Hidden Secrets

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A girl that lives with her grandma, and hardly ever knew her parents, is pulled into a world of supernatural people. After her grandma became sick, two men approached the girl. She is sent on a while ride, can she survive?

Fantasy / Adventure
Sadie Wolf
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Chapter 1

This book is written by: Sadie Wolf, JoyDay, and CRD95, enjoy.

Reading a book written by Edgar Alan Poe, I hear my grandmother calling.

"Marissa, could you go and take care of the cafe, I'm gonna lay down." Being the kind if girl to help and respect her elders, I put and pookeark in my book and placed it on my chair before heading downstairs. "You know you can always change jobs." She added. I gave her a questioning look and went downstairs.

I was serving a couple when two very strange men came in. One with a very large build and the other with a thinner build. They scanned the cafe, and when they spotted me, they walked up to the counter.

"Are you Marrisa Rose?" The man with the larger build said. These men scared me, yet I couldn't guess why.

"Y-yes." I said, they looked at each other and nodded.

"You're gonna have to come with us." The man with the thinner build said. I felt frozen.

"Sorry, I don't think I can do that." I managed to force out. I took a step back from the counter and the men. The men would not take no for an answer and walked around the counter. I took a step away. "Stay away." I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

The men proceeded to grab me and attempt to drag me out of the cafe. The couple I had been serving rushed to help, but froze when the men glared at them. They gave me a frightened and sorry look as they watched the men drag me away. I kicked and fought, but i wasn't strong enough to fight them.

Another customer got up and tried to help. However is efforts were useless when the thinner man's arm extended to inhumanly proportions. The rest of the customers watched in amazement and horror as he threw the customer like he was a rag doll.

I fought to break free of the men's grip, but it was useless. They were too strong for me and everyone else in the cafe. But through all the tension and fear, I suddenly blacked out.


When I woke, I found myself tied to the back of a horse. I saw something behind me and turned to look behind me. A beast of true terrors. Teeth and fangs overlapping each other riddled with blood and entrails, its eyes glowed as if each contained a portion of a star. The beast toward over me, chasing the horse down an endless road of sand and dirt that lasted for an infinity.

The beast snarled and growled as it snapped its inhumanly large mouth at the back of the horse. I sat on the horse, unable to take my eyes off of the unholy beast behind me.

However, as the monster closed in, its stomach was sliced open, spilling its entrails. The beast then released a screech of pain and collapsed in a heap of fur and blood. Then a boy appeared, well, I wouldn't call him a boy, he looked about seventeen or eighteen.

He was covered with hair. He seemed to be more animal than man, he was obviously not human. He had long claws, stained by the beast's blood. He then killed the horse I was tied to and untied my bonds. Being scared beyond my worst nightmares, I scrambled to my feet and ran, I ran as fast as I could.

I ran, trying to get away from the non-human thing. I kept turning my head to look behind me, hardly able to ever tear my eyes away from him once they landed on him. I started to fall, I hadn't looked away quick enough to notice the the hole that I was now falling in. I felt pain flare up in my head as I connected with the rocky ground. My vision blurred before everything went black... just black.


I woke up to three strange men looking at me. One was crouched beside be, while the other two stood over me. The one crouching beside me resembled the wild beast that killed the unholy monster. The one standing closest to my head was pale, very pale. He had smooth hair, that was a strange blue color. The man standing at my feet had an incredibly foul odor emitting from him, he had bright green eyes and white hair, yet he wasn't old, maybe sixteen or seventeen. The pale man looked around twenty.

I looked around at all of them with wide eyes. My eyes landed on the man from before and narrowed. His hair that I had first thought to be black, was actually a purple-ish color. He had purple eyes, his hair fell to his shoulders and in his face. It seemed that the only out of the men that didn't have shoulder length hair was the one with the fowl odor.

I scrambled backwards, none of the men moved. I swung my head around, looking at each and every one of them in fear. Each of their eyes met mine and I shivered. The one from earlier (purple dude) tried to comfort me, but I was too scared, and scrambled even farther away.

"S-stay away."I said, I could feel something wet on my face and the back of my neck. I reached up and lightly touched the my head. I winced when my fingers touched my head. I moved my fingers away from my head, blood covered the tips.

None of the men moved a muscle. I tried to stand up on the uneven, rocky ground. I wobbled and the pale man reached put to help me. He stopped though when he saw the terror in my eyes.

"W-who are y'all?" I asked, slowly backing away from the men. The man who had been crouched beside me stood up.

"I am Gray. This is Blade," he motioned to the man with the strange blue hair. "And that, is Will." He motioned to the one with white hair and foul odor.

"W-why do you want me?" I asked. The men exchanged a glance before the one named Gray spoke.

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