Celestial Gardens(The Last Star Trilogy #2)

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"I thought I might pass out again, the only thing that kept me awake was the fact that the Sign on my wrist sizzled like oil on a frying pan. At first I thought it was just the aftermath of the intravenous drip but when I looked at it I nearly screamed. The skin around the Ophiuchus symbol, was peeling off, I didn't touch it. My wrist was red and throbbing. I don't think it was bleeding but then I saw drops of blood and quickly pulled down my sleeve, covering my hand. I never saw much of my second Sign since Granny always made me cover it up but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to peel off of my hand." Belle's story continues as she trains at the rebel hideout, Crimsyn State. She learns to cope with her Constellations and deal with the astrological hardships of Ophiuchus. Along with a few heirs of the Twelve Major, Belle attempts to bring her friends to the rebel hideout and tries to complete the group of twelve descendants to fight against the Hydras. During her time at Crimsyn State, Belle discovers the secrets her mother left for her. She realizes there is more to the Stars and Constellations than her imagination could conceive. Includes the poem, Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by Inaya Sohail. The cuts and bruises were too much to bear. The world around me was spinning, And the streaks of dirt in my hair. And the light never dimming. The light so bright.

Fantasy / Other
Mariam Shakaib
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Author's Note

Dear reader,

Firstly, I wrote The Last Star back in 2018 and this was my first story idea. It’s the first installment in a trilogy and the three books: The Last Star, Celestial Gardens and When Stars Fall are also available to read on Wattpad.

DISCLAIMER: I do not believe in astrology. I realize that most of the story parts are related to astrology. However, my religion forbids it and this trilogy is just something I did for fun and while reading it you’ll discover that other than the character’s heritage the story has got nothing to do with the horoscope.

Just wanted to add that I do no intend for The Last Star trilogy to be published traditionally. This is something I did to gain experience, find my writing style and build a fan base for when I think about releasing my other works.


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