Childhoods end

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Chapter three

Later years

The classroom at Sefton High School was noisy with the sound of year seven children in a science lesson, “Miss Sellars, Miss Sellars I need some help” cried one child. “ Over here Miss Sellars I’m stuck” said another voice. “I asked first,” said a plaintiff voice from the back of the classroom.

“I’ll be with you in a minute” Lily called out. She looked round the classroom taking in faces of the children. In an instant she spotted the looks that asked for help, were stuck, didn’t understand, and couldn’t read the questions.

Lily moved easily round the class, a comforting smile here, a raised eyebrow there, some praise wanted, an explanation there, and all part and parcel of her job as a teaching Assistant.

The children warmed to Lily easily and trusted her. “Why don’t you be a teacher?” Annie asked. “I am a teacher” Lily replied, “ I teach children to understand and feel good about themselves and keep a bit of there childhood, that’s more important than anything you will learn in school”.

Lily loved her job as a teaching Assistant, working with children came easily and naturally to her.

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