The Last Star(The Last Star Trilogy #1)

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Chapter 4

I woke from another nightmare which was was the one I had last time. This time I saw that girl a little more clearly and she opened her mouth to say something but before she could say anything Granny woke me. She was trying to tell me something, something that I would have known by now if it wasn’t for Granny.

“Annabelle” Granny started.

“Yes” I said with a mouth full of cereal.

“Your Dad is coming” she told.


“Yes” she confirmed but she didn’t seem happy about it. I was just shocked. Dad had never visited us before, we always went to Virgus.

“Does this mean we can’t go to Virgus for winter break?” I asked.

“I think so” Granny said. “Your father has a meeting with the king in Hydrus and he called me a few minutes ago and told me that he’s coming tomorrow”

So soon? I wondered.

“And besides we wouldn’t have been able to visit Virgus this time anyway,” Granny said. Before I asked why she answered, “Because of the Kingdom Banquet”

“Oh” I realized. “When is it?”

“A few days” Granny replied. “Now I need your help with everything, you have to clean this whole place and do the laundry and take out the trash”

I frowned. “I’m not in the mood” I told. And I already cleaned everything yesterday. What happened? A dirt storm?

“Me neither” Granny shot back. “But we have to do this”

“Fine” I agreed.

I did everything she told me after I got back from school, I even chopped vegetables for dinner. I smelled like onions and garbage so I took a quick shower.

“Annabelle” Granny called.


“Go to sleep, you have to be well rested for tomorrow” she said as she switched off the lights in my room.

Jeez! She’s acting as if the prince is coming to stay with us. Okay, fine, so my Dad is the Duke Of Virgus but he’s my father first. But I guess we have to treat him at the same level.

When I woke up the next morning I knew Dad was home so I brushed my teeth and tried to shake away the dream I had last night. I dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, a dark red skirt, black leggings, my beige coat and black boots. I had to put myself together so I dressed like myself today, I also curled my hair and put on a white headband with a big bow. Half way through doing my makeup, Dad entered my room. This was going to be good.

“Good morning” I said to Dad.

“Morning” he replied.

There was a long pause. He walked around in my room, studying every corner of it. He stared at my bed, I looked to see if I had made my bed properly. The sheets were wrinkled terribly, maybe because I move around in my sleep ten times than usual when I have dreams.

“You were talking in your sleep last night” Dad said. “Mother told me”

I bit back a curse. Why did Granny have to tell him that?

“I had a nightmare” I blurted.

“Don’t you think these nightmares are becoming a big problem? We should do something about it” Dad said something that I never imagined he would say to me. Finally he understood.

“What should I do?” I conceded.

“I know a child psychologist she has a lot of degrees and she has worked under the King. I could take you to her?” Dad considered. Taking me to a psychologist is thoughtful of Dad, maybe it would help me deal with my nightmares. But I don’t think I would want to get rid of my dreams.

“I’ll tell you after school” I said doubtfully.

“Okay, get ready for school” Dad commanded then walked out. I checked the time and if I didn’t leave now I was going to be late. Thankfully, Dad drove me to school, he spared my legs the pain. thanks, pops.

I didn’t see any of my friends until class. Usually, we have a little time before first period so we hangout and chat. I did however find Gwen by my locker.

“Hey Annabelle” Gwen greeted. “Hey Gwen” I replied.

I closed my locker and I stepped forward to go class. “Have you seen any of my friends?” I asked her

“I saw Tristan on the way to school” Gwen told.

“Sure. Don’t you have to get to class?” I asked totally confused. Gwen had started skipping classes ever since her Mom died and her older brothers are busy with their lives and Mckenna, her best friend is a really bad influence. The answer was as I expected

“It’s chemistry. I hate chemistry, I have no idea what Mr. Fornax is saying half the time. Me and McKenna are going to skip class with a bunch of other guys” she explained to which I nodded in disappointment.

“Gwen, you told me your parents’ last wish was for their daughter to become an Astronaut. How are you gonna do that by skipping classes?” I sighed.

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and I walked to class. My first class this morning was Astronomy. Tristan was there but class began almost immediately so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him or Amara and Lyra.

Ms. Delphinus taught us about star stones and stardust. Every year the Stars break pieces off of themselves and sent them to us, from every Constellation we get a stone and collect the dust from Stars which helps the plants grow since there is absolutely no Sun and stardust also functions in other things.

“Star stones are our birth stones. Everyone gets a stone from one of the Stars in their Constellation.” Ms. Delphinus lectured.

Tristan pulled out his necklace with a stone hanging on it. His was shining light blue. I did the same, mine from under my shirt, my stone was shining dark blue. Star stones were crystal like balls and they were the size of a meatball.

Ms. Delphinus explained more about the Stars which reminded me of something that I had to ask Ms. Delphinus after class. The bell rang and we were dismissed, the rest of the class left. Tristan stayed behind though.

“Miss Delphinus? Can I ask you something” I gulped. I was scared she might give the same as reaction Dad and Granny. “Sure, go ahead” she said in her sweet voice. I thought for a moment. Should I? “Annabelle? What’s bothering you? You know you can tell me anything?” she comforted. I took a deep breath.

“I saw something. Ms. Delphinus, I saw a constellation next to Hydra yesterday. I never saw it before. Do you know which one it is?” I let it all out. Well, not exactly all of it. But I couldn’t let her know about the whole Mom dreams thing. Ms. Delphinus didn’t react the way I thought she would. A smile curled up on her face and she said in a hushed voice “Annabelle, that is a forgotten constellation. You may have noticed that the stars were just dots in the sky and they weren’t shining” I nodded but I already knew that, Ms. Delphinus continued.

“That is because the family that belongs to that constellation is....lost I guess. Or extinct but that’s not necessary thought, Stars shine after people die. Which you may already know.” I smiled at that one. I did know a lot about stars, that’s what happens when you spend day and night stargazing. “What’s the name of the Constellation?” I questioned gently. Ms. Delphinus thought for a moment, her face said ‘Should I tell you?’ Ms. Delphinus sucked in a deep breath, lowered her voice then she spoke.

“Ophiuchus. It’s Ophiuchus” I think I was going to throw up. I had definitely heard of it before. In a dream or in my childhood. I stood there for a moment until Tristan snapped two fingers in my face and bought me back to the tragic world. “Belle, snap out of it!” Tristan yelled “What? What happened?” I frustrated. Ms. Delphinus looked like she expected me to act like this and Tristan just stood there awkwardly. “Umm...okay....thank you” I said lamely then I took a few steps towards the door, Tristan followed. Then I turned back, “Miss Delphinus, you’re a good teacher” I commented. She gave me a smile and I headed out.

Half of the day went by with me daydreaming and talking to Tristan and Amara. At lunch I blew the psychologist thing on both my friends.

“Dad is taking me to a psychologist” I blurted out. Tristan was chewing on his burrito and Amara was nibbling on chips.

“Isn’t that good?” Amara broke out the awkward silence.

“No. I am not sure anymore” I said.

“Belle, I don’t think you should see a doctor.” Tristan chimed in. I was glad he thought that way. But honestly I am just double minded.

“After talking to you last night, I don’t think I can share my nightmares with anyone” I explained. Amara looked confused, I didn’t tell her about my dream yesterday.

“Amara, I had another nightmare. I saw a girl who I think may or may not have been my mother and this new constellation next to Hydra and that constellation only had one star. Miss Delphinus told me that it’s called Ophiuchus” I summarized.

“Woah, you discovered a new Constellation?” Amara asked with curiosity. It was Amara’s dream to come up with new ideas and find a cure for every disease and possibly discover a new Constellation or Star and name it after herself. Wish I had the energy and motivation to do all that.

“I don’t think so, and here’s the weird part. I searched the internet and it had nothing.” I told.

“Okay, calm down. I have a plan” Tristan told.

“You do?” Amara asked.

Tristan nodded.

“This psychologist thing. Here’s the plan, Belle...we are going to find out about your mom and Ophiuchus. But just so your Dad doesn’t get suspicious you go to that psychologist” Tristan explained his brilliant plan.

“That is an amazing idea, I’ll tell him at dinner” I bubbled.

I went to the library after school to get a few books and Amara was there with a few of her nerd friends, Lewis Sagittarius was one of them. I doubt that Amara would consider him a friend. I waved to her and quickly grabbed the books I needed.

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