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Reva was lying on the couch and Megha was doing the same thing she had done for Aarav . She had the stone in one hand and her other hand was circling Reva's torso. Aarav was totally freaked out after what had happened.

Megha had already called Pranay , so he was on his way.Finally after ten minutes, Pranay came back and asked Aarav,

"What happened to her?"

"I don't know, but she attacked me with...I don't know what! And my body, all by itself, pulled out this sword and sent it back at her...."

Aarav said while showing the sword to Pranay . He looked at it and was shocked. He said,

"What the....Aarav , where did u find this?"

"It was hanging in the wall. Why?"

Megha finally stopped chanting and turned to the boys. She said,

"She'll be unconcious for some more time. No major injuries though... Aarav , what did u do to her?"

She saw the sword in his hands and she too was shocked ,

"How did u....?"

Aarav was getting frustrated by the way Pranay and Megha were looking at him and blaming him for what has happened to Reva.

He said,

"Listen, I didn't do it in purpose. She was the first to attack for no reason at all, and I didn't even know how this happened! I haven't even seen a sword before, I just didn't do it! And I....need to go....I need to talk to my mother."

He gave the sword in Pranay's hand , while Pranay was busy staring at Aarav's face , but no sooner did the metal surface touched Pranay's fingers, he gave a sharp scream of pain.

"Aarav what are u doing?!"cried Megha.

Aarav quickly pulled the sword back and threw it on the floor , while Megha came running and held Pranay's hand.

She was bandaging Pranay's hand while Pranay had closed his eyes out of pain. He looked at Aarav and said,

"Dont worry Aarav, it's not your fault....."

"Ofcourse its Aarav's fault! Aarav, who actually are you?" Said Megha.

"Pranay , I'm sorry, I don't know what's happening. And stop blaming me for no reason! You kidnapped me in this creepy house , then talk some shit about three worlds ! And as if that's not enough , that girl attacked me ! What if I'd be dead now? What the hell would my mother think ? For more than a day i'm missing , and now this!" Aarav said out of frustration . "I won't bloody return at all ! And i'm really sorry Pranay , I don't know what the hell is going on , but i'm really freaked out!" He said finally turning to him. Pranay was giving a quizical look.

Aarav avoided Pranay's sorry-gaze , and Megha's angry-gaze and simply walked out of the room .

Aarav was confused. He had no idea what was happening to him. For the past 16 y ears, he was getting shocks on his birthday. But this year, it was the worst.

He'd come to know that he isn't a normal human, he doesn't belong in this place , this isn't his home. But the worst of the shocks was that, the mother who nurtured him for 17 years, was never his mother , but he wasn't sure about that.
How can that be? Mom would have told me about it already!

Thinking all of this, he finally reached home at around 9:00 in the morning. He knocked on the door, and his mother opened it.

"Happy birthday Aarav, but where on the earth were you?"

"Thankyou mom, I Pranay's place.He Organized a surprise party that's all."

"Aarav, you never knew how to lie...."

"Uh...I'm tired, mom. I'd better rest . Later then."

He didn't look her in the eyes, he just couldn't make the courage to do so. He went to his room upstairs and saw it was completely cleaned, just like every other day.

He took a bath and simply lied down on his bed.

Knock, knock

"Aarav , it's no time to act like you are sleeping, I know you are awake! Now open up birthday boy!" Said Aaraohi ,holding a thali with a 'diya' (a holy lamp used for praying) and ready to wish her son in an Indian style.

"Mom, I'm...not really in the mood right now. "

"Well, if u say so. Anyways, if u change your mind, as usual , food is in the fridge. I'm going out for some work , bye."


He was lying for quite a long time and finally got hungry and went down to the kitchen to have food. He was watching the television ,when his phone chimed,it was Disha.

"Bloody hell, it's Disha!"he said to himself.

He picked it up, and her beautiful voice spoke,

D:"Hey Aarav, Happy birthday!"


D:"So...any plans for today?"

A:"No... None at all."

D:"I...uh....just wanted to ask whether you are free this evening? "

Aarav's was flying in the air in his thoughts.

A: "Yeah I am, I'm always free....but why , exactly?"

D: " You just come to 'Cafe Italiano' at 7:00 , okay?"

A: "Yeah !Why not? I mean .... It's too near to my house you know.... Just 30 minutes by walk....10 minutes by bike....."

(What the hell am I saying? Thought Aarav)

A:"I'm just acting like a stupid..sorry. I'll come..."

He could hear her giggle.

D:"okay then bye."

A: "Yeah,bye...."

Aarav sat up and blushing, he was unaware of what he was doing for the whole remaining time till the evening.

The wait till 7:00 pm was the longest ever wait of his life . After trying almost everything he had, he finally ended up wearing a grey t-shirt and above it a black jacket , and jeans. He tidied up his hair , which ended messed up again and went downstairs.

His mother as usual , was looking after the bills of the day . She looked up and gave a wide smile and said,

"Someone's looking handsome! Date?"

"Maybe or maybe not!"

"I hope it's 'maybe ' . Anyways who is the lucky girl?"

"Come on mom! Which girl have I ever talked to other than Disha?"

"Well, that's a really great news ! But even if it wasn't Disha , I'm just happy by seeing you happy."

She came over and kissed him on his forehead. He smiled and gave her a hug , and left for cafe Italiano

At 6:55 Aarav was there, and saw a beautiful looking Disha, waiting for him on the pool side table, wearing a black coloured gown with no make up at all , not like it was necessary on her flawless face.

He stood there staring at her and she blushed. He finally gave his bouquet, and sat on the opposite chair.

Aarav and Disha were simply staring at each other for god knows how long, and were finally brought back to the world by the "Ahem...." Of the waitress.

"What can I bring you sir and ma'am?" she asked.

Disha answered ,

"Well I would like a Brushetta , a lasagne and a non alcoholic Mockmosa ,what about you Aarav?"

Aarav was staring at her face while she was spelling out difficult dish names. He had never liked non-Indian food. So he looked at the menu and saw that there was no dish which he had heard of.

"Whatever you said.."

Even the waitress gave a small laugh looking at his stupid face. And said,
"Sure ma'am!" and walked away with the order controlling her laugh.

Disha was smiling. Finally She said,

"Happy Birthday Aarav ..."

"Thanks a lot. Um.. Disha can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, Go on.."

"Is this a birthday present or a date?"

"Well.Do you really think I would struggle to dress up for two hours just for a birthday party? Ofcourse its a date ,dummy"

"Okay, sorry...."

Finally,after an awkward silence, Aarav looked at the dishes in the menu, Disha saw that he was giving a weird sort of a look at them. So she said,

"Aarav... Are u okay with the order?"

"Just one thing... Have u tasted these?"

She gave an embarrassed smile and said,

"Well, Not exactly.... But I thought you would like them."

"Have you ever tricked a waiter?"

"No. But...."

Aarav gave a smile and took her hand by surprise and they ran hell from the cafe . The waitress who had taken their order saw them and she started running after them....

"Hey, come back! Playing pranks with us?"

But before she could catch them, both of them were far out of sight from her. Finally, when they were far away from the cafe, they stopped. Panting and laughing , hand in hand.

Disha was surprised to see the same Aarav, who would be shy to talk to her, being such funny and free.

She said,

"You are a normal guy after all..."

"I just don't like to show it out much, that's all. Anyways, my favourite tea stall isn't far from here. "

"Well, if u insist then I'm alright with it."

They reached the stall and Aarav went to the stallman and said,

"Bhaiyya(means elder brother) , two cutting chai(tea) ..."

He gave it and both, Aarav and Disha sat on the wooden bench. It was getting quite chilly and pretty awkward of a silence , so Aarav pulled out his jacket and gave it to Disha .

He said,

"It's..getting quite chilly....take it...."

She gave a smile and Aarav put it over her shoulders. After having the tea, both of them were walking back to where Aarav's bike was parked.

The silence was continuing between them with the same intensity of awkwardness. He finally broke it and said,

"So... How did u get here?"

"My dad's driver dropped me...."

"Then, can I drop you home? I mean, if you are comfortable, that is...."

"You can ..."

Aarav climbed his bike and Disha sat in the back seat. They finally reached a street right before Disha's home, so she said,

"Uh....Aarav... Drop me here.... My house is right after the corner...."


He stopped the bike and she got down. Aarav looked at her face and she was struggling to tell something.

He finally said,

"Disha.... thankyou...."


"I never thought my birthday would be such a blast...."

She didn't smile or say anything , instead she came close to him and kissed him . She held his face and kept on kissing . Finally , clueless for how long their lips were together, both of them pulled out.

Aarav's face was a mix of emotions while Disha was feeling embarrassed. Before he could say anything , she quickly kept his jacket on the backseat and walked away.

Before she would be out of sight, Aarav quickly got down from the bike and ran to her . He went close and pulled her by her waist and again both of them were back for a long kiss.

Aarav pulled out and said,

"Disha... Thankyou , once again for such a wonderful birthday present."

What else do u need as a birthday present?

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