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Following scene is taking place at a the palace of one of the royal families of the Black Kingdom.

A guard came running into the quarters of the Queen.He said,
“My queen.”

The Queen was about to take a shower when the guard arrived,

“You fool! How dare you enter in my quarters? Even the king knocks before coming in!”

“Pardon, my queen, pardon. But it’s really very important!”

“Is it that important? ”

“Yes, my queen. It’s a letter from the priest!”

She forgot everything and quickly grabbed the parchment which the guard was holding in his hand.

“Out of my sight! NOW!”

The guard simply went away.Then the queen called two female servants,

“Aabha and Aarti , come in. One of you prepare my bath, and one help me undress.”

The servants nodded and she started reading the parchment,It read,

"Respected Mauryan queen,

It is time that you should do what I had asked you a year ago.And only say what I asked, your daughter should not know that I asked her to do it.And do not fear of what she thinks of you when you ask her such a thing, I know that it’s very inhuman of me to ask such a thing from a 17 year old girl, but once the time comes you will know why I did such a thing.
And also do not retrace the path of the letter, it will be a waste of time.

Yours faithful,

The Queen was angry. She was talking to particularly none,She said,

“What does he think of himself? I can’t ask my daughter to do such a thing in front of a complete stranger! Aabha leave your work and come here .”

One of the servants left her work and stood in front of her and bowed down,
“Yes my queen?”

“Go easy, I’m not giving an order, I’m just asking. Tell me, what happens if someone breaks the blood vow?”

“I’m sorry my queen, but I’m not sure if u will like the answer..”

“Don’t worry, I promise that whatever your answer is, you won’t be harmed”

“Okay, my queen, if u really insist.If one breaks the blood vow then the payment is blood itself! The payment may depend on the person to whom you owe the vow!”

“What do you mean ‘depends on the person’?”

“The intensity of the payment completely depends on the person.If he is spiritually weak, the payment might not even hurt the little finger, but if the person to whom you owe is strong , it may cost the life of one of your blood, my queen”

“What if I tell you that I owe it to the priest?”

The servant was looking to the ground all this time, the moment she heard what the Queen had said, she turned to face the Queen. The servant’s face depicted sheer horror , she said

“There isn’t an answer to that, my queen. But I do know so much that it won’t be a wise choice to break the vow which was owed to the person who created the blood vow!”

Even the Queen was struck by her words. She couldn’t utter a word. Finally she said, undressed and standing naked,

“Okay, that’s all. Thankyou Aabha. Now help me bathe , and quick. And Aarti prepare the mirror, I need to talk to my daughter.”

“Yes,my queen” said the servant named Aarti.

After an hour, the Queen was finally ready, beautiful as she was and wearing one of the many finest silk dresses that revealed the delicate curves of her body. She sat on one of the armchairs facing the huge full length mirror.

“Now!” said the Queen.

And the servant Aarati, placed a bowl filled with creamish coloured water in front of the mirror and started chanting something and after every few minutes, she sprinkled the water on the mirror and the mirror, as if a cotton absorbed the water , and started glowing white.

Finally Aarti got up and said,

“It’s done,my queen.”

“Okay, now go, thankyou” The Queen said , and the maids walked away.She said out loud,

“I Subhadra, queen of the Mauryas , request you to take me to my daughter, Revathi Maurya , in the town of Kamhaan!”

In a few minutes, the mirror in the Queen’s quarter was swirling like a cyclone in a sea.Then the picture came clear , a large room, an empty chair and a girl of 17 years was sleeping on a bed close to the wall of the room. The Queen shook her head at the sight of her daughter , and said,

“Revati! Wake up! ”

Twice or thrice the Queen shouted the name but the girl was busy sleeping.

Ofcourse, the Queen thought, it was moonlight in the mortal world.

But, it was really important or she wouldn’t wake up her daughter at this hour of the night.

“Revati, wake up, please!”

The girl finally woke up, and turned her head on the bed so that she was now facing the mirror. She slightly opened her eyes and the blurred vision grew clear and she saw her mother’s kind and beautiful face looking at her.


The Queen smiled and waved her hand. The girl quickly got up, her mess of a hair making her look like a little girl . She sat on the chair facing the mirror and said,

“My queen!" Revathi said , and made a small bow. " Its nice to see you mother . But why now, it’s almost 3 in the morning!”

“If it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t wake my baby girl.”

“Okay, what’s so important?”

“Revati...” The queen had started , but the princess interrupted.

“Mother! You know I don’t like that name, call me Reva!”

“Fine... Reva, Listen carefully, I know this will sound too much to you, but I need a favor.”

“What would the Queen of Mauryas need for a favor?” Reva asked.

“Take it seriously Reva. Its really very important . You know about the famous food delivery service in the town don't you?" She asked , for which Reva nodded , so the queen continued, " You order some food from them ...”

“But I can cook!”

“Can't you wait and let me complete? It’s not about cooking or food Reva , try and understand.”

“What then mother?”

“I don’t know how to say this to you.How can a mother ask her daughter such a thing? I really don't know how to say this!”

“Mother, you’re scaring me now. What is it?”

“Okay ! Listen Reva , the person who brings the food will be someone very important , so you have to...seduce him!"


“Just do it. And also he’s one of us, he’s a Black. So you need to take him into your clan and seduce him”

The Queen had tears in her eyes.

“Mother, what are u saying? I can’t! I don't even know who the person is , and you're asking me to seduce him? What sort of a request is that ?! Who do you think I am Mother ? A whore ? ”

“No, no, Please try and understand Reva , don’t blame me just yet. But I’m helpless.You have to do it. Atleast for your father.”

“No mother! I can’t do such a thing for a stranger. Nobody would do this! I'm the Princess of the kingdom of the Maurya ! What reputation would that leave? Mother , you should know better than I do what impact it will have on other smaller clans!”

“I do Reva ! I really do ! But its something I cannot help. Not as a queen but as a mother I request you, from childhood we have been fulfilling whatever your wishes were, can’t you do this one thing?.”

“Mother, do u even know what terrible thing you are asking me to do? I can’t”

The Queen stiffened herself on the chair and wiped the tears off her eyes and said,

“If u won’t listen to me, then fine. Your returning from the mortal world right now! And after coming you are getting married to the Prince of the Sangamas! ”

“Mother, this isn’t fair...”

“You don’t teach me what fair is and isn’t! That’s final. Do as I ask or you’re coming back. ”

Reva just stared at her mother's hardened face. The Queen was feeling that she was the worst mother ever to be born.

Finally Reva said,
“Fine, I’ll do it. Just tell me how should I do it.”

“Seduction is a trick present in women. Do anything you want . But he should be a part of the clan at all costs , and he should be falling for you Reva! I know I’m being too harsh, but I’m helpless.”

Finally after a great thought Reva asked,

“Who is the boy?”

“I don’t know myself, but I know so much that he is really different and has a very important role to play. ”

“When should I call him?”

“Its 26th of September today .You will call him tomorrow night close to 12:00 .”

“What if he's dangerous? What then Mother?”

Though the Queen was unsure herself, she said,
"No, he won’t harm you. He’s unaware of his own identity. So it’s your responsibility that he should know everything about our world! Do you promise me this much?”


“One more thing Reva , if he turns out to be dangerous and tries to harm you, then kill him”

“What? ”

“Yes !That’s all I can do to repay what I’m asking of you!”

“Mother, I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t do this on purpose. Who asked you to?”

“I am forbidden to tell the name. But I know so much that this is the condition of a blood vow!”

“What? You owed a blood vow ?”

“Yes. When you're father was ill , and was on the death bed , i was willing to give anything to make him live longer to see you one last time . So i made a blood vow with a certain someone , and in return the person asked me to do this when the time was right . Try and persuade him as much as you can. And even then if he resists , take whatever means necessary . One last thing Reva , the knight of you're clan knows him pretty well. Take his help if you want .”

“He’s Pranay’s friend?”

“Yes , and I need no mistakes”


Before her mother could reply, Reva angrily put some ash on the mirror and was looking at her beautiful face.
Looks like I have no choice. She thought.

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