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BOOK 1 in the BLACK & WHITE trilogy. The story revolves around Aarav, a normal teenager with a very dangerous mission ahead. His world gets turned, when he finds out that he isn't a mortal but instead he is a being from the mysterious world of BLACK & WHITE. The people of the BLACK & WHITE world possess inhuman abilities. Aarav has to stop the war between the worlds, or else the mortal world will be in danger. Not everyone who looks innocent are really as they look . (I tried my best to give a description.) Read to find out the mysteries that lie in the world of BLACK & WHITE.

Fantasy / Adventure
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* ....OM NAMAH SHIVAAY.....*

It was the darkest night ever known to the history of mankind.Everybody knew that the moment he dies , the worlds will fall apart.But no one had thought that it would be so early.Just in three days the worlds got separated.They got split into three.

He had already begun to grow weak from the day he was holding the worlds together.But, alas... No one knows what path a person has chosen and what difficulties he has underwent. All they see is the destination what they reach, the goal what they achieve.

And its same in his case. After the great war, though he was successful in overthrowing the RED DEMON, He had begun growing weak back then itself.
Yet he kept his face smiling. Nobody knew that he was sitting on a throne of iron nails, that kept on piercing his divine skin.

He died in the hands of beloved and was betrayed. Nobody knew his real name , but he was known through the 3 worlds as,
Lord Silver.

On the day Lord Silver died, people celebrated. But not to honor him... Instead to show the common people that their leader had died in vain.Everybody had started believing he was God, but after that painful day when the worlds got split, One of the three worlds had already begun to forget him, and that world came to be known as the Mortal world, and now on his hundredth death anniversary not one mortal soul remembered who Lord Silver was.

And that is the reason why the mortals ended up losing their powers. But the people of the other two worlds never forgot him.Though his shrine was lost, people kept their promise and worshiped him and so the people of the White and the black worlds remained as powerful and strong as they were.

Though the people of the Black and the White worlds worshiped the same person, hatred grew between them . It grew to such a level , that they were blood thirsty for each other's lives.
The black people wanted the white dead and the people of the mortal world under their feet.And the whites wished the same , but the roles were reversed.
The hatred just grew , but never once did anybody even think who planted this seed of hatred that would one day give the fruits of poison.

Now coming back to the present, the same dark night but only a hundred years later, in the beautiful and cheerful town of Kamhaan.

In the dungeon of the palace, a cry was heard. The voice alone was soothing to the ears.

The boy was a blood of the both....

The mother being helpless, her husband had already died 2 months ago.She held her just born son to the moonlight of the night sky and said,

"Protect him! You are my only hope ,O Great Lord ! I beg of you."

Her plea was heard and a voice boomed through her dungeon room. It's called as an 'Akashavani',known to be the voice of the god. The mighty voice said...

"Don't cry child ! You're the mother of the savior that will bring peace to the world . Be proud to be his mother. I cannot help you too much, but yes, for an hour I'll open the doors of every house on which the moonlight falls. But you should run, run till u reach your only living blood. Give your son to them and never turn back to come to him. Someday , he will come to you. Now go my child, the divine hour has started!"

She clearly understood what the god had said, she ran , and ran... All the people, soldiers , horsemen, charioteers present in the palace had fallen asleep.

She ran till she finally reached the door of the enormous campus of the royal palace.She took a deep breath and again ran.

The god was challenging her by putting rocks in her path, by raining heavily like never before.But even lightning couldn't stop her.Then finally she reached where she had wanted to.

Back in the palace, when the moment the helpless mother had stepped outside the gate, everyone woke up.When the guards heard that the child had stopped crying in the dungeon, they went to check. But to their surprise , they did not see the weak and fragile woman with her new born child , but instead they saw two lumps of flesh and blood lying at a corner of the small and dirty dungeon.

They started yelling with joy and ran to their King.
One of them said,
"Sorry to interrupt you so late, my lord.But it's good news.The woman and the child , both are no longer alive, they are dead..."

And he held out the masses of flesh to show to the king.The king had the most joyful moment of his life. He pulled out the thickest of his gold chain and tossed it at the guard .

"Burn down the palace to ashes ! Not one trace should remain!" The king ordered and the guards obeyed and no sooner , the palace was gone , as if it was never there.
Finally , he thought , I am the true king . The savior is dead!

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