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I've lived in fear wondering what went wrong I just want to be normal. All I have is my brother don't take him away.

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Chapter 1

Being paranoid is pretty normal. To me anyway I've seen so many things that I don't even want to live anymore. It was about a week ago that I saw what would ruin my life. It was pretty early and I decided to take a walk in the woods. Pretty stupid in my opinion especially because I'm afraid of the woods. I don't like that at any second my life could end. I'm pretty much cursed, and it isn't my fault. Like I said before I'm afraid of the woods so I took my brother with me. "Angelo, could you stop throwing rocks at the trees they're living things!" " oh stop you've done worse things to animals Mathew " "... I didnt mean to I was just scared, you would do the same if you were in the same predicament! and suddenly after I screamed my brother was gone.

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