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At 1 in the afternoon, Aarav reached home from the park. He freshened up and had some food , he rested a bit and at 4 , he called Disha. She didn't pick up in the beginning , but when he called the second time , she picked up.



A:"Listen, i'm sorry, i acted like an ass, i shouldn't have ignored you."

D:"Its alright , but just try and don't avoid me..."

A:"I wasn't avoiding you! I just..anyways...where's your friend's home did u say?"


A:"Why are u so excited about it?"

D:"Actually...its only couple entry . So pick me up at 6:45 ...bye..."

She hung up. She sounded excited.

"Man , what is with girls?" he said to himself. He shook his head and at 6:30, he was ready wearing sneakers , black jeans , black jacket on a white t-shirt.

He reached near the same place where he had kissed Disha , and was waiting on his bike reliving the moment when someone hopped on his bike . He almost fell off.

"Woah...Disha , slow down! We'll end up falling , do u want to go to the party with bandages?"

He looked over his back and saw that she was wearing a casual jeans and top with light makeup. He said,

"You look...simple"

"Was that a compliment? If it was, it was really , really bad ..."

Aarav wore his helmet and handed one to Disha and kick started his bike and turned it over to head to the location. He said,

"Well, you know what, you actually look good in this"

"Don't try and flirt with me, smarty pants!"

He laughed and replied, "I'm not flirting, anyways , who's party is it? "

Disha said, "Apoorva's the name , she actually got a new house that's why she's throwing a party."

"Show off , you think?"

"Maybe, but she isn't like that. And i'm warning you Aarav, don't drink anything there , neither will i, and don't ask why..."

"Sure ma'am , i'm zipped ..."

They finally reached and Disha knocked on the door , when a highly excited girl , with a costly looking dress opened the door. She hugged Disha and said,

"Oh , wow! Never thought you'd come Disha ! And who's this handsome ?"

Disha was holding Aarav's hand , she tightened the grip and said,

"He's my boyfriend" She said, stressing at the last word . Apoorva let them in , and Aarav saw groups of couples , boys and girls all standing , deep in discussion.

Probably commenting on dresses and makeups , he thought. Aarav had no intention of coming to the party, he had just come as an apology for acting like an ass and ignoring Disha for a week.

She pulled him in one of the groups , and started chatting with the girls. Fed up of the chit-chat, he went near the drinks store and saw all the people having drinks.

Remembering what Disha had said, he took a sealed bottle of cola and sat on the nearby chair sipping the drink , when a familiar voice interrupted him,

"Are singles allowed in the party?" it was Reva .

Aarav looked up and saw her staring at him.

He replied,"Who told you i'm single?. Never thought i'd see you anywhere other than that prison for a house of yours!"

"Still angry aren't you?" asked another familiar voice , it was Pranay.

"No, i'm not angry at all. I'M FURIOUS!" Aarav pulled out the yellow parchment and sticked it on Pranay's jacket . Pranay was shocked seeing the paper , he was staring at Aarav .

"What is it?" asked Reva , and she pulled it from Pranay's hands and read it . She too was shocked .

Seeing the look on their faces , Aarav asked,

"Now, i'm telling the truth, i found it on an arrow while i was searching for something to prove myself as not a murderer! Right , i understand, you still don't believe me ..."

Pranay said, "Aarav , do you even know who 'Justice blade' is?"

"Who?"Aarav asked back.

"He's one of the most wanted criminal in our world . He kills any person from our world whoever has mortal blood on their hands!" Pranay answered .

"What? "

"Yeah, and if word spreads that u were helped by him, you will surely be called for interrogation !" Reva said. She continued, " and if that's the case then, we're sorry Aarav, we shouldn't have doubted you!"

Pranay placed a hand on Aarav's shoulder and said, "I'm sorry the most buddy, though i knew you wouldn't do it,i didn't believe you..."

"Hey, come on , we are family right ? " Aarav said. He was more than happy to find his family's trust back and that was enough.

Getting considered as family by Aarav, felt strangely good for Reva . Aarav smiled and surprisingly he gave a hug to Reva and pulled Pranay with him towards the drink corner.

Aarav was laughing and smiling with the small group of boys with whom he was standing , while Reva was sitting on a chair and silently looking at him. But then , she saw a girl pulling him towards the dance floor , while he was constantly saying no .

Reva nearly spilled her drink seeing the girl, it was Disha!

She quickly got up and went near Aarav and said,"Disha? What the hell are you doing here?"

Disha let go of Aarav and turned to face her arch enemy ,she said,

"What the hell do u think are u doing here ?"

Aarav was shocked to see Disha speaking in such a tone. He stood between the girls,

"Um , calm down .Disha meet Reva , and Reva meet Disha , my girlfriend !"

"Girlfriend? What the hell are u saying Aarav ? How can she be your Girlfriend?"said Reva .

Disha said, " What do u mean 'how' ? He likes me and i like him , and Aarav is she your friend?"

"Guys, i think we have some misunderstanding."Aarav said , clueless of what was going on.

Reva pushed him aside and stood face to face against Disha. She said,

"Aarav , how can she be your girlfriend ?"

"Hey, wait a minute , its my personal decision , so...."he tried saying . But Disha interrupted ,

"He is my boyfriend , and Aarav how can you be friends with a bitch?"

"Hey, hey...language , please! I'm not getting it, what's going on? What is wrong with you two?"

"What is wrong is with her , Aarav . Lets just go..." Disha said pulling Aarav with her. Reva puled him back and said, "He can go by himself , and you don't own him to take him wherever and do whatever you want!"

"Oh, yeah ? I'm his girlfriend !" Disha pulled him and kissed him on his lip , Aarav was taken by sudden shock . What the hell is going on?

Aarav pulled himself out from the tongue twister , and said,

"Disha , what are u doing?"

All of the people had started to gather around the trio, while Pranay had over drunk , so he was asleep on the drinks counter. They were clapping while Disha was kissing Aarav.

"Leave him alone , Bitch! Do u even know who he is?" Reva said pushing Disha back.

"Yeah i know u ? What do u know about him ...huh?"Disha asked angrily.

Aarav was getting frustrated ,

Why was he the centre of this fight?.

He said, "Guys , stop it, there's no need to pull me into this!"

Completely ignoring Aarav , Reva said,

"I know much more than you u know Aarav's who his mother is?..."Reva said in a taunting tone.

Anger could be seen in Disha's face , "No...i don't , but what i know is none of your concern."

"Yeah? His father , his grandmother , my father , Pranay's uncle, Megha's mother , Mayank's aunt , all died because of u and your people..." Reva said , her face completely red and in tears.

"Reva , Do u even know what you are saying? ...are u out of your mind?" Aarav said, now completely controlling himself from doing anything stupid.

Disha pushed Reva and was about slap her when Aarav caught her hand right in time and also Reva's fist from touching Disha's face .

Aarav was angry , first of all he didn't knew what was going on, and second thing , neither of these girls ever acted so weirdly ever. He put a hand between them and they stopped .

He said, "STOP IT ! What the hell is going on? And Reva what's wrong ? Why are u acting like this ? And Disha , same goes for you. " He didn't wait for their answer , he held Disha by her wrist and pulled her away, he said,

"Disha , lets go."

"But Aarav, its still 9:00 !"


He pushed through the surrounding crowd and got out of the house, kick started his bike and rode away unaware of where he was going. All his memories came back causing him an headache. His father's dead body, his grandmother's lifeless body, all the events that made him hate himself and his mere presence .

Aarav didn't stop until he had reached the park's lake. From childhood , this was his only place where he used to come whenever he was scared, depressed or beaten up like shit.

He jumped the railing and sat near the bank , and looked at his reflection. It looked back at him, it was looking gloomier but grown up since he had seen it in the lake water the last time.

Last time he was here two years ago after his father's funeral, he had sat here blaming himself.

What is going on? Who was he? How much ever did he avoid the fact that he didn't belong here ,that this wasn't his place , Aarohi was his mother , he had to face the reality. His mother was someone else , maybe even dead by now.

What was wrong with the girls ? and why did his clan members despise Disha so much? And what was she trying to say about all the people's deaths she mentioned?

As he was thinking all this , he heard a loud shriek , a girl's maybe . He quickly got up and looked around , it was dark . Another shriek , this was even louder. He jumped back and started searching for the source of the sound .

"HELP ME......PLEASE!" He started running and finally reached the place , he saw a girl fallen on the ground surrounded by three men. Her clothes were torn at the shoulder and waist .

One man was trying to close her mouth and the other two were holding her hands and legs.

"HEY, LEAVE HER ALONE!" Aarav said as loudly as he could. All the men turned to face him , still holding the girl still. They weren't men ,all of them looked his age.

"Mind your business ! You don't know who we are!" the boy holding the girl's mouth said.

"Yeah? Mind telling who exactly you are?" Aarav asked them.

One of the boys who was holding the girls legs stood up and came close to face Aarav. Now Aarav saw the boy's face clearly , he had bruised forehead and was clearly looking menacing.

Aarav thought of pulling out his bracelet just to scare them away, but again remembered what Megha had said him, she had said while training once ,

If any mortal comes to know about any of your abilities, you will be banished and you cannot enter the mortal world ever again.

The boy said, "Looks like someone wants to be a hero..." he snapped his fingers and from nowhere weeds came out from the ground and twisted themselves around Aarav's legs and hands.

"You're not normal humans are you?"Aarav asked him. Aarav saw that a weed came out near the girl and tied her mouth , another one tied her to the tree, and all the three of them now were facing Aarav .

Aarav was struggling , the weeds were too tight . The boy who looked like the trio's boss spoke,

"And neither do u look to me as one. "

The guy who had tied Aarav said, "Boss, his scent is strong. Looks like he's a royal blood and one of us...he may cause trouble boss..."

"So does that mean you are BLACKS?" Aarav asked them , while he was trying to slip his hands through the weeds.

"WHAT? asshole.We are Whites!"

Aarav didn't hear what he said, at that moment he freed his hands and pulled out his bracelet that turned into Galade ,and with its hilt he hit their boss , he fell down . He slashed the sword at the weed guy , it cut through his chest , and as for the third guy, Aarav said, "CATCH" and threw the sword in the guy's hand.

The guy's hands burst to flames and he was crying in pain. Aarav's legs were still tied , so he fell on the ground and took his sword back and cut the weeds wrapped around his legs and ran and cut the girl free, she was fallen unconscious . He put his jacket over her and made her sit leaning to the tree.

And he stood over the boys and said,

"Now , tell me , who are you? And why were you troubling the girl?"

He saw the boy who had tied him up , was about to snap his fingers again , so Aarav quickly kept his sword near his neck and said,

"Think before you do anything !" and he quickly hit the boy on his head and he fell unconscious.

The boy who he thought was their boss spoke,

"We are runaway whites, and please , don't do anything to us ....we didn't lay a finger on the girl, we found her sleeping on the park bench . We are pickpocketers , we just saw her pendant and we thought....."

"That you could take it to yourself ?" Aarav said , anger now running in his veins. He kicked the boy in his ribs.

"Don't you have a mother or sister in your family, you BASTARD?" he again kicked him.

"No, no ,no....we didn't do this to her...she was already like this when we found her. We thought she had robbed the pendant , so we thought of snatching it from her and then sell it for some money. We haven't had a full square meal for months now..." The boy cried.

"Are u telling the truth?" Aarav asked him, though he was completely sure that the boy wasn't lying.

The boy nodded. So Aarav said, "I'm...sorry....i was just frustrated ....did u say you're a white?"

"Yes...and i feel there is some misunderstanding .You're one of us too...i can feel your aura...." the boy said.

"Listen...i don't know what you're saying , but just go away and buy something to eat " Aarav said giving him some money . "And don't worry, i wont tell anyone i met you. Blacks here are strong and powerful , you wont live another day if they find out you are a white ,just go away with your friends and never return...." Aarav said, feeling bad for the guy.

The boy was staring at Aarav's face , he said, "Thankyou" And ran away as fast as he could. He turned once and said,
"You're too kind for this world ." and he was gone.

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