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I cried out his name for 30 minutes he said nothing. I thought he was messing with me but my brother isn't like that. "Angelo! Angelo!" Please don't be hurt. I ran back home and sat on the couch trembling while gripping my phone. I didn't want to call his phone because we were outside but I had a feeling that he was ok. Maybe it was just hopeful thinking. I sat there waiting for an answer but then I heard a ringing noise in his room. I slowly walked to his room my heart was beating so fast I thought I would have a heart attack. I opened his door and saw his phone ringing. It just didn't make sense to me my brother always brought his phone with him but as I was looking around the room it didn't look the same and the ringtone wasn't his either. Everything just got dark and I felt alone and scared all that was on my mind was why. Why is this happening why must I be scared why can't my life just be normal!

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