Love in heaven

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Story was an dream . I make it as an love story of angel and fariy . " I make you the wonderful women in the world" " Trust me I never let your hands " I give my soul to you . I protect you . I care you . Please love me my queen "

Angel daniel
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The heaven

Like the earth the heaven and hell are the other world .Beautiful and unbeautiful world.on the midle of hell and heaven there was an region for common people . On this world there were a lots of immortals and mortals are live .The full univeres is controlled under the sacred water. Who have the sacred water they controls the whole universe . So the universe is under the control of heaven .on the year 20354 the devil's fight aganist the gods and angels for sacred water. But the Gods and angels defeat the devil's . The heaven was ruled by the King jodhan and his queen janiya . The heaven kigdom consist of the God of fire ,god of lightning ,god of wind,god of rain, god of plants, god of night , god of animals, god of birds , etc. And their queens and childres . They have their own castle in the heaven . The Angels and fairys are the children of the gods . God of fire is jodhan. He have two angels named Austin and Ebal. The Austin is most powerful among the angels in the heaven .he powerful in the magical spells and in martial arts. He is very handsome and good looking but he is also arrogant ,cunning and kindheart. But he never reveals his kindness in public . The Ebal is very naughty , kindly, and powerful but also lazy .

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