The Hybrid Mate's Daughter

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The third book of the hybrid series follows Ana, the daughter of Raven and Alpha Luca. Ana needs to brave the responsibility of leading her pack and her unconventional mate whilst facing an unseen enemy.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I stared at the man across the table who had one of his hands locked into mine whilst the other gripped the end of the table. That was cheating but I didn’t care. I would win either ways. I just liked putting on a show. He was a big greasy man with muscles popping off everywhere. He was blowing out wind through his mouth and sweating profusely.

This was what my life had been reduced to. Having arm-wrestling competitions with ‘tough’ guys in bars. To be honest I could say that I was bored out of my fucking mind. My mother was one of the most powerful hybrids around and my father was a ruthless war machine with the highest trained wolves in the pack. That meant that nothing exciting happened anymore. No wars to go to. No fighting. Just happy days each passing year.

I used to daydream about the stories that I was told about the battles mother and father had been through, fighting off witches and vampires and deceitful werewolves, and I always thought that I would live an exciting life like that. But the Goddess seemed to have forgotten about dear little me.

Ever since my parents decided that they would merge the name of their two packs (Midnight and Silver Moon pack) making the pack even stronger, those who had half a brain knew better than to pick a fight with the Midnight Moon Pack.


"Ana we have to go." Emily, my best friend whispered to me. I sighed and crashed the man's hand down on the table. People roared and I smiled at the man who was now rubbing his bruised hand.

"Maybe next time Rufus."

He just grunted and shoved a hundred dollar bill my way. I took the bill and headed out of the bar. I handed the bill to Emily. "For your troubles." I smiled at her.

Emily shook her head dissaprovingly, "Your mum is going to murder us. You're going to be late for your own party."

"Oh come on!" I shoved her shoulder. "We'll make it back in no time." We embarked in my black range rover and sped off towards the pack house. Of course mother had set up a beautiful party for me. We managed to sneak in without getting noticed. Or so I thought.

"Fashionably late as usual." Mother's voice nearly made me jump. She was sitting on my bed smiling, looking beautiful as always in a white dress, it made her silver eyes pop.

"I'm 21 mum I'm allowed to be a little late." I sighed. She patted the bed next to her, I went over and sat down. For the years that I've been on this planet, the only sign of my mother aging was the silver line of hair that grew near her right temple.

"I have a gift for you." She tucked a strand of my black hair behind my ears. She then pulled out a beautifully carved little wooden box.

I took it and opened it. It was a gold pendant with a beautiful drop shaped emerald. "It's perfect." I smiled trying not to show my emotions.

"Goes with your beautiful eyes." Mother kissed me on my forehead then stood up. "Now get ready, your guests are waiting." She then took a step away from me and a black mist enveloped around her and she was gone. She had mastered her skills very well. Balancing her demon and werewolf side, unlike me who has never shifted or even know if I have a demon side.

I blinked tears away. "Accalia". I called to my wolf. She whimpered. "Why can't I let you out?" I was answered with silence. As usual. I could only hear her whimpers. I took in a deep breath and blinked rapidly. This was my birthday. A happy day.

I dressed in a black body-fit maxi dress and had just slipped on mother's necklace when I heard a blood curling scream. I ran out of my room and bumped into Emily.

"Where was that from?" I asked.

"The living room...come on!" She ran ahead of me. I quickly overtook her and reached the living room. The place was decorated beautifully, I had to admit my mother had outdone herself. Where was she?

"Ana no!" Sarah tried to restrain me from breaking through the crowd. She had tears in her eyes. Sarah was Emily's mother and my mother's best friend and beta.

"What's going on Sarah?" I asked. People started to panic. I heard some people whisper about the dagger of light. Dagger of light? Didn't that disappear?

"Its Raven and Luca." Sarah sobbed. I broke free of her and bolted towards the crowd, pushing my way to the middle where two lifeless bodies lay on the ground. My parents. My world crumbled around me. I fell to my knees taking their heads on my lap. NO! They were not allowed to die.

I heard a laugh and a slow clap.

Everybody's head turned to face a woman standing near the front door, she was blonde beautiful and holding a bloodied dagger in her hand.

"Happy birthday Ana." She said. A black fog covered her and she was gone.

I was stumped. Frozen on spot with my parent's heads on my lap, their blood was starting to ooze into my clothes. Rage boiled over me.

How dare this woman come into our house and upend everything? How dare she take away my parents? On my birthday?? How the fuck did she get past one of the best guarded house on the planet. I turned to face Sarah.

My Luna. She bowed her head to me. No! NO! This is not how this was supposed to happen!!!

Who was that? I mind linked back to her.

I haven't seen her in years....could it be?....

"SARAH!" I yelled out loud causing a few people to flinch.

"Stella's daughter...Hayley."

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