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“What the hell! Pranay?“said a highly shocked Aarav.

Pranay glanced at Reva and turned back to Aarav,

“Reva, are u sure u have the right person?”

Reva was getting frustrated by the presence of Aarav in her home. She wanted all of this to end as soon as possible. She said,

“I did as I was told, but I’m pretty sure Pranay, that your freak friend is a powerful sorcerer to keep his identity hidden for so long. Didn’t you ever feel the black blood flowing through him?”

“I promise I didn’t , but now it’s like none other.And anyways happy birthday man!“said Pranay.

Aarav was confused . Whatever the hell were saying, everything was going over his head.

He said,

“I don’t know a word what you are saying. What presence and what black blood ? ”

Reva completely ignored what Aarav was saying and said,

“Wait a minute , what did u say Pranay? ”

“It’s Aarav’s birthday today ...“replied Pranay.

“Are u sure ?” Said the third person who was watching Aarav keenly.

Aarav got angry,
“What do you mean ‘are u sure’? Don’t you think I know when my bday is?”

Reva was controlling her anger for so long. Even she was shocked to see why and how could she grow so much hatred for a person whom she just met.

She said,
“Stop acting as if u don’t know a thing ! Spill the beans alright, who the hell are you?”

Pranay said,

“Reva, what’s your problem with him? Do u even know him?”

“I do , a freak is who he is!” Reva said glaring at Aarav.

Pranay was kneeling down near Aarav , he stood up to face Reva. He said,

“Listen Reva , first learn how to talk to people and then you can be the queen. He is clueless , can’t you see? ”

Reva wasn’t expecting that someone as calm as Pranay would talk to her like this.

She turned to face the other girl,

“Megha what do u think?”

The girl replied,

“I don’t know, but looking at him, either he is a very good actor or he is really clueless. I’d go with the latter.”

Megha was Reva’s trustworthy comrade and a good friend , so she believed her.

Reva said,

“Fine. I have some work to attend , Megha and Pranay , tell the freak ..I mean Aarav whatever you can.”

And she walked away with folded hands. Aarav sat up and looked around. Pranay was looking at him. His handsome and long face , large black eyes and long hair .

Aarav said,

“Pranay what is going on?”

“I’ll explain , but first you need medicine. Megha ...”

“On it! ” Said the girl named Megha and she quickly went out of the room.

Pranay sat beside Aarav and said,

“Are u alright ? I heard you got beaten up by Mayank?”

“That’s not important right now !WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

“Aarav don’t panic , first listen and then come to conclusions. Okay?”


“Listen Aarav, please, just listen first!”

“Fine. Go on..”

“Okay , now I’ll ask some questions, just answer them. Have you ever felt surprisingly strong?”


“Have u ever done something unnatural ?”

“No, but I have been having weird dreams lately. ”

“What dreams?”

“Come on Pranay, I’ve told you a million times. Dreams about the naked beauty, remember?”

“Oh! yeah, I forgot,your so called dream love. And what else?”

“Well, nothing weird ....”

“Listen, are u sure you saw the door black coloured ?”

“Yeah ...”

“Okay then, I’ll say in short ,you’re not exactly mortal.”


“I’ll start from the beginning. Listen carefully. So the world we live in, has not only mortals , who are normal humans but people called Black and White . We aren’t normal humans. We possess extraordinary powers or, abilities you can say.”

“If this is a prank or something , your really doing awesome!”

“Aarav I’m not joking , I’m damn serious. So basically all the worlds were one in the beginning , some million years ago. But slowly hatred began , then a war broke out and the world got divided into three....Black , White and mortal. Mortals are just normal , they’re clueless about us. Black, that is us , and Whites loathe each other. And you my friend , are now one among us.”

“How can u say I’m a black?”

“You see, blacks and whites have had a pact , that no one interferes in the mortal world . So to stay hidden, charms have been put on our houses. Mortals see it as any other normal house , and only blacks can see the door .”

“So that means..”

“Yes , you are one of us. Aarav tell me one thing, who exactly are your parents?”

“Pranay, you’ve met them a million times! Why are u even asking?”

“No, I mean you’re real parents!”

“They are my real parents , Pranay!”

“They can’t be. Black blood passes on only when both the parents are black. I don’t mean harm Aarav , you know I’m your friend, but they are not your real parents, they just can’t be!”


“Listen, Aarav , I don’t know exactly, but I even may be wrong about that, but first you need to know some more about your real world. ”

“Go on..”

“So after many centuries , Lord Silver was successful in joining the worlds back , and that was on this very day, on your birthday , a hundred and seventeen years ago , he was killed , and the worlds were separated again , that’s why Megha asked if u are sure about you’re birthday.”

“Well , if I’m not sure who my parents are, then ofcourse I can’t be sure if I was born today or not.Anyways who is Lord Silver?”

“He’s like our God and after he died , everything fell apart. The worlds got divided , internally too. Kingdoms sprung up, which were again divided in clans. Reva is the princess of Maurya clan . And that’s where I’m currently a comrade.”

“What comrade?”

“You see, the people of Black and White want to take control over the mortal world. So they need to conquer lands like in olden days. But wars cause a lot of destruction , so here in the normal world, we battle in a game similar to chess but with real pieces . But only here , in the Black world at least , real wars are waged to conquer , just like the old times.”

“Chess?” Asked Aarav.

At that same time , Megha came into the room with a tray full of juices and weird shaped flat wooden pieces.

She sat next to Aarav. She was his age and quite beautiful and mature looking.

She came and held Aarav’s hand and closed her eyes.

“Um... what’re you doing?” Said Aarav.

Pranay was watching closely, he said,

“Aarav , just wait and see. Megha is awesome in such things.”

Megha opened her eyes and looked at Aarav. She said,

“You got beaten up bad. What did u do to make Mayank angry?”

“Bullying requires reasons?” Asked Aarav.

Pranay’s phone rang at that moment,

“Yeah? ....coming...”

He hung up and turned to Aarav , and said,

“Aarav , I need to go, will be okay by yourself?”

“Hell no.. I’m coming wherever the hell you’re going Pranay . I’m not staying with these bullies.

Ow...that hurts.”

Megha was putting a liquid on Aarav’s wounds.

She said,

“We’re not bullies. And stop shaking, are u a boy or not?”

Pranay said,

“Aarav I’m sorry buddy, but I need to go.”

And without waiting for a reply, he simply walked away.

Aarav got frustrated, he said,

“Listen Megha , first of all I don’t know you, and will you people stop insulting me for no reason?

I got beaten up by your friend’s boyfriend for no exact reason, then I was kidnapped by your friend, and even though I didn’t ask you to, you are bandaging me.....”

“You know what? I’m actually sorry for what Mayank did, but to say the truth you really are weak even for a human.”

Megha kept the vile of liquid down and took one of the wooden pieces in her hand and closed it.

She lifted her other hand and started circling it around Aarav’s wounds.

Aarav was feeling a cold over his wounds

He was watching his wounds and he saw, that wherever Megha was circling her hand, the skin was mending by itself.

After all of his wounds were gone, he turned to her and with a mixed expression of astonishment and fear he asked,

“How did u do that?”

Megha replied,

“Rune magic . It’s my ability, usually I use it for healing , but during battles I can use the wounds that I cured as weapons.”

“So does that mean you can even give back the wounds?”

She showed the piece of runestone which was in her hand to Aarav,

“This does it. It’s a weapon and a healer. It does the wounds and also can give them back”

“That’s amazing... How did u learn it?”

“I told you it’s my ability..... Oh, right you don’t know. It runs through my family blood.”

“So can u do other things with your stones?”

“I don’t know much, but I want to become like my grandad, he served LORD SILVER back in his time.”

She got up and went back out of the room and came back with a tray of juice and some snacks.

“Take it , you look pale.”

Aarav was having the snacks when he remembered something,

“So Megha , what exactly is your Chess like?”

“Well, it’s basically the same as the board game. It’s called Shatranj ,But there are no pawns. Max 8 pieces, minimum of 2.

Raja , Rani , 2 Ghodas, 2 Wazirs and 2 Hathis .

So first a location is chosen and whichever team takes control of the whole area wins.

And to conquer the area we need to fight head on.

Healers are allowed on the field but they can’t fight and niether can be attacked. So usually we find them less.

Hathi is the defensive piece. He protects the area, in our team it’s Mayank.

Then comes the ghoda , the knight, attacking piece , Pranay is the knight in our team .

Then comes the Wazir, we don’t have one yet. The Wazir is both offense and defense.

Then comes the Rani , the strongest piece , that’s me.

And finally it’s Raja , and that’s Reva for you.”

“Okay....but why exactly do we win ?”

“To take control over an area in the mortal world.”

Aarav’s head was aching . Whatever the hell she said, he didn’t care , why should he ?

He asked,

“Megha... I’ll come straight to the point. Why me?”

“To survive in the mortal world , we have to battle. If u are not willing to, then you are sent back to the black world.”

“I don’t even know exactly if I’m a black or not. That’s not fair.”

“If u want to live here,then you have to join our clan”

“But....I don’t want to! You said it yourself that I’m weak, then why would you want me?”

Megha smiled at Aarav and said,

“Well, to say the truth , we don’t want you either , but those are the queen’s orders ”


“Reva’s mother. Queen of the Mauryas . She isn’t here , she’s in the black world.”

Aarav thought for a moment and said,

“Fine, what will I be?”

“Recruiting is in the evening. You will have to fight for your position, if u fail, you will be a healer or a water boy. And also, don’t forget, there’s a feast today... Today’s a very important day for our people.”

“Yeah, Pranay mentioned, someone died on this day right? Lord Silver I guess?”

“Someone’s learning.”

“Whatever, can I go now? I need to talk to my mother”

“Go on...”

Aarav got up and left the room. He was searching for the door when his eyes fell on a shining object in the hallway hung on the ceiling. It was a sword. He felt like he should touch it.

A weird sensation came to his mind , he was about to touch it , when he bumped into someone .

Her breasts hit him and he fell back and he saw that it was Reva.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you freak?”

She said angrily.

“Hey, you came out of nowhere !” Said Aarav.

“You’re a pervert Aarav . ”

“Mind your language Reva. I don’t know why you hate me so much....”

Before Aarav could argue anymore , Reva raised her arm and sent a jolt of red sparks in Aarav’s direction.

Aarav’s body was acting on itself. He quickly stood up and before he knew , the shining sword was in his hands.

It moved by itself and sent the sparks back to Reva .

And the next moment Reva was fallen unconscious on the floor.

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