The Last Star(The Last Star Trilogy #1)

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Chapter 23

“Hi” she bubbled walking over to us.

“You look beautiful” Amara commented.

“You look amazing” I added.

“Thank you” Lyra blushed. She was wearing a blue off the shoulder dress that was touching the floor, it had lace sleeves and a cut down the middle which exposed her legs, the bodice was embroidered with flowers. Her hair was twisted back and she had a pin in her hair which was weaved into a flowers.

Her makeup was dark like mine, she had dark blue eyelids and thick long lashes, I didn’t even look at her shoes until she started walking. She was wearing white pumps with silver detailing on the heels, her jewelry was her star stone necklace and diamond earrings. She looked like an actual princess. I aspire to be like her. Did I just say that?

“You are definitely winning prom queen” I said.

“Oh, stop” Lyra’s face flushed or that might have been the blush she had on her cheeks. “You’re making me blush”

“Your hair looks gorgeous” Amara commented.

“Thanks” Lyra replied. I glanced at her hair, she had dyed it light brown. That was her natural hair color. I hadn’t seen Lyra’s brown hair in years.

“You look great” I said awkwardly.

Lyra rolled her eyes “You don’t have to be cringey with me” Lyra said “I’m totally cool with you”


“Really” Lyra confirmed.

I extended my hands for a hug and Lyra is the biggest huggie in the world so we made up and Amara looked relieved.

Lyra poured us some drinks and raised her glass.

“To high school” she toasted.

“To high school” me and Amara repeated. We drained our glasses and danced till our feet were begging to stop.

“If we hadn’t stopped I would have broken my neck dancing in these shoes” Lyra exhaled.

“Or worse, a heel” Lyra added. We all laughed at that and Amara said “Seriously? You are more worried about your shoes than your body”

“It was a joke” I pointed out.

“Your nerd side is showing” Lyra accused. “And pretty is pain” she added.

“Right” Amara said “Being safe is nerdy”

“Oh, stop it you two” Lewis said “Your giving me a headache and I don’t get headaches”

“That might be the perfume the girls are wearing” Tristan suggested.

“Yeah” Lyra batted her eyelashes “I do smell sweet”

We laughed at Lyra, I got to see a different side of Amara today. She was more confident hen ever, she was always active in class but she was always shy but tonight she confessed that we rubbed off on her.

I agree with her, if it hadn’t been for us she would still be the girl who sits in the back, hides her face and plays video games instead of partying and read books instead of talking. She still does those things but not as much as she used to.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Lyra might have been one of the mean girls but we definitely rubbed of on her because she started to pay attention to other things besides parties and the color pink.

Tristan changed me in so many ways, he made me believe in myself. I can’t say much about Lewis, he’s never changing but it’s a good thing.

Lyra won prom queen and Tristan was prom king. No one ever expected him to win but it was nice watching two friends dance together, Amara nudged me when they called out Tristan’s name but I don’t know what that was about.

“That was so good!” Lyra exclaimed.

“Not fun for me” Tristan said. “You stepped on my toes twice” he yapped.

“Sorry about that” Lyra said taking of her shoes to rub her feet.

“This has been a great night” I began.

“Sure has” Amara agreed.

“Congrats on winning prom king” Lewis said to Tristan slapping him on the back.

“Yeah, I am so happy for you two” Amara squealed.

“Yeah, congratulations” I said awkwardly.

“Again” Lyra started “I and totally cool with you. Why are you being so awkward?”

“I don’t know” I shrugged.

“Look Belle,” Lyra sighed “I was trying to make you feel the way you make me feel sometimes. You know?”

I just stared at the floor. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling, I’m sorry” she added quickly.

“No, I’m sorry” I said.

“We get it your both sorry” Lewis muttered.

Amara punched him lightly. “You guys have to stop doing that” Lewis argued.

“Dude, shut up” Tristan said playfully.

“Please don’t ever fight again” Amara commanded.

“Okay” Lyra and I promised.

On our way back home we stopped at the Tower which overlooked the whole town. The Tower wasn’t as fun as prom because for the first time in my life I met homeless people. They weren’t there before, what was happening?

I tried to ignore them but it wasn’t easy. There was a man resting on on a wooden chair in the shadows. His eyes were closed but he wasn’t asleep.

I glanced at his left wrist, he had Columba a dove and Centaurus which represented a centaur. He didn’t have anything on his right wrist, and opened his eyes for a minute and caught me staring at him and our eyes met for a second then I turned away.

Everyone else was stargazing so I decided to join. I turned to Ophiuchus but something different happened, as soon as I tried Ophiuchus turned green and my left hand burned, my head spun and the last thing I remembered was Lyra and Amara screaming and Tristan catching be before I hit the ground.

I went through my old dreams, I heard gunfire and a woman screaming. I saw a gloomy and wet place which was the army base I had dreamed about. I saw star stones with pointy ends piercing my skin and I heard voices whispering to me. All this made me uncomfortable and confused.

I woke up and exhaled, I was in my bed. my bed? How’d I get here? I was covered in blankets and my forehead was sweaty, I couldn’t move a single bone in my body....I couldn’t feel my body.

“She’s awake” someone whispered. It was Lyra, she was sitting at the edge of my bed and Amara was sitting on the other side. Lyra’s makeup was smudged from crying and Amara was shivering with fear.

“Belle, what happened?” Lewis whispered, he was standing at the door.

The first thing that popped in my head was, “Where’s Tristan?” I moaned.

“He’s talking to your father” Lewis told.

“What happened to me?” I asked. I tried to sit up but fell into sleeping position again.

“I don’t understand” Amara said. It was dark but I could tell there was a confused look on her face.

“Belle, you scared us” Lyra sniffed.

“How did you do that?” Lewis asked.

“Do what?” I groaned.

“Not now” said Tristan entering the room. “She needs to sleep. I’ll talk to you later”

Lyra and Amara got up and left so did the boys and despite the pain rushing through my body I didn’t rest, I was wide awake till dawn.

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