi, happy birthday” I said.

“Thanks” he smiled. He was wearing a grey sweater with sneakers and jeans. His dark hair was combed neatly and his eyes sparkled. I realized I was staring at him and turned away too quickly.

I pulled out his gift that I had protected in my small bag. “Here” I said handing it over to him.

“Belle, you didn’t have to get me anything” he said.

“Yes I did” I insisted. “And by the way, I made it. Please don’t hate me if it’s bad”

“I could never hate you” he said which made my heart skip.

“Open it” I said. He tore off the wrapping paper and revealed picture frame with a collage that I made. It was a collage of all the photos of me and Tristan when we were kids and one big picture in the center from last year.

“I love it” Tristan smiled. “Thank you”

“Your welcome” I said and gave him a hug.

The rest of the night of the night was amazing. After everyone left, Lyra, Lewis, Amara, Tristan and me walked home together and we even had a party with the stars on the Tower. It was the most fun I’d had in weeks.

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