The alphas mate

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Kathrine has been a wolf her whole life. But what will she do when she wakes up as .... a human. Follow kat through her epic journey has a human and see if she will ever find her mate .

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Kat’s POV

"Bye dad I'll see you tonight." I yelled to my father from the edge of the den. " Bye sweetheart I'll see you then. Make sure to bring back dinner." I laughed and took of with my friends. Alyssa and Tank.

Before you ask what we are I'll tell you, we're wolfs. Never been near humans a day in our life's. But little did I know that was about to change in a matter of days.

My mother told me something before she died. She said I was special. She said it was because of my coat. My wolf is pure white and I have ice blue eyes. I am the only one who looks like this. My wolfs name is Frost..

but enough about me. Right now I'm hunting with my friends. We have a deer in sight. Alyssa goes in for the kill first. She misses but luckily me and Tank were right behind her. We caught the deer and started to drag it back. We get back to the den and start to eat. Later they leave and I drift off to sleep.

In dream- mom. Mom where are you. Then I see her. I see her with a man standing over her. He has a gun in his hand. Mom nooooo. I yell. Run baby run and go find your father. I start to cry and then I did as she told. I ran. I here a bang then a yelp and then nothing. I stop dead in my tracks and scream.

I wake up screaming. Then I fell something hot. I come to realize that I'm in cage. And all of my pack is in cages as well. All of a sudden someone pulls me out. I don't know who it was but he saved me. Soon after I blacked out.

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