The Last Star(The Last Star Trilogy #1)

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Chapter 27

I was walking to Lewis’ house, still adjusting the scarf around my neck. Tristan was ten steps ahead of me, how was he walking so fast while holding a bag full of who knows what but it did look heavy. I didn’t even get the chance to brush my hair or zip up boats. I was sleeping peacefully until Granny splashed a glass of water on my face. She said that Tristan was here and I had to get dressed. I didn’t even ask why, I put on clean clothes and brushed my teeth. Tristan grabbed my arm and we half ran out of my house.

My chest was aching since the minute I had woken up, but I didn’t feel weak. I was functioning properly so I assumed my body was fine. But the aching wasn’t out of sadness, I felt as if something was gathering in my chest. I glanced at Virgo, the Constellation looked fine. That doesn’t explain the burning in my chest.

I had never been to Lewis’ house, he lived in a different neighborhood. His house was brown with a beautiful garden planted with flowers, and his house was twice as big as mine.

His Dad was working in the garage, yes they have a garage, his mother was cleaning up a mess in the living room and I thought that Lewis was only child but that was an understatement. He had three younger brothers and one sister who looked like she was in middle school. Their house was a family friendly environment and it smelled like freshly baked cookies, everyone was active and joyful.

“Lewis is in his room upstairs” his sister said. She was sitting on the couch and didn’t take her eyes of her nails that she was painting black.

The staircase looked like a water slide, there were so many doors upstairs I had to ask which one was Lewis’ bedroom.

“It’s the one with ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on the door” Tristan opened the door and I saw a sad Lewis sitting on the bed staring at the ceiling. Amara was sitting in a corner, Lyra was sitting at a desk carefully applying mascara to her eyelashes. She had brought her whole makeup kit because like me she didn’t have time to get dressed properly.

“Why was I called here?” I asked Lewis.

“I don’t know anymore” he said, still looking at the ceiling.

“He’s only depressed” Amara said.

“I poked my eye” Lyra complained.

“Then why are you putting that on?” Tristan asked.

“Pretty is pain” Lyra quoted.

Amara rolled her eyes and I sat on the edge of the bed, Lewis was in his pajamas and Tristan’s hair was wet from when he had taken a shower, he was wearing a black hoodie over a red shirt and jeans with sneakers.

Tristan pulled out a small bucket of ice cream from the brown bag he carried all the way here and handed it to Lewis with a spoon. He dug in and didn’t seem to notice that the ice cream was staining his shirt as he ate.

“Why are we here?” I whispered to Tristan.

“What is wrong with Lewis?” Lyra added, her cheeks were now pink with blush and looking at her eyeliner distracted me.

“I’ve never seen him this sad” Amara said.

“What’s up, buddy?” Tristan tried to sound upbeat.

Lewis didn’t answer instead he he ate miserably. After he finished he spoke, his face covered with ice cream, “I got into college” Lewis told unhappily.

Amara’s eyes widened, “What?”

“That is why your’re upset and moody?” Lyra said.

“This is why we’re here?” that was me.

“What’s so bad about that?” Tristan said.

“It’s on the other side of the kingdom and I would have to live on the boring side where everyone is all business like and......” Lewis sighed.

“It’s not that bad” Lyra said but I could see that this was hurting Lewis, he was not professional and work offense Lewis.

“I also met my Match last night” Lewis told.

“How was she?” I asked.

“Nerdy, boring and quiet” Lewis said.

“That is bad” Amara said.

“This coming from you?” Lewis seemed surprised, “She is everything like you except she doesn’t play sports, have any friends and she’s shy and keeps her mouth shut, not to mention that she studies all the time”

“She sounds nothing like me” Amara was offended, “I don’t study all the time and the college you got into is really good so stop whining about it. I’m going there too, all the people who live there take their education seriously” she finished.

“Yeah, well.......I couldn’t care less” Lewis said, I could hear anger and irritation in his voice.

“It will be okay” Tristan comforted. Something was bothering him too, when I looked at Amara and Lyra they were depressed as well.

Lyra frowned as she packed up her makeup in a shimmery purple and silver bag. Amara sighed as she flipped through the pages of her book, as if sighing would release stress.

“This is how we’re going to spend whatever days we have left with each other?” Tristan thought out loud.

“What do you mean?” Lyra asked, her bag resting on her lap as she seated herself next to Lewis.

Tristan’s expression changed, he looked worried and cursed himself for saying that. “I meant that we’re all going separate ways,” Tristan explained. “Why don’t we do something fun?”

Tristan was now sweating and he was acting like a nervous little girl. We all exchanged looks, Lewis brought his head down from the ceiling and rubbed his neck.

“You’re right,” Lyra agreed even though she didn’t want to believe it. “If I go to college somewhere far away from home I’ll text and call every single day”

“What are you planning to do, Tristan?” I asked.

He hesitated, the color drained from his face. “Why are you being so weird?” Lewis asked. Tristan cleared his throat.

“I got into three colleges so I’ll go to the one you’re going to” Tristan said suddenly calm and cool

My face flushed scarlet, I tried not to smile. I recalled the night with my grandfather and he had told me the Capricorns were a part of the uprising and all that stuff about him knowing about the Hyrdas, it made me angry and frustrated.

“Yeah,” I started “I’ll see about that”

Tristan didn’t answer, Lyra broke up the tension in the room.

“What do you guys wanna do today?” she asked.

“Play video games” Lewis said.

“Sleep” Tristan yawned.

“Eat till I explode and drown in my misery” Lewis said. He had opened another ice cream and was halfway through with it, I was amazed at how the contents in the bag Tristan carried here hadn’t melted yet, it was so cold.

“You guys are not fun at all” Lyra frowned.

“Sorry I bothered you guys” Lewis apologized.

“It’s okay” I insisted.

“I hope all the ice cream made you feel better” Lyra said.

“It did” Lewis grinned, “Thanks”

“I have an idea” I blurted.

“What?” Amara asked.

“We can hand out at the mall?” Lyra guessed.

“No,” I said “but not a bad idea”

“Then what?” Tristan asked impatiently.

“Dinner tonight?” I asked.

“That’s a great idea” Lyra bubbled.

“I agree” Tristan and Amara chorused.

“Lewis?” I asked.

“After all this ice cream I don’t think I can have anything else but sure” Lewis tried to smile.\

“One problem,” Tristan said “Who’s house are we doing this at?”

“Mine, obviously” I pointed out.

Everyone exchanged nervous looks. “What’s wrong with my house?”

“Are you sure your grandmother is going to be okay with that?” Tristan asked.

“If you ask me I don’t think she’s okay with my existence,” I sighed. “But I’ll talk her into it” I promised.

“I’ll bring the dessert” Lyra said.

“I can cook pasta” Amara raised her hand.

“I’ll bring the drinks” Tristan added.

“If there’s ice cream left I’ll share with you guys” Lewis burpted.

“I can bake pizza” I said.

“Sounds like a plan” Tristan agreed.

“Should we get dressed together?” Lyra asked excitedly.

“No” Tristan said quickly.

“I meant the girls, dummy” she said.

“Okay” Amara and I said at the same time. Why does that happen so much?

“Then we better leave now” Lyra told, checking her the time on her wrist watch.

“Let’s go” Amara said.

“Bye” I smiled at Tristan.

“Bye” he waved.

I could knew that Lyra was planning her outfit in her head as we walked towards Amara’s house to pick up her stuff.

“Okay,” Lyra put one arm around me and the other around Amara. Amara felt uncomfortable and tried to back away but Lyra had a tight grip.

“So here is the plan....” she continued “....we go to Amara’s house put her into fancy clothes, next comes my house. I’ll get whatever I need and then we’ll cook dinner together at your house”

“Good plan” I said.

“Okay” Amara said quietly.

By the time we were in Amara’s room the sky was purple streaked with light blue. Amara’s brother was kicking around a football and he didn’t even hear us come inside. Her mom was out and her dad was reading the newspaper and the incident at the palace the other day was on the front page. I ran to Amara’s room which she shared with her grandmother, I wished that no one I knew had found out about that.

“Belle, why did you run off?” Amara asked.

“I got scared” it was not a lie, I did get scared.

“Of what?” Lyra asked.

I coughed and said slowly, “Your dad”

“What?” Amara shouted “Why?”

“He’s intimidating” I said.

“Yeah, kind of” Amara agreed.

“Let’s just get your stuff and go” Lyra said.

“Okay” Amara said.

Amara’s room had a big bookshelf overflowing with books and she had a large bed yellow and white pillow cases and a blanket which had a character from a video game on it. Her desk was in front of the window and her bathroom smelled sweetly of soap and body wash.

“Just pack everything in a bag” I suggested.

“That is exactly what I said” Lyra told.

“I will” Amara said.

While my Amara packed her things I wondered if I should confront Tristan and tell Lyra, Amara and Lewis about the rebellion. A bad idea at the moment, but when will I do it? Would they understand or would they forget about it?

The sky grew darker and the stars shined brighter.

“Done” Amara said finally.

“Shall we go then?” I asked.

“I still have to get the ingredients to make pasta” Amara told.

“You can get them from the kitchen and then it’s my house next” Lyra said.

I didn’t pay attention to what was going on, the next thing I knew we were walking to Lyra’s house. She was taking way to much time so me and Amara left while Lyra tried on every single dress in her closet.

“She is really indecisive” Amara said to me as we reached my front door. I swung the door open only to reveal a sad grandmother sipping tea and watching reading the newspaper.

“Hello Mrs. Virgo” Amara smiled.

Granny quickly hid the paper and changed her expression, “Hello dear” she said sweetly. “What are you girls up to?” she asked.

“I’m having some friends over, is that okay?” I asked ignoring her fake smile.

“Of coarse it is. Tell me if you need help”

“We’ll be fine” I said and grabbed Amara by her arm. I pulled her up the stairs into my room.

“What was that?” Amara wondered.

“What was what?” I asked.

“Never mind” Amara said.

“You can change in the bathroom and then I’ll do your makeup just a little bit” I said.

“Yes ma’am” Amara said and locked herself in the bathroom.

In the mean time I looked for a nice outfit. I nearly laughed when Lyra told me she might where a ball gown. I couldn’t decide what to wear and Amara came out wearing a yellow top with orange and white flowers, with tight jeans and sparkly sneakers, her gingerish copper hair was now styled in a braided bun with a few stray hair coming out in her eyes. She was wearing a thin necklace and small earrings.

“You look nice” I commented.

“Thanks” she smiled.

“I still can’t decide” I said, “I think I’ll wear a dress or maybe a skirt”

“Lyra is rubbing of on you” Amara grinned. “And it’s too cold for a skirt or dress even thought we’re indoors”

“True” I agreed.

I cleaned up the mess I made and picked out what I wanted. The pain still hadn’t washed away, I couldn’t figure out what it was but my chest was now burning.

“Hey Belle?” Amara called before I stepped into the bathroom. I was afraid that she had noticed something was wrong.


“When we were at my house my dad said something to be before we left,” Amara told.


“It was about you. He said he saw you somewhere this morning but that’s impossible because you were with us all day” she finished.

I remembered the newspaper Amara’s father was reading and felt sick, “I have no idea what that mean” I lied and closed the door behind me. I heard Amara go downstairs to start making dinner.

I wondered if Mr. Aupus, Amara’s father would find out about me. I splashed my face with cold water and reminded myself that tonight I had to forget about all that and have some fun before my life was ruined again.

As I pulled over my clothes I thought about Amara’s family, I tend to do that a lot. Thinking about other people’s families. Amara had an older brother who teased her for fun, her grandmother was nothing like Granny which was good, her mom was the sweetest and her dad who I didn’t know much seemed nice and kind, also a little intimidating.

Her dad had served in the army and her mom was a skin doctor and her brother was attending a college close to home. Her mom is an Aries and her dad an Aupus, she had gotten Aries because it was stronger then Aupus.

I took Amara’s advice put on white jeans with a pink top which had a silver star in the center of it, a mint green scarf wrapped around my neck and ankle boots. I decided to accessorize as well, a white bracelet and silver hoop earrings. I did my makeup in a hurry since I had to start on dinner.

Amara was halfway through her food when I got downstairs and to my surprise Granny was had started on the pizza. It took me forever to tell her that I could do it myself without it turning into a fight, Amara just watched awkwardly and set the table.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked Granny before she left.

“He’s gone out” Granny said.

“When will Lyra get here?” I asked no one.

“I have no idea” Amara replied. “Is your grandmother okay?” she added casually.

“She’s fine” I said plainly.

She helped me get the pizza in the oven and just then the door bell rang. I was waiting for Granny to open it but instead I went. It was Lewis, he was wearing baggy jeans, a black hoodie over a sweater and green shirt, with yellow sneakers.

He was carrying a brown bag and he handed it over to me before coming inside. He said hi to Granny but she pretended to be indulged in the newspaper.

“What’s in the bag?” I questioned.

“Open it” Lewis said, he sat on a chair and took off his hoodie. “Hi” he waved at Amara.

“Hey” she smiled.

“Didn’t Tristan come with you?” I asked.


I pulled out three bottles of soda and a box of cookies out of the bag.

“Your mom make these?” Amara said popping the lid open to reveal a fresh batch of chocolate cookies.

“No,” he said “My sister did”

“Great” Amara said.

“What smells good?” Lewis sniffed the hair trying to recognize the scent.

“Pasta and pizza” Amara answered.

“Annabelle,” Granny called.

“What?” I asked.

Granny came into the kitchen, “What time will everyone be leaving?” she asked.

“Everyone isn’t even here yet” I said.

“When will they get here?” she rolled her eyes. Lewis and Amara exchanged looks. Just then the door bell rang, I was really hoping it was Tristan.

“Apparently, right now” I pushed past Granny and made my way to the front door.

“Hi” Lyra bubbled.

“Hey” I greeted. She stepped inside and I saw what she was wearing. My first thought, Lyra you look like a disco ball holding a tray of brownies covered in tin foil.

“You look amazing” I said.

“I know,” Lyra batted her lashes “So do you”

She was wearing a purple mini skirt with black leggings, a cheetah print top and a black leather jacket. As she walked her purple boots shimmered in the dim lights, her eye lids matched her clothes and her cheeks were pink with hints of purple her lips were magenta and her nails were filed and painted black, her hair was tied in space buns and she had dyed half of it a darker shade of purple.

“You look like a night club threw up on you” Lewis said.

“Not everyone decided to wear clown shoes and dress like a ten year old” Lyra shot back. Lewis muttered something about girls.

“You” Amara couldn’t find the right words to describe Gemini beauty and neither could anyone, even ‘wow’ didn’t cover all of it.

“You two look amazing” Lyra commented.

“Thanks” we said at the same time.

“Tristan where are you?” Lewis said to himself, “These girls are driving me nuts and blinding me by there flashy clothes.

“Amara, come here” Lyra demanded.

“What are you doing?” she asked Lyra.

“Fixing you up for a party” Lyra spilled out the contents from her purse which was the same color as her skirt so it blended in and I did not see it.

“Do I have to?” Amara fake whined with a smile.

“Come here” Lyra grinned.

“I am going to check on the pizza” I said. Almost done.

Lyra sprinkled perfume all over Amara, I think she poked her eye while doing her eyeliner and her lips and cheeks got red.

“I just sent a college application and I am freaking out” Amara told.

“How many did you send?” Lyra asked, she poured us drinks and took out the pizza.

“Lost track” Amara swallowed, “I’m still nervous. It’s going to be though”

“You frustrated Aries” Lyra sighed.

“Aren’t we all? Amara asked.

“No” Lyra said.

“Just the Aries” I added.

“The main trait in Aries is panicking” Lewis said.

We set the table and Lewis didn’t wait for Tristan to arrive, he ate two slices of pizza and Tristan still wasn’t here.

“Where is he?” I worried.

“Maybe he fell asleep” Lewis said in between bites.

The door bell rang a few minutes later, Granny let Tristan in.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said. “My mom had some guests and I had to sit through the whole thing”

We sat down and started dinner. Tristan’s hair was still wet and combed back, he was wearing black jeans, a blue sweater and a coat.

“I have news” Amara started.

“What?” Lewis asked.

“I’m leaving for college next week” Amara announced. I nearly choked.

“What?” Lewis repeated.

“Next week?” Lyra asked.

“When did this happen?” Tristan asked.

“What? Next week?” I asked.

“Calm down,” Amara demanded “Some of the top students get to take extra classes so.....I guess I’m going”

“I cannot believe you” Lyra said, on the verge of tears.

“Why are you going so early?” Tristan asked.

“I think I have to” Amara said “And it’s okay because I want to go back to my home town.

“What do you mean?” Lewis said.

“I think I have to go now, I have to be there for my family and the people of Aries” Amara said in a low voice. Judging by her tone, it did sound like she was eager to go.

“Then maybe I’ll go too” Lewis said. “Back home. To Sagittarius”

“We’re all going different ways” I hated to confess it.

“Yeah” Lyra said quietly. “If you guys are going early then....Geminus needs me too”

“I have bad news,” Tristan began. I felt tears coming.

“We’re moving” he said.

“Moving?” Lewis almost yelled.

“Yeah” Tristan confirmed, “Moving back to Capricornus. I promised my dad I’d come back after high school finishes and he wants everyone together now, he’s been talking about it for days so we’re leaving in a few days”

“How long is a few days?” Lyra crossed her arms across her chest.

“So me and Lewis are going to college, Tristan is moving away, Lyra is going to business school in Geminus and Belle is.....” Amara trailed off.

“Your attending business school?” I asked Lyra.

“Yeah” she answered not looking at me.

“Why didn’t you tell us about this before?” Lewis asked, he sounded hurt.

“Because we were busy talking about other people” she said. I knew who she meant, it was me.

“What are you going to do for college?” I asked Tristan.

“There’s one in Capricornus” Tristan said.

“What are your plans, Belle?” Lewis asked.

“No idea” I answered. Not exactly lying, I have no idea what I am going to do without everyone.

“This has been fun” Lyra said sarcastically.

And I thought I was going to ruin everything, I said to myself.

“What?” Tristan turned to me. Then I realized I had said it out loud.

I was blank, three confused and curious faces were staring at me.

“I meant that......” I hesitated. Tell them. Don’t tell them, I fought with myself.

“......that I thought I was going to pass out like I did on prom night because I was feeling a bit dizzy this morning” I covered up.

“Okay” Amara said awkwardly. Now no one was talking.

“Awkward” Lewis whispered. To top it all of Granny entered the kitchen and she was no longer pretending to be nice.

“Annabelle” Granny said to me “I have to ask, what are you wearing to the palace”

Tristan rolled his eyes and Lyra huffed.

“Why are we going there?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“We’re going there in a few days,” Granny informed. “What are you wearing?” she repeats.

“Can we talk about this later?” I put power into my voice. Granny left, something told me she did that on purpose.

“So you have plans too then?” Lewis asked.

I didn’t answer. Tristan looked like he just had his heart broken and Lyra dabbed at her eyes.

“I’m sorry” I said after a while.

“What are you sorry for?” Amara asked, irritation in her voice.

“For every thing that’s happening” I said.

“Belle, it’s not your fault” Tristan comforted.

“I know but still” I said.

“It’s getting late” Lyra observed “We should leave”

“Yeah” Amara agreed.

“Will we see each other before everyone leaves?” I asked as I walked them outside. We were standing on my porch and the cold mid-December air was freezing my face.

“I’m busy and I am pretty sure you guys are to” Amara said. Everyone else agreed.

“So, this is goodbye?” Lyra asked.

“I guess” Lewis said.

“I’m gonna miss you guys” I choked. Tears were now streaming down my face, Lyra and Amara joined me.

“I’m going to miss you the most” Tristan said as he embraced me.

“Right,” Lewis smiled “Because I’m nothing”

We laughed at that and Tristan let go. I couldn’t meet his eyes because I feared I might start crying even harder.

“Goodbye Belle” Lyra hugged me.

“Oh Stars,” Amara cursed “you guys are acting like we’re never going to see each other again”

“That’s true but still a long time” Lewis said.

“A lot could happen” Lyra added.

“A lot will happen” Tristan muttered.

“Bye” I waved. They walked away into the darkness, Tristan was the last to leave. He kept opening his mouth to say something but he never did. He let go of my hand which I had been holding without realizing it.

For a moment I stood there, I stargazed and that made me tired. I sneezed a couple times and went inside. Granny was asleep in her room or maybe she was punching messages on that laptop she had found in the basement, maybe she was plotting my murder.

The house was dark, I cleaned up the kitchen and packed the leftovers for Dad. Before going to sleep I stargazed, Virgo seemed fine to be but then I looked over at Ophiuchus. It had a weird aura around it, I felt something when I tried to move it’s Stars. It wasn’t painful but I felt like I was using a lot of energy, and it felt almost powerful. I decided to stop because for the first time the Stars seemed to scar me.

As I rested my head on my pillow, my eyes closed and the dreams kicked in in no time.

Walking by the river I had seen in my last dream. I was barefoot and there were stones and dirt in my feet, the stars were not in the sky. I couldn’t see a thing. I’m wearing a white dress, my hair was flowing in the wind and my arms were decorated with golden bracelets.

It was pitch black, I could see a thing until a figure wearing a white shirt and pants showed up in front of me. It was Tristan, his hair was cut neatly and he had a smile spread across his face. Suddenly I was standing close to him, face to face.

“Don’t leave me” I begged him.

“But your leaving me too” Tristan said.

“No I’m not” I insisted.

The stars were shining now, Capricorn was right above us. Tristan was doing that. I tried to make Virgo appear but instead Ophiuchus and Virgo appeared with a green aura around them, as if they were chained together.

“Is he better then me?” he asked suddenly. He pulled me closer to him.

“Is who better?”

Tristan looked at me like he had just lost me, he reluctantly let go of me and now he looked like a ghost. Capricorn wasn’t shining anymore and that’s because Tristan had literally faded away.

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