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Young Amanda has a habit of daydreaming or does she. She has great imagination but never showed them until one day she gets the perfect chance to show off her amazing skills and imaginations. Amanda learns how to express herself in away you can't imagine.

Fantasy / Adventure
Marina Ali
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Chapter 1

She ran as the sweat slid down her face to the burning, golden, smooth sand. She ran even with her feet in pain from sunburn, all she wanted was to escape the desert. All she remembered before she woke up was that she was kidnapped, her face covered with a black bag. Then she was put on a plan, that’s all she remembered before she woke up in the middle of nowhere in a desert. All she wanted most in life right now is to know why she is here and who is in charge of this. She thought about what she could have done to end up here.

After about thirty to forty minutes of running on burning sand with the hot red sun beaming on her back she heard a sound. It sounds like a text message. She stopped running. But where could it have come from there is no way a signal could have been found in this area. But then the real question hit her “ why would someone kidnap me and leave me a phone” she said to herself. She felt the vibration come from her right she searched all the pockets on her pants. About five minutes of searching she found the phone. There wasn’t any signal, but there was a message sent from an unknown person. “Hello I don’t know you but all I can tell you is that there is a ninety-five percent chance that you are in trouble I slipped this phone in your pocket before they kidnapped you, I wish I can help you but if I do more kids from the ages of 8-12 whose parents got killed would be used the girls would be used as sex slaves and young boys will become soldiers ” typed the unknown person.

She started to run again. About twenty minutes of running again she stopped, she saw something, something that looked like a well. Before she could start running again she got another text. It was a text from the unknown person “ before you run again you must know that not everything you see is actually there, it might be there or just a trap” she read. “what trap” She typed back to the person. “ a trap to use you just like what happened to all the other girls and boys” he sent to her on the phone. She got scared she needs water, but what if this is a trap. She couldn’t risk it so she ran the other way. “ Good job you didn’t stop at that well” he sent to her. She didn’t know how long she could keep this going on. She was here in the middle of nowhere running in the beaming sun with her feet in pain. As she ran she thought if she was going to die. Or if someone was going to find her.

She was lost in the desert for about twelve hours, and now she is lost in a cave. It is a dark, rocky cave. It was dirty and covered with moss and mud. She saw a small bottle of water sitting there. She was so desperate for water she took it and drank it without thinking if it was safe to drink. She looked and looked for anything that could help her dig through the rocks that covered the entrance and exit.

At last, she found a hammer, it was black and made of metal it was so strong it had to break the door. The thing is she isn’t so strong she struggles with just holding one gallon of milk. And how would she be able to break it now if she hadn’t eaten in fifteen hours? She was weak and pale. She also looked dirty. “I really could use a shower she thought,” she said to herself. But that was the least of her problems. She got right back into breaking through the rocks. But a question came to her mind: how did she walk into the cave without any rocks covering the passageways but why are they covered now? She didn’t have any time to waste, so she kept on trying to break through. It was hard the rocks were so big they could boulders. She started by removing all the little rocks then the bigger rocks. She wasn’t so big, so she could easily escape if she removed a medium size rock. She was thirteen years old and only weighed eighty pounds.

She was working so hard that she got excited so she sat down on the dirty floor and looked at the clogged passageway. Then in the top right corner, she saw a rock. If she removed it, all the rocks on the right side of the passageway would be removed. She quickly began to dig again. It took some time but there was a space big enough for her to leave the cave.

Once she had left the cave she started to walk again to find a way out of this mess. On the way she thought about what I would do to her. She never hurt anyone, in fact, she was the one that got hurt by others. There in the tree branch hung a compound. She walked to the cops, stopped to take it and opened it, a piece of paper fell out. “I see you escaped the cave and followed the right path,” said the note but this time there wasn’t anyone’s name on it or if it was from the unknown person, she folded the note and saw someone wrote something on the back of the note. It was the other part of the note “ but I have one questions for you: how did you not get lost, starve, or die” said the unknown person. She began to walk again but to herself, she answered the question that was asked by the unknown person who has been helping her. “ I am a Muslim and I pray, fast and worship God,” she said to herself.

Then again she ended up in a different place again. This time she is lost in an underground tunnel. Ok, the first thing that came to her mind was how did she end up in an underground tunnel. But she didn’t waste time so she kept on walking. There on the left wall was a lamp. She turned on the lamp and stars fell from the ceiling. She quickly climbed the stairs and then with a blink of an eye she was swimming with sea animals. Good thing she knew how to swim. In fact, she was a great swimmer. She has won many swimming competitions. She swam fast to get out the water. After swimming for one hour she finally made it to shore. She was able to catch some fish so she could eat it. She gathered wood to make a fire and rocks and leaves to cook the fish on. Her fingers become wrinkled like an old person or as she likes to call then grandpa’s fingers.

Then she heard a voice that said…

“Amanda hon it’s alright it was just another daydream,” her teacher told her as she woke up from her dream. She quickly got up and hugged her teacher. She couldn’t believe how real her daydream was, and from that day on she learned to take her dreams and write them to express the troubles of the little girl from her day dream and what she went through.

When school ended she raced home she went on her computer to check if her teachers posted any new assignments. As she was looking she saw an assignment from her english teacher that required a story from a genre they never wrote in. she spent hours looking a the blank screen on her computer not knowing what to write until she found the perfect starter for her story “She ran as the sweat slid down her face to the burning, golden, smooth sand.”

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