Childhoods end

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Chapter four

School Holiday

“Oh my Lord” said Lily, “we’ll never get it all on the coach”. The pile of luggage looked like a mini mountain! “ No problem” said Will the coach driver, “I’ve got a university degree in packing”. The children milled around the coach, excited and laughing. “Hello Miss Sellars” voices kept chirping. Lily looked at the happy faces and felt excited herself, they were off to Austria.

In the early evening of the next day, Lily awoke from a snooze to see the Austrian Mountains, it had been a long hard journey travelling through the night and all day on the coach. The children looked grubby and tired but they were still excited as their destination drew near.

“Miss Sellars, Miss Sellars, come and look at our rooms, they’re great” the children shouted. The hotel was like a Swiss Chalet standing in a pretty village.

Lily had her own group of children to care for, and to look after their spending money. Over the next few days she and her group of children became like a family, with Lily keeping a careful eye on them.

The children were all different and Lily soon learnt their ways. Jack was a spendthrift, getting through his spending money like lightening. Mary was getting a bit sassy and had to be reigned in now and then. Mickey, little Mickey, was a lost soul, he kept loosing everything, his camera, his money.

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