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Aarav couldn’t rest. He hadn’t behaved to his mother this rude ever before and was really feeling guilty about it. He couldn’t bear seeing her sad.

From his childhood, his mother had taken care of him in all the ways. His father would be at work all the time, but his mother on the other hand, always was always there for him.

He got up and went back downstairs. She was still doing her bills.


" The snacks are on the dining table, if u want..”

“I’m sorry mom.”

“It’s okay.Not all days are meant to be good. ”

“I love you mom”

“No, I love you more”

“Anyways, you look too busy today. Too many orders?”

“Yeah. It’s been a surprising day. Orders are raining , I don’t think there are so many houses in Kamhaan as there were orders today”

“What about the delivery boys?”

“All of them are busy delivering, but the orders just aren’t getting delivered. Every delivery boy is doing double the work , but still i’m getting complaints . I even called 20 new boys just for the day.”

“Why? Is there some occasion or is it a holiday?”

“Not that I know of.”

But she knew deep down what day it was.

" How about I help out?”

“What about your studies?”

“I’m not going tomorrow anyways, so I’ll have time.”

“Tomorrow’s your birthday and you aren’t going, Great!”

“Mom, you know why I don’t like my birthday. It’s a dark day for me and you.”

“Well , you are not a kid so you could help .Here, take this.” She said and gave him a slip with orders and addresses written on it.

“Only one?”

“Yeah. That’s the biggest order I’ve ever seen.And the house is is at the outskirts . Are you sure you can do it? ”

" ’Course I can . I’m you’re son after all. Hard work’s in my blood .Love you mom, bye.”

“Go carefully.“She said trying hard to hide her tears . He gave her a small hug and took the order from the kitchen and headed out.

Aarav had decided that he would do the delivery on his bicycle. And had already begun to regret the decision. The house, as his mother had told him , was on the outskirts of Kamhaan . But Aarav was surprised to see it was a highly posh and populated area.

It was almost an hour now that he was peddling, finally he read the address and the given name again and again. But there was no house of the ‘Maurya’.

He turned around and started to search more properly this time. For about 20 minutes he searched, but couldn’t find the place. Finally he decided it was no use, as it was already 11:45 , he thought of going home, then he saw it, a small, narrow stone path leading towards the other side of this colony.

Who orders food at 12? he thought.

He followed the path and was regretting again. He could barely move with such a heavy load , and not to forget the bicycle was hard to pass . His body was still aching from the knock out which he had gotten in the morning from Mayank.

Struggling to move, he finally reached the other end of the pathway. He looked at his watch, it was 12 . Which meant it was 28th of September now , and he was 17.

Happy Birthday to me, he said to himself.

Then he looked up and saw the largest house he had ever seen in his life. Three floors, large balconies covered completely with flower pots and plants, and it looked magestic with heavy oak windows . A garden could clearly be seen on the terrace from where he was standing.

But the most weird thing about the mansion was that the main door was completely black in colour, pitch black. He had started feeling nervous about this and was getting a bad feeling looking at the house that looked creepy and beautiful at the same time.

He forced himself and finally knocked on the Black door.

Inside the house at 11:45,

Reva was getting nervous,

How can my mother even think of me like this? Seduce a complete stranger ? Hell no! She thought

She called her friend who was also a member of her clan.

“Megha, what’s up?”

“Nothing, preparing for the feast.”

“You’re lucky in that case.What happened at college today?”

“Nah, Nothing much. Freak boy got kicked in his ass by Mayank.”

“I’ve told Mayank a million times not to show off his power . And Freak, what’s his name again?”

“I don’t know . Who cares anyway . and Mayank didn’t actually use his power . Freak is..Freak. He’s weaker than a school girl.”

“Do you think he could be one of us?”

“Are u out of your mind?We’d know if he was, years ago. And he’s weak even for a mortal. Not a chance can he be one of our kind!”

“Alright then , i’ll be going . Night!”

“Sure thing . Good night!”

Reva wanted to tell her about the whole seduction problem , but it really felt embarrassing to talk about something like that. She hung up.

She looked at the time and saw it was 11:50.

“It’s time..”

She said to herself. At 12:05 , Reva was waiting for the door knock wearing the most beautiful and totally uncomfortable dress she had. Finally the door bell rang. And she opened the door.

And Standing in front of her was a boy, she had known for years but always despised. His face had bandages on the nose and near the eye. His other eye was a bit swollen. She recognized him...


Aarav looked at the girl . She was gorgeous , true , but who exactly wears such a dress at 12 in the night? The dress was so...lewd!
Who cares anyway! He thought . But her face was familiar to him . Where had he seen her before?

Reva looked at him , and saw he was completely uninterested at her. In fact , he looked bored. She knew how boys saw her. They would be startled by her beauty , or nervous by her presence . And he was neither . The people who are startled , never look her in the eye , but instead look at her attire , while the nervous are ...well , nervous. But he was looking at her straight in the eye.

"Are you mocking me?" She asked him.

"What? Why would I even do that?"

“You just want to make me embarrassed don't you? You planned this all out . What are u blackmailing my mother for?”

“Listen, whoever you are. First of all I don’t know you. You yourself ordered the food, and what are u speaking ? Why would I blackmail your mother ? Who are u anyway?”

“Wait a don’t know me?”


“I’m in your college!”

“So what?”

“Mind your language , freak!”

“Is it necessary that someone should know all the students of their college? Anyways I’m not interested either.. I’m just here delivering , just give me the money and I’ll go my way.”

“I don’t want your delivery, freak!”

“What have I even done to you? ”

“You’re so pathetic , so weak and lame....”

“I get it. Just another petty way of humiliating , calling a delivery and insulting instead.” Then he remembered who she is . She's Mayank's girlfriend ! That's right.
What's her name again?

"Oh! I remember , you're Revathi Maurya ! Mayank's girlfriend!"

“So you do know me! Great memory , loser! And I'm not Mayank's girlfriend! Freak!”

“ Stop calling me that . You’re a freak! Who paints their door black?”

“What did u say?”

“You're the freak here ! That's what I said. Just give the money and I'll go .”

“No , not that. After that , what about the door?”

“Isn’t your door coloured black?”

“You can see it?”

“I’m not colour blind, yes of course I can see”

“So you are a Black!”

“Oh! I see ! Now you're showing off . Racial discrimination is a crime! ”

Reva didn’t answer, instead she closed her eyes and raised her right hand , and shot a blue light at Aarav from her fingers .

“Hey what are u-”

Aarav couldn’t complete the sentence, he felt dizzy and and fell on the ground unconscious.

Aarav was dreaming again. He was back in the divine being’s body, but he was not in the throne room listening to people’s problems, he was not battling neither was he making love with Shubhanka.

This was a completely new dream, he was standing near a window, facing towards a large Kingdom which had millions and millions of houses , clearly visible from the height where the window was situated.

He was listening to someone,

The other person’s voice was calm and kind. The unknown person said,

“Phoenix is causing trouble , Silver. If u don’t do anything soon, he may become a threat.”

The divine being had a lordly voice, he said,

“What exactly are they doing, Priest?”

Aarav turned to face the person who was speaking. The man was old. Aarav could clearly feel the presence of the man who looked so magestic. Red robes covered his body , and his smile was other worldly . His eyes clearly depicted years of wisdom and knowledge.

He said,
“That, is what I am after. I have guesses. But....”

“Your guesses are far reliable than proofs of my ministers. Just tell me...”

“I guess he is contacting the fourth world.”

“Is that even possible?”

“I don’t know. But if u want ,I can foresight what is going to happen..”

“Even if we know what is going to come, we can’t change it. If the foresight turns out to be bad, I can’t enjoy my remaining days.”

“But , Silver...”

“No, You have already helped me out a lot Priest. I don’t want you to go into trouble again..”

“As you say my lord..”

The scene suddenly changed and now Aarav was lying on the battlefield and in front of him, a woman with flames for eyes was standing over him.

She was beautiful and was covered in fire from head to foot. Her face was covered by flames too. Aarav smiled and said,

“I loved you more than myself, why are you doing this?”

Then Aarav realised who the woman was , it was Shubhanka . She was sad , he could feel it.

She said,
“I do too, silver . But this was for what I was born. I’m sorry!”

She bent down and kissed him. Aarav could feel the flames on his lips , but they weren’t hurting him. She again sat upright and closed her eyes and with all her will power she stabbed him straight in the heart. A tear rolled down her eyes , that evaporated as soon as it left her beautiful eye.

The pain was so excruciating , he couldn’t bare it.

He quickly sat up and opened his eyes. And saw three people staring at him,

One was a girl he didn’t recognize , the other was Revati Maurya and the third person was..


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