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“What is going on here? And who are you people?” Aarav heard Hector yell from the other end of the bridge. Aarav slowly carried his mother towards them . Hearing his footsteps on god-knows-what material the bridge was made of , his friends looked at him.

Megha saw the his mother in his hand , she said,
“Aarav how are you here and is that...”

“Yes , she is . But let that be. Mom , can you stand?” He asked her . She slowly nodded and he put her down , gently .

“How are you guys here?” Aarav asked them.

“We were passing through a hallway , then some blue light shone out of nowhere and the next thing we knew , we were standing in front of him...” Pranay said pointing at Hector.“What about you?”

“I followed my sword light and ended up here."Aarav told them .

“That is the power of the sword of silver...” Aarav heard his mother say .” It’s not just a weapon Aarav...”

“What did you say , woman? Sword of silver?” Hector asked.“You’re out of your mind lady!”

“Shut the hell up Hector...” Aarav warned him.

“I know you.” Hector said, “You’re the guy who was trying to stop me while I was bringing Shiba back at the Mauryan palace! I thought Justice blade killed you. Boy, you sure have guts to come back after I kicked your ass last time.”

Aarav ignored him . “Reva, take my mom and stand as far as you can . I’ll bring Shiba, once I deal with this pest.”

“But Aarav...“Reva tried to protest.

Aarav didn’t listen to her , he continued .“Mayank , you protect my mom and Reva , and don’t leave their side even if its life and death . I’m asking too much , but please.”

Mayank didn’t protest , silent as he was , he said,“That’s the least I can do. Don’t you worry .Come now , your highness...”

Reva tried to get away from him , but Mayank grabbed her hand and took her to far end of bridge along with Aarav’s mom .
“ safe!" Aarav’s mom said. And simply followed with Mayank behind her.

“And you two...” Aarav told Megha and Pranay,“you-”

“Shut up . I won’t go and let you have all the fun.“Pranay said,“I told you , this bastard owes me an eye.”

“So will I ...“Megha said,” He stabbed my brother you know. Don’t even think I’ll stand back and watch you two take him down!”

“Ah...looks like someone’s over confident over there.” Hector said acting as though they were standing in a crowd and he was searching for them. “Now , how about you tell me what that lady was saying about the sword of silver. We are in a hurry you know. Shiba , stay away.”

“Shiba come here , let's go home...“Aarav said . But Shiba didn’t even seem to hear him . She just walked away from Hector as he had asked.

“She’s too scared, that’s all.“Megha said. “She’ll be alright.”

“Yes of course...“Aarav said , though something was troubling him.
No , it was just a dream , He thought. But a small voice in his brain said ,
You dreamed of your mother too , and you know what’s the result.

He let the thought aside .

“Megha...“He said,“Handle the defense , Pranay and I will take care of the attack.”

“With pleasure , but don’t blame me if I attack at times , out of boredom.“Megha said .

“Don’t you think you brats are overestimating yourselves?“Hector asked .“How about you first talk about the sword? Or maybe not , Million Shards...“He said and a ball of light formed and exploded in front of him. As the name , a million or maybe even more shining blue shards were flying towards them.

Air wall rune.“Megha said and threw a stone and the air around them hardened as a rock . Aarav stood in front of Pranay because he knew the shards wont make a scratch on warrior bloods.

“That brings back memories...“Pranay said looking at the shards with one eye , and moving his hand over his blind eye.

“Guys , we don’t know what tricks he may have up his sleeve . So just be careful...“Aarav told them.“He didn’t hesitate to kill so many soldiers the last time , he wouldn’t think twice adding three more lives to them.”

“Try and be optimistic.“Megha said.

“Brats , you gonna fight me with your hands?“Hector asked.

“Well, if you insist...” Aarav said and pulled out Vajra.

“You sure you wanna use that?“Pranay said as he pulled out his double-bladed sword from the pearl locket he was wearing on his neck and Aarav remembered it as the one he had gifted on Pranay’s 15th birthday.

“You still have that ?“Aarav asked him.

“I wouldn’t lose my best friend’s gift would i? I just changed my weapon’s sheathe.“Pranay said.

“Um...guys, if your nostalgic chat is over , shall I pull the wall down?“Megha asked them.

“Sure , take it down , but with style.“Pranay said.

The moment the wall was down , Pranay and Aarav charged on ahead . And so did Hector.

“Hey , kids , you sure have some fancy swords...“Hector said. His sword had changed from the last time Aarav had seen it . This one was a double blade , with curved edges that went on to become pointy at the tip. Three foot long , and quite a beauty and beast combination.
Hector wasn’t that tall , almost Pranay’s height who was an inch or two taller than Aarav . His muscles though , were well built .

Pranay gave him the first hit , which he blocked . Taking the opportunity , Aarav lunged at him , but Hector kicked Pranay in the chest and blocked Aarav instead. Pranay stumbled back , rubbed his gut , and was back at pounding Hector . Slash after slash , Hector was blocking them both and was also successfully giving them ample amount of kicks in the same time.

Then Aarav saw, from out of nowhere , Pranay pulled out another sword , which was almost similar to the black one in his hand just with a grey tinge. His one sword was blocking Hector’s , so he put the new one in Hector’s shoulder . Hector cried in pain , while Pranay pulled it out.

“What was that?“Aarav asked him , as Hector had moved back.

“You...bastard, double sword? That was...unexpected.“Hector said as he pressed his wound.

“Well , something I saw Megha’s Brother practice one day , he manages runes in one hand and a sword in the other , so I thought I’d use swords on either of my hand.” Pranay said.

Hector got back up.
“Bastards, you little runts . Do you know what people call me ?”

“Don’t know don’t care!“Aarav said and charged.

“Well , since you asked , everyone calls me ‘the infinite swordsman ’, wanna know why?“Hector said.

“As he said , don’t know don’t care.“Pranay said.

Hector , held his shoulder and rotated it once , twice and thrice and for the fourth time , then stopped. Something flashed near his wounded shoulder’s arm each time he rotated. Then he held his curved sword in front of him , in between his palms. He said, “Infinite blade.

Pranay didn’t wait , he simply charged.
“Pranay wait , don’t be reckless!“Aarav tried to say , but it was too late. Pranay had already gone too close , and no sooner he did , Hector’s hands started rotating , moving and slashing all around him in a hell way.

Pranay started blocking his attacks , but Aarav couldn’t give him help. If he interfered , he could get cut by Pranay’s double sword technique .

“Bloody hell Pranay , get away ! He’ll cut you to pieces!“Aarav yelled.“Megha shield him ! NOW!”

No Answer!

“Megha, I said SHIELD him!“Aarav yelled again .
No answer again!

He turned and saw that she was sprawled on the bridge, so were his mother , Reva and Mayank too.

“When the hell did you...“Aarav tried to say , but then he realized . The way Hector rotated his arm , four times for four people !.
“What spell was that?” Aarav asked him turning towards him, just to see Pranay getting kicked in the rib and about to fall off the bridge . But his legs moved without him knowing and he was already catching an unconscious Pranay.

“You figured out, I see , gooood...Don’t worry , those four aren’t dead , but this one can be.“Hector said pointing his curved blade at Pranay . Aarav saw it too , Pranay had cuts and bloody bruises all over his chest and hands and on his face too . His eye patch was almost half cut , and was hanging on the thread end. Aarav carried him and laid him down beside Megha .
I should finish it fast , Pranay is wounded too much, he thought.

“So boy , let me just pass and I wont kill any of you.“Hector said.

Aarav got angry , his heart beat raised , his body was heating, sweat trickled down his face.


This time , Aarav wanted to go berserk .He closed his eyes.
I called you this time, he told his other half.

Why do you need me now? Didn’t you say STOP the last time I took control?, It asked.

I need you to kill! Right now , right here!, Aarav said.

I was born to kill , it said and started laughing .

Aarav opened his eyes and saw the person standing in front of him.
“That look in your eyes , it changed. Did you just do something?” Hector asked.

Aarav ignored him and charged . “Infinite blades.“Hector said again , and his arms were moving at invisible speed.
Aarav reached him , and blocked every last cut with just his sword hand and standing like a rock. He moved his other empty hand , and the next second , Hector’s neck was in his left hand.

“How” Hector asked struggling for breath. Aarav didn’t utter a word , instead he smashed Hector’s head and body on the bridge. Whatever material it was made of , it crushed beneath and turned bloody.

“What are you going to do to Shiba?” Aarav asked him.

“I...don’t... know, my b-b-brother... intends to-“He said . But he smiled , a cruel one at that , and kicked Aarav with both his legs in his chest . The kick was so intense , Aarav flew some distance and then landed on his back.

Hector got up and said, rubbing the back of his head.
“I don’t know... what...“He spat blood and continued,“ magic you... did , but you sure... became strong”. He held his curved sword to show it to Aarav, and continued.
“Do you know what sword this is?”

Aarav didn’t answer , but cocked his head .
“Well , its known as ‘The red bane’“. Hector said.

“Should I care?” Aarav asked him coldly.Then he showed his blade,“Do you know what this sword is? You sure know it.”

Hector gave a grin , then realization took over him . Fear welled his eyes , the truth almost took the breath out of him.
“The sword of...silver?”

“You got it right.“Aarav said.“Now , as you know my little secret , you have no right to live anymore...”

“That cant be...but how?!”


“Well , if I die here , I’ll take you with me...“Hector said.”FIRE DANCE , BEAST OF FIRE...”

He said and took a drop of blood from one of his wounds and touched the blood to his sword.He started flying a foot high in the air . His body was glowing red , his hair caught fire , his sword turned the colour of lava . He laughed , a high and evil laugh.
“I will kill you...I am the god of fire!”

He charged , but Aarav stood there. He closed his eyes , and opened them again .
"Sword’s dance.”

Hey there . This is the last second chapter . The next chapter coming on 22nd will be the climax of book 1 . Hope ur enjoying.
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