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Aarav’s lips had just brushed Reva’s when ...


Something blasted that shook the whole hall , every body fell on the ground , and in no time , they were all surrounded by guards wearing black armors. The person who looked like their head said ,
“Your highness, its an ambush . All the guests follow me please , and don’t rush. Please don’t panic!”

Reva held Aarav’s hand tight . He turned to face her ...
“Reva , follow the guards and take Shiba with you. GO!”

“But i....” Reva tried telling him something , but he was already gone, so she did as he said and started searching for Shiba.

Aarav ran straight towards the blast , and saw that a whole section of the hall was now open to the night sky. He saw that around 50 people wearing masks were standing ahead of him. A man who had the grandest black armour , was speaking...
“...what is the meaning of this ?” He said .

A masked man came ahead and said, “We have no intention of a blood bath , Commander . Where is the Mauryan queen?”

So this is Megha’s brother . Aarav’s thought looking at the tall and strong looking commander of the Mauryas.

“She’s where she has to be. And if u have no intention of a blood bath , you would have come knocking at the door , not blasting it off! I’m asking again , who are you ?“The commander said.

“We are the elite squad of the clan Phoenix . And yes, we have changed our appearance , so you couldn’t recognize us . ” He lifted off his mask , and revealed a scary and scarred face . All of them did too.

The commander stood still and turned , walking towards the place where everyone was taken . He came back with the queen standing in front of him.

The queen said , “Lord Hector , what is this ? We had an understanding that none of us will interfere in the kingdom’s interior ! ”

The man who was called Hector bowed , and sat on his knee .
“Your highness , we were given straight orders by the King himself that we should enter by force.”

“I don’t think there can be any reason to just blast off our palace and enter .What does the king intent ?”

“My lady , our King has a suspicion that you are hiding the seventh incarnation in your palace . If you hand them over to us , we will surely leave , also paying for the damage we have done.”

The queen was taken aback. She said , “The seventh incarnation? You mean the rightful heir of the Sword of Silver?"

“That’s what the king said . The high ranked sorcerer of our kingdom proposed and felt the presence of the seventh incarnation . Its been here from a week. We need permission to check every person who arrived at the palace from a week.“He said with a calm voice .

“But your highness that’s...” Megha’s brother tried to interrupt , but the queen raised a hand and he just went quiet. She said ,“Lord Hector , i understand the situation . But i assure you , that no one here can be the seventh incarnation . And personally , i think there cannot be a seventh incarnation in the first place ...”

What the hell are they talking about? Aarav thought . He nudged Pranay in the ribs and asked him,
“What is going on ?”

“Make me understand if you do!” He replied .

The queen continued , “...And Lord Hector , if by any chance , there really is a seventh incarnation present in my palace , then they belong to the Mauryans , not the Pheonix. But if you insist , even we need to know who it is . So you check and leave , but you have no right over them.”

“But my lady , we are given strict...” Hector tried to say . But the commander said ,
“Cant you understand ? The queen is denying . Do as she says , Hector , or the consequences will be worse , you are standing on our land , don’t you forget!”

The queen again raised a hand and said , “Lord Hector , if u want to , just check , or else the doors are always open to walk away.”

“As you wish your highness....” Hector said and , from among them, a person wearing a black cloak came out and took out a sphere, made of glass.
Aarav was staring at the ball when ,someone nudged in his ribs ,“Ow...Megha what is it?”

“Its you.”


“Yes , i don’t exactly know what they are saying , but i’m damn sure you’re somehow related . What do you think?“She asked in a hushed voice.

“I don’t understand what...”

“Idiot , what’s there to understand ? ” Pranay said ,“Its clearly you ..dont you get it ? You’re a warrior blood , and not to forget , most importantly , Sword’s dance ...Its you...”

“What should i do , then?” Aarav asked them.

“Just stay calm , the queen has said that she will protect whoever it is.“Megha said .

The queen clapped twice , and a woman holding a book came and stood in front of her. She said something and handed over the book to the queen . The queen said ,
“Lord Hector , i suppose you can read our Sanskrit?”

“Your highness , i may not be born here , but sure enough , i know you’re scripts .”

“Okay , so read out loud all these names and check what you want.”

Aarav didn’t understand what the queen said , so he asked Megha...
“Hey , what does he mean ’not born here ’? Isn’t he a black?”

“He is , but he isn’t from this part . You see , the whole Black world is broken in five guilds . Mauryan clan along with its other guild members are in Asia , Phoenix is from Europe , the other three guilds are divided into the remaining 5 continents . Its like a parallel universe .That’s why his name is uncommon here ...” Megha said.

The man started calling names one after the other , and all of the clan along with several others were made to come and stand in a line . The queen asked ,
“Lord Hector , my daughter cannot be an incarnation , nor can her old clan members , they have been here several times...”

“Your highness , we cannot take a risk ...”

“You’re wasting your time that’s all. Do as you wish.” She said .

Aarav felt a hand over his , and turned to see Reva standing by him. Aarav felt a bit embarrassed.
“Don’t ...” She said.


“You’re staring again , stop that you pervert!”

“Hey , what’re you....wait a minute , Shiba ?”

“She’s with Megha, don’t worry. Now about know...incomplete kiss....”

“Uh...i don’t know , i’m just sorry . It happened unknowingly ....” He felt someone a hug at his leg . He looked down and saw Shiba hugging him .
“You shouldn’t run around ...its not safe right now!”

“I’m just scared ...“Shiba said with her innocent voice.

“Why are you scared? “Reva asked her .

“Dont worry Shiba , its nothing , okay?”

She nodded and came and stood on his other side so that now she was standing at the end of the queue. Lord Hector along with the man holding the spherical ball were coming closer .

Aarav felt his hand tightening around Reva’s , when they came near Pranay , who kept his hands on the sphere and nothing changed . Then came Mayank , who had the same fate . Megha too did the same , but the sphere remained as it was . They moved towards Reva , and Aarav saw the man called Hector bow . Reva left his hand and kept them over the sphere , as the queen had said , nothing happened .

This is it . Now’s the moment. Aarav thought , as the man holding the sphere shook his head and came and stood in front of him. Aarav’s hands were sweating , he looked at Reva and the others , who , just like him were completely tensed .
“Boy , we don’t have the whole day , just do it ...” Hector said in his British accent.

Aarav wiped his hands on his navy blue suit , and started moving his hands towards the sphere . He closed his eyes and finally kept them over the sphere .

“Great...looks like the High Sorcerer is not always right.” He heard Hector say . Aarav opened his eyes and saw that the sphere was still colourless.

Aarav turned to see his clanmates , they too were shocked just like him .
“Come now , just this girl left . Do it quick ...” Hector said .“Just place your hands on it , it wont hurt.”

Shiba looked at Aarav’s face , and somehow he nodded to assure her that it wouldn’t harm her .She looked at Hector , and placed her hands on it .
Not even a second less , the moment her hand touched the sphere , it started glowing , silver glow . Everybody in the hall gasped , and whispers and murmurs broke out.

“We found the seventh incarnation!”Exclaimed Hector.

“So you found them , that’s good , now you can go back...” Said the queen,” As per the deal , the seventh incarnation belongs to us!”

“Sorry to say ,your highness, but we had no deal.” He grabbed Shiba by her arm . Before the commander of the Mauryans could do a thing , Aarav had already pulled out Galade and placed its tip at Hector’s neck.

“Sir, leave her. She belongs to no one , not to forget ,she’s a living human and not a weapon to belong to anyone . ” He warned him.

Everybody gasped. “Boy , you’re doing a huge mistake . You don’t know who I am , i am the leader of....“Hector tried to say.

“I don’t care who you are , just leave her before it turns bloody, just let her go!” Aarav said glaring at him.

“Drop the sword at once, we told we will protect her at any cost.” Aarav heard the commander say .

“Sorry sir , but i won’t move an inch unless he leaves Shiba...“Aarav told him still glaring at Hector.

“Hector don’t be foolish , you know young blood , you wouldn’t want to die would you?” The commander said.

“Alright , alright , calm down!“Hector said , raising his hands up backing down.

Aarav made Shiba stand behind him . The commander said ,“Hector , just go back and don’t interfere again. ”

Hector looked at Aarav once and started walking back towards his team of soldiers. He slowly walked backwards still his hands up in the air . The moment he reached near them, he yelled ,“NOW!”

From nowhere Aarav heard bowstrings , and the next moment , arrows were raining towards them , but before they could come any closer , he heard two people throw something and say,
“Air wall rune !”
Aarav saw that the two were none other than the commander and Megha . They looked at each other , and the commander smiled and nodded looking at his sister. Then he said,
“Soldiers, Half length-two wall formation! NOW! Squad 1 , Queen’s guard. Squad 4 and 5 , Guest evacuation , quick! Squad 3 , protect the girl , and don’t go inside . ”

Aarav heard heavy footsteps receding towards the palace , and he felt a hand over his shoulder . It was Reva . She said ,“Lets go...”

“No... you go . ”

“Nobody from the guests waits here , Princess Reva , please head inside along with your clan.“The commander came beside them and said .

“But sir , please let me help...” Aarav told him.

“Alright , stay then . Megha , go inside along with the Princess , and protect the guests . Rest of the clan can stay , if u want.”

Megha nodded and took Reva by her arm and started going in. Reva turned to Aarav and said,
“Don’t die , i haven’t given you your prize yet.”

Aarav smiled and nodded and watched her as she headed inside . He turned to Shiba and said ,
“Shiba , don’t worry , they will protect you. And so will I , just stay close ,okay?”

She nodded . And Aarav turned to face the enemy . Both the commanders were glaring at each other .

Hector said ,“Commander , it will turn out to be a bloody blood bath , just hand over the girl to us , and we go in peace .”

“Sorry to say but you surely are outnumbered against us . We’re almost 150 inside the palace and over a 1000 , outside, mean while you look not more than 50...“The commander said .

“47 , including the sorcerer , but you sure will know why we are called elite . Commander , Phoenix is superior , and has always been , when compared to the other four guilds combined . ” Hector said with a smirk on his face.

“And we respect you for that , Lord Hector . No doubt you’re the strongest. And to say the truth, i have no intention in fighting an alliance , but its my duty . RELEASE!“The commander yelled and the air wall was taken down . He charged straight towards them.

“Guys ...” Aarav said , Pranay and Mayank looked at him, “We shouldn’t engage unless they come close . We will be giving them an open route towards Shiba . And seeing by the confidence of this Hector guy, i don’t think he’s fake . ”

“Guess you’re right . We should stay and see to Shiba’s safety . “Pranay said and Mayank nodded.

Aarav was watching as one after the other , Phoenix’s soldiers were killing the Mauryan . And the beast among them was Hector , though an average guy in size , he was easily bashing Mauryan soldiers head to head , without a scratch on himself . But the Mauryan commander was no less , he was not wasting a single moment in looking at the enemies . With one hand he was slashing them , and with the other he was using runestones , back to back.
Fire , water , thunder , ice , plants , mud and all the other things of nature were coming out of nowhere .

But the number of Phoenix were not reducing at all , they were matching the commander’s level, while the other Mauryan soldiers were no match .

“This looks bad...we’re losing numbers!” Mayank said .

Aarav glanced behind him and saw that the soldiers standing who were protecting Shiba were looking tensed . He again turned towards the ongoing battle , now on both the sides , the number of soldiers were almost equal.
Hector raised his right hand , and started laughing . everybody turned to look at him, “What’s so funny , Hector?” The commander asked .

“Just thinking about how happy the king will be after getting the seventh incarnation under his control.
Elemental Shards!” He yelled , and in front of his raised hand , particles had began to form , In no time , it was a huge multicoloured ball of plasma . He closed his hand in a fist , and the whole plasma ball exploded into a million shards which flew straight towards them . Aarav covered his face with his hands as much as possible , yet got hit in the eyebrow . But someone yelled, he looked beside him , and in the colourful shard shower , he saw Pranay lying on the ground , holding both his hands on his eye and screaming in pain. Aarav ran towards him , and stood with his back to the shard shower , facing him .

“ Pranay! ” He wasn’t listening , he was crying in pain . Aarav yelled ,“Mayank , take him ...”

“But Aarav...”

“Do as i say and take him to Megha , quick . Do as i say! Fast!”

Mayank looked once at Pranay crying in pain , then at Aarav . He nodded and picked up Pranay in his arms and headed straight inside . Aarav turned to see at Shiba , but no one was guarding her . All of the squad assigned to protect her , were fallen on the ground and Shiba was looking scared as hell. And luckily , she didn’t have major injuries. He walked to her crouching , and saw that she too , had shards at her hands and stomach.

“Are they hurting too much?” He asked her trying to remove some shards from her. She shook her head.
“What do you mean?”

“They aren’t hurting at all...” She said . Aarav realized that she was right , neither his hands where he had almost a hundred shards embedded , nor his eyebrow was hurting .

What is going on? He thought . The commander’s voice could be heard, “Fool , why did you even do this ? They’re useless against me.”

Aarav turned to see , that many other soldiers , just like him were still trying to figure out what was happening . Hector said ,“Not to you , but just have a look behind you” He did and he was shocked too.
“What dark magic is this?” He asked Hector.

“I call it ...the inferior killer . It wont affect warrior bloods at all , but its sheer poison for those who aren’t.” He laughed.

But does that mean Megha is a warrior blood too? He thought , but ignored the thought given the circumstance .

“And as for you...Dear commander , never let your guard down...” He said and put his sword straight into the Commander’s chest , through his armour .
The commander yelled in pain , and in the glimpse of an eye , the rest of the soldiers of the Mauryan army were lying dead on the floor .
Hector looked straight at Aarav and gave a surprising look . He walked towards him and with a smirk on his face he said,
“I realized you were a warrior blood looking at your sword . Now be a good boy , and hand over the girl to me . Unless you will die and then, anyway i’ll take her ...your choice.”

Aarav stood up and faced him , Hector was taller than Aarav . “I’ll die protecting her , i swore it.”

“Alright then , better die fast.” He slashed his sword , and Galade’s metal clashed with it. He kicked Aarav in the chest , and Aarav fell on his back.

“You’re no warrior blood , you’re a loser blood . I haven’t seen a weaker warrior blood than you in decades , boy. Run away , and i’ll spare your life .“He said .

Aarav stood up with the help of his sword and said ,“Not a chance ...i’m not giving up.”

And he charged . With just two fingers , Hector held Aarav’s sword and pulled it away from him.
“This is no use to a weakling like you , it wont heal you anyway , holy swords are just like normal ones when they face each other . Now ...” He threw away Aarav’s sword , and slashed at him .

Aarav backed away , he asked ,“Why do you want a little girl? What do you want to do with her?”

“Aww...looks like you’re concerned , so pathetic . I don’t know why the king needs her , but i assure you , if the king is interested in the girl, then she won’t be given a scratch. Dont worry , die in peace , boy.”

He stepped closer and smacked Aarav in the face , his left eye went blur . Aarav fell to the ground, Hector came close and kissed his sword , he said ,
“You are lucky boy , you are the 100th unofficial kill by this sword , i wish i could make your death more painful...”

He swung his huge sword and when it was inches away from his body...Aarav heard metal hitting metal close to his ear. Then a familiar voice said,
“Looks like you should make a record some other day, Hector...”

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