The flaming crown

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With everything and everyone pointing to you had the next in line. Can you step up your game and take what is rightfully yours because those that killed your father is coming for you.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The dream

After the sudden death of king Jerald, there has been a search for the person next in line. People say the king was murdered, but no one knows the real truth behind it, many have been chosen as the next ruler but all have been rejected by the crown " The flaming crown".

Tales say the flaming crown was forged by three powerful wizards who created it and gave it a mind of its own and only the purest of heart, accepted by the crown get a chance to wear it, the crown was given to the first king of valtoria and since then has been passed down from generation to generations.

The late king wife " Queen Eliza" with her son " prince Leon", still lives in the castle in respective of the king being no more. I know you must be wondering, why search for a new ruler when the crown prince is still alive, well that's a question! I have no answer to, but the pending answer lays down in between the king's cabinet, they knew the truth and why they needed a new ruler. Rumors have it that the prince does not bear the blood of king Jerald, but in the city of valtoria, you see a lot of things but keep your mouth shut if you don't want to get killed, the king's death brought up lots of controversy in the city.

But Deep within the wall of the city where I lived with my mom in a little cottage we called our home, " Tamora" was her name and " Taria" was mine. Growing up as a kid and now a beautiful young lady, I never knew who my father was, no name, not even a picture was shown to me, asking mom about it set to stair up bad memories which I decided to let go, just to avoid her from getting hurt.

After we were done cultivating the farm produce, we would go to the market square and sell them, some days we sold all but not all days was a good day for us. mom and I would stroll back home after we were done in the market, I'll warm up the food we left for dinner, finished eating we both would retire to our rooms to rest. I got into the room changed to my nightwear, jumped into the bed, and slept off.

There was calmness around me until suddenly I saw myself standing at the late king's throne room with the flaming crown placed at the side of the king's chair. A voice I had no idea where it was coming from came calling out to me and I had no control over it, slowly I moved towards the direction the crown was kept but stopped by a strange man that pointed his demon curved staff at me, he stood in between where the crown was placed and where I was, getting ready to take me down if I got more closer to it. Then again I heard the same voice that said to me " ready or not, this is your destiny", I woke up gasping for air, panting hard with my heart beating so fast that anyone sleeping next to me could wake up just by the sound of it. Wondering why and what connection I have with the throne room of the king, refusing to get more shut eyes in fear of the dream reoccurring again.

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