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I decided to switch things up a bit in fairytales. Written when I was in my late teens. Humour in these stories may be strange but forgive me haha I was young.

Fantasy / Humor
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Snow White in the Witch's POV

It was a bright fine day where Snow White was dancing in the fields. She seduced my son and tried to entice him to elope. STUPID woman. Anyway, I wanted to send her away but she got wind of it and escaped. My son was so heartbroken and he started blaming me.. come on, what did I do wrong? She did it on her own will..so anyways I sent someone to bring her back. The hunter volunteered and went to look for her. He came back with some heart and told me she died..Like Hellooo.. did I want her dead? Nooo.. he couldn’t follow simple instructions..I didn’t want her dead..*correction* not that fast anyway..

I sent crow to look for her and found that she was staying with the seven dwarves who killed my parents.. I hate them..

I disguised myself as an old woman with a basket of poisoned apples. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t poisoning her as all the books said.. I wanted to avenge my parents’ death and so decided to kill the dwarfs. Snow White well.. Snow White was simply too naive. I specifically asked her to pass the basket to the dwarves and she decided she wanted to try one. Since I was a witch, I could purify one for her but she was too fast and sank her teeth into a poisoned apple and fainted!! OMG!!
I was shocked and ran away as I heard the sound of the axes and picks of the dwarves. It wasn’t my fault but I didn’t want to be blamed for it.
I hid in the forests and saw the dwarves put her into a glass coffin. like eww.. glass.. You would be able to see her decompose!

That’s disgusting..but then the dwarves were super nice!! I mean seriously.. they put aside their duties to protect Snow White..even though she was dead..Even Mr Grumpy guarded her!
they really touched my heart .. I guess I could forgive them right?

I WANTED TO REVIVE HER BUT HMM MY SON CAME IN SEARCH OF HER I couldn’t possibly make her get up from the coffin in front of him right?
so I just let him kiss her to life and get married. They lived happily ever after.. as for me?

Well.. that’s for me to know and for you to find out.. if you want to...

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