The Blue Flower

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Sarah Swan was a little girl when her father died.She then starts looking for a job until she found a small bird with a broken wing when she fixes it and becomes best friends the bird and something happens that includes a blue magic flower. And just to let you know that this is a Fairy Tale. It has a Happily-Ever-After ending that has like princess,princes,kings,queens,and breaking spells. So its basically a Fairy Tale. Hope you enjoy it!

Fantasy / Adventure
Moon Knight
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Chapter 1

Sarah Swan was a little girl who lives with her father in a small cabin near the woods.She loved him more than anything in the world.Her mother died when she was only a year and a half.She knew that her mother was watching her from heaven everyday.

Everyday Sarah’s father goes to the woods to chop down trees to get wood and sometimes makes Sarah beatiful scultres of her favorite animals.Sarah loved all the presents her father gave her.

“Sarah!”,cried her father.

“Yes papa”.

“Im going to the woods to chop down trees,so stay out of trouble while Im gone and if you want,you could go out,but stay near the house,okay?”

“Yes father,bye”.

Sarah liked it when her father was out so she could go to the villiage to see around.So right after her father left she walked outside to the villiage.There was a lot of people and wagons.Until she saw lots of delicious fresh fruits.She lokked at her picket and pulled out coins just enough to buy two fruits,one for her and one for her dad.After she was done walking around she looked up the sky and panicked.It was starting to get dark and her father is probaly waiting for her!When she got there her father looked angry with ters in his eyes.

“What did I tell you?! I said stay near the house!You got me worried!”yelled her father.

“Sorry,I was just in the villiage,but I bought fruit”,said Sarah happily.

He smiled and led her to the table.When they finished eating she said goodnight to her father and went to bed.She was fast asleep.Until she was dreaming.She saw a beautiful woman who looked just like her,the woman said “Child come here,my baby!”

“Who are you?”,said Sarah.

“I am your mother”,said the woman.

“Mother”,whisperd Sarah “Mother!”,cried Sarah running over to her,but she ran through her.

“Mother!”cried out Sarah.

But her mother started walking away to a dark place.

“Mother!”,screamed Sarah.She reached out her hand with tears in her eyes.Someone took her hand until she sat up straight.

It was her father.

“Sarah you saw your mother in your dream right?”,whispered her father.

“Yes and I tried to hug her,but I just ran through her......a-and she walked away to a dark place!”,cried Sarah.

“Its alright”,said her father,giving her a hug and a glass of water.”Now go to sleep”.



The next morning Sarah helped her father make breakfast.As she sat wondering what is it like to be in a castle,her father said“Today Im going to the villiage for some fish and bread and to the woods to chop down trees”.

“Can I come with you please,pretty please?pleaded Sarah.

Her father laughed“Of coures you can come along”.

“Hooray!”,yelled Sarah.

When they were in the villiage,they bought bread and fish.Sarah carried a big sack so shecouldn't see where she was going.

“Father,is it okay if I stay here for a bit”,asked Sarah.

“Sure,but don’t stay late”,

“I won’t don’t worry”

As her father walked away,she sat on the water fountain in the middle of the road.looking at the path that led the castle.In the castle there lived the King and Queen and there little prince.Everyone liked him because he was handsome,kind,helpful,and caring.

Sarah was just like him.She had long blond hair.Blue eyeys.Helpful.Caring.Kind.

Sarah loves to read books and to draw.When she came home that night her father was smiling.

“I have something wonderful to tell you” ,he said,still smiling.“You’re going to school!”

Really”,said Sarah.

“Yes so now go to sleep”,said her father.

“Thank you so much!”,she said as she headed to her room and fell asleep.

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