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After taking back and distributing whatever money or material the bald man had forcefully taken , Aarav and the other four traders were invited to stay at the town for free , but they decided that it would be late, so rather they had breakfast , and lunch was packed .
Aarav was walking with Boogey on his side ,
“Thankyou so much , sir . If it was not for you , i’d rather be dead by now . ” Boogey was saying in his click-language.

“Um...Boogey , how come...i can understand what you’re saying ?” He asked .

"I dont know myself , i know only one person who could understand and Speak like us was God Argent.”

Aarav didn’t know who he was speaking of , and he didn’t even want to .
“So , Boogey , where are you from ?”

He stopped in his tracks and looked at him , Boogey said,
"Don’t tell anyone that i told you , but as you saved my life , you have the right to know , I’m from the DEMON WORLD . Now , don’t ask where it is , i am not allowed to tell you or any other being of this realm.”

“Okay...but will you go back now ?” Aarav asked him .

"No , i can’t . I came here when God Argent was ruling , since then all of my friends are waiting for the ‘door to reopen ’ ....”

“Okay , so when the door opens , you will all go back?”

“No...who told you that? When the door reopens , we will come here , to take back what’s ours , to rule all the worlds...but that’s not happening any soon .Looks like i should take leave here ....”

Is this guy mad? What is he saying ?Aarav thought . Walking along , they had come to the end of the village . Boogey turned to him and said,
"You are a nice guy , when the Red King will rule , i will see to it , that you will be kept alive . And also take this...”

He was giving Aarav the coin which he had taken from the bald man .
“But why? Didn't you say you will die if you don't have it ?” Aarav asked him.

“No , if i said that i take it back , what i meant was i will die if it goes in the wrong hand , but your too far from wrong , your good and kind , and i was destined to give you this . Take care of it , and i’m really glad that you saved me ...thankyou once again ...okay then , don’t forget me.”

With waving hands he went inside the ground and never looked back again.

Aarav had begun his journey back to the land of the sun with the silver coin in his all-fit-pouch. The trader wasn’t speaking to him , though he saw him giving glances at him. Finally he spoke,
“Say Shamant , who are you exactly ? That sword of your’s , it didn’t look normal to me.” he said.

“Well, its because it isn’t normal , its a holy sword . And i am not special , its just a blood trait that’s all , and you don’t need to worry , i won’t harm you.“Aarav said.

“I know you wont harm us or anyone else , its just that there’s a legend in the east.“He said .


“Yeah, you see , the greatest sorcerer who lived in this part of the kingdom, gave a prophecy on his death bed . I don’t exactly know what the prophecy was , but i know what it meant . It meant , that when the right time comes , a warrior holding a part of the silver sword will come , release a demon from its cage , without blood shed , then he will free a suffering soul and return back where he came from.
Come to look at it ,my guess is that you are the guy he predicted about . You look like a warrior to me , looking at the bruises you have , you freed that...thing from its cage , and you didn’t spill a drop of blood. Well , anyways it can be coincidence .”

“Yeah..i hope it is.” Aarav said .

After travelling till sunset , they came at a place where the road was heading into the mountain road . So they came to a halt .
“What happened?” Aarav asked them .

“Shamant , you see , the road we’re going to enter , it will take us straight to the land of the sun , but the thing is , it will take us almost 12 days to reach there by this cart. So if u want to ,you can take those steps ...” He said pointing at their left .
He was right , there were steps there .
He continued , ” If you go by the steps , you’ll be in the village borders before dawn. Keep walking eastwards , and you’ll see the village in less than an hour . We don't have a problem with you coming with us further , but its really a boring way and to say the truth , a real waste of time .Don’t think we’re fed up of you...”

“ . Actually , you saved me a lot of time , i wanted to be there as soon as i could . Thanks alot sir , you helped me a lot ...”

“No , its all thanks to you we got all our money and cloaks back. We should be the ones thanking you...”

He shook hands with all the four of them , and bid them good byes . He looked at the steps ahead of him, and started climbing them .

After 6 hours of climbing , and in between several rest-stops and nap-stops, Aarav finally saw the other end of the steps . As the trader had said , he had reached before dawn . He wanted to go on , but his legs had given up, so he decided he should wait till the darkness faded .

So finally , he had taken a nap , and had woken up just in time to see the first rays of the sun. He quickly got up , and in a small trickle of fresh water , he washed himself up and headed east , that is towards the sun.
He spotted the village in no time at all . He walked straight , and reached the gate . It wasn’t enormous , but passable for a village of this size . He went in and the entrance had the market , and wherever his eyes went , he saw shops of clothes , lined as far as the eye could see . It wasn’t busy yet , most of the shops were open , remaining were opening . Some were arranging the items , some were praying to the sun , while some had already gotten customers .

He walked till he reached a restaurant , and sat there for breakfast . After that , he rented a room for an hour, and went to freshen up . Then he headed straight to ....

Where? Where the hell should i go? Aarav thought . He didn’t have even the slightest of hint where the masked man stayed . So he decided to ask the people ,
“Excuse me? Do you know where Justice blade lives?”

“Who? There isn’t anybody here boy...”
“Well , i think i’ve heard it somewhere or , i haven’t ...”
“I know who he is , but in return buy this cloak, it just costs 11000 silver , its known to have immortal properties....”
“Boy, we dont have the whole day to waste on questions , get away...”
“Justice blade? Is it a weapon?”

And finally when he had given up all hope , one woman , of his mother’s age , said..
“Sorry son , i don’t know , but yeah i know someone who would definitely know .He’s lives at the temple, walk further more eastwards , you’ll find stairs. Climb up and you’ll reach there . He’s the oldest person of our village , he has to know.”

“Thankyou ma’am . thanks alot...”

Aarav followed her directions and finally reached the place where she had mentioned , the steps were just too many , and his legs weren’t strong enough . But he had already wasted a lot of time and strength to reach here , so he atleast should come to some result .

He started climbing the steps, and it was only till the evening that he finally reached there . He fell straight on his face , and rolled over to face the twilight sky.

“Beautiful sky isn’t it ?” A familiar voice said . Aarav looked up , still lying on his back , and he saw a face , of an old man , not that old though. He was wearing a shawl over his bare chest , and a dhoti .

Aarav got up, his muscles paining . He asked ,“Sir , do you know Justice Blade ...? ”

“You’re looking at him.”

“What? But you’re so...old! ”

“Appearances can be misleading . What do you want? ”

“Hey, old man , stop kidding . I’m frustrated like hell , and this is no time to joke around ...Please ...Where is he?”

“Old man did you say? I told you , you’re looking at Justice blade...And i’m not kidding .” he said pulling out the mask he wears .

“Alright , i believe you ...”

“What do you want boy?”

“What the Hell! You called me here , and now you ask me that? I've travelled for like eternity to get here!”

He smiled and said, “I’m kidding , i know i called you , come on in . And some respect to your teacher , don’t call me old man...i’m just 110 , that’s too young for being called old..”

“What? 110? Seriously ? Then you have all rights to be called old...”

“Call me teacher . I’m your guru now...”


Finally Aarav meets the Justice Blade.
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