The Princess, The Rebel, & The Suitor

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As Princess of Pheoria, and future Queen, you are brought up to live and learn the trade of the Monarch along with Leo, the son of the King's regent. Stressed by the demands of royalty, you feel it closing in, that is, of course, when everything falls apart. 10 years later, now the year 2020, you are all grown up, fighting for modern rights for your Kingdom, an independent Princess on the rise so to speak, and quickly approaching the day that you are to take the crown. But, when family secrets arise, an unexpected suitor is placed in your path by the King, paparazzi are demanding answers, and Leo decides to come back into the picture, Grace may just be in for the biggest stressor of her life.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Pheoria

Have you ever wanted to be someone other than yourself?

Who would you be? A nurse? A writer?

10 years ago the Kingdom of Pheoria was the largest Kingdom known, with a rising population.

A kingdom full of love, full of hope, and full of opportunity.

But, here I am, I can not leave.

My name is Grace, only 15, heir to the Pheorian throne until it's time for me to take my father's place one day and become the first Pheorian Queen to reign over all in nearly 300 years.

My mother, the Queen, is 4 months pregnant, my father, the King, pressured to keep our Kingdom safe and thriving. And for me, the pressure is definitely on, how to dress, how to talk, how to do anything. I guess that it is what happens when you come from a long generation of Kings,

I have never had a choice in this or asked what I would want.

This is the life that was chosen for me.


"The unharming sharks, they glided as if with padlocks on their mouths; the savage sea-hawks sailed with sheathed beaks."

"One the second day, a sail drew near, nearer, and picked me up at the last."

"It was the devious cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search for her missing children, only found another orphan."


"Well, that was stupid," Leo said, laying on the grass as I finish up our mandatory afternoon reading of Moby Dick.

Leonardo Scott, 16.

Son of Roderick Scott, my father's Regent. Also known as, his right-hand man, or private secretary.

He has tan skin, dark brown hair, and piercing light brown eyes. He was rather tall for his age and built like a twig.

We've known each other since we were born, his father always bringing him over here for us to have someone to play with while they conduct business, even taking the same online school courses.

Sadly, Leo's mother died last year from complications with cancer, so my father offered for them to move into the castle to help handle business better, and to make their transition easier.

Both of us sheltered under the monarch's rule, both trapped, both demanded to set an example, both unable to make any real friends on the outside, except for each other. I wouldn't say that we're friends by choice, more like acquaintances by force and circumstance.

I try to keep us in line, but sometimes.... we get distracted.

"Not everything has to be stupid, you know that right?" I said, rolling my eyes to him.

"Just because you don't like something doesn't mean everyone else has to hate it."

"That's because I actually like to do fun things," he says, sarcastically, holding a smirk.

"And, what exactly is that? Mr. Fun?" I questioned him.

"Follow me and I'll show you."

He stood up from where he was laying and began to walk away without me having the chance to counter react.

"Wait, Leo! We have to keep studying!" I yelled, running after him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the castle.

"That's not going to work, Roderick."

"I appreciate your suggestion, I really do. And I'm sorry, but I just can't follow through with that, there are too many things at risk."

"My King, it's crucial that we make these changes in order to have a successful future for Pheoria," Roderick suggests, growing more hyperactive as he talks.

"With Pheoria's expansion, how will we be able to help our people? We must begin invading other areas in order to better our Kingdom," he states once again.

"Roderick, are you thinking about this thoroughly? You want to invade other Kingdom's, and cause turmoil for them and their citizens. You want to invade and use their oil resources, minerals, and manufacturing aspects to save money for the Kingdom's benefit," The King states.

"You would rather invade other countries and use their resources, causing thousands of citizens to lose their jobs, along with the risk you're placing on Pheoria from retaliation."

Roderick becomes more and more frustrated as the time continues, while the King rejects his suggestions.

"We have the resources to keep going, Roderick, that isn't an issue, regardless of the population growth and demand. We will move forward, and we will prosper on our own."

"My King, I do apologize, however, we can use the funds used for these resources for other means. We can easily gather our resources for much cheaper in other areas," Roderick fights back.

Roderick begins to get more aggressive, turning away to look out the window in order to keep his composure. The rejection from the King was not what he had hoped for.

"Roderick, I know you are NOT suggesting that I begin a Revolutionary War here?"

"We are not a Kingdom built around economic gain!"

"And I won't cause our citizens to lose the money that they need for their families and to survive for the monarch's benefit."

"We're in modern ages now, and the people can work for their own money, and I won't revert back to historical times when people would suffer while the monarchy sits on the throne."

Roderick, turning to the King in silence, making sure to keep contact as much as possible, hiding his rage.

The King stands up from the throne, brushing himself off as he begins to walk over the Roderick.

"Roderick, you've been a good friend and loyal comrade for the past 20 years, truly, and I know you've recently fallen on hard times these past few years. But there comes a time when one must recognize one's place and do what's best for the Kingdom, and not harm our people in the process of getting what one wants."

"My place?!" Roderick's face erupts, throwing his hands to his side with a harsh motion.

"My suggestions will make the Royal family stronger and will ensure that your power remains, that we can invest in much more profitable markets. The citizens here will need to rely on the royal family more than ever to live."

"I have the respect of my people, and I don't need to demand respect or power from any of my citizens when it's my duty to protect them in the first place, not make their lives harder," the King states, "and when the time comes, and I hand the throne down to my daughter, she'll make those decisions and I'd like to ensure that Pheoria isn't ruined when that happens."

The King, exhausted from the meeting, lets out a deep sigh. Roderick standing in front of him, motionless and in a rage.

"You're excused, Roderick, I'll gather with you later."

Roderick glances at the King one last time with an evil glare before walking toward the door to leave. Never has he ever wanted anything more than power, to be at the top, but without the monarch holding complete power over the citizens, this was not to his satisfaction.

Roderick stops at the door and clenches his fists, turning around to face the King one last time.

'You're making a HUGE mistake, sir," he asserted, then leaving the room without allowing the King to respond.

The King takes a deep breath, returning to the throne.

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