Of Mayhem & Peril

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Alison DeMark was kidnapped by the darkest of nightmares. Now it's up to her shadow to find her and bring her home. But can he really save her from the lord of darkness himself? For a shadow can't survive with no light. And a creator can't create with no muse. A huntress can't fight with no purpose. But the real question here is; Can the last words of a killer give enough hope to get the girl with the red soul back home?

Fantasy / Adventure
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This is not a story for the wary of hearts or the trouble mortal souls...

This is a story of mayhem and peril.

Creatures of darkness at every turn;

They can see when you hide,

They can hear your fragile heart beats,

They can feel the breath of life you try so desperately to keep inside.

For they are you...

The very essence of who you are.

And they will kill you.

Now take a sit and cherish your last mortal moments.

● ● ●

Everett L. DeMark is The Shadow that follows the very creatures that hunts him. For the devil had half of his soul and he vowed to get her back, lest he die in hell's fire. And as he walks this dark and lonely path, The Huntress, Ebony Ayers warned him of the secrets that dwell in the night. The dangers that might kill him if he ventures to far into the darkness. Cause if he breaks, not even Malik Grande-The Creator- can stitch back together the pieces of a broken shadow. But he had to get back his lost soul. What's the point of living when your soul is stolen? He knew he was doomed from birth for The Red Cross was his father and his mother the Queen of Gold. Death and brokenness is always an inevitable event for this family. As the darkness engulfed Alison DeMark, she prayed desperately that her shadow finds her soon. The devil have plans for The Girl with The Red Soul.

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