Undeniably His.

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Aurora is a young wolf, doesn't remember her family only remembers pain, and the man who caused it all. She leaves one hell only to fall under another man who is trying to control her. "Mine" "Who are you" "Mate" Why the hell does he keep saying mate?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Pain. Nail biting skin peeling pain. My vision blurred as I laid on the damp forest ground, no one here to save me, all alone. I think back to his words “you’re nothing without me, just a pitiful excuse of a girl. You’ll never get away.” But I did. And now I’m beginning to think he was right. I got away but for what? To die in this forest alone. As my eyes started to close shut I heard paws thundering on the ground, I strained my ears to listen more closely. He found me I panicked, I’ll truly never get away, but at least I’ll die knowing I finally got to see the beautiful moon. Mother wolf. And when the paws got closer I finally gave up my battle and succumbed to the darkness.

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