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it is just an ordinary day for a demon, wake up eat take a bath and go to work. But my day isn't like that, want to know why? I'll tell you, my stupid friends thought it would be fun to mess with the world deadliest predator Ian king. I was on my own minding my own business when they connived and dragged me out of my salon. I had no idea what their intention were but as a good friend that I am I followed them. my inner demon hissed at me, she love my friends but she hates their behaviour sometimes just like me. so here we are in the house of the man who might kill or should I say demon who is definitely going to kill us if he funds us. they are here because of a dare, can you believe it, they risk my life and theirs because of a dare, one thing about demons is that we don't back down from a challenge, we face them head on. but this here this shit is just too stupid, pure madness. Ian has no Marcy, he is fucking deadly. he rules the world with just his finger. it is easy to tell what breed a demon is, but with Ian king its impossible, not even his followers knows what kind of demon he is. ★ Ian ★ As powerful as I am I still feel the need for a mate, my demon is driving me crazy, I have been searching for her for a very long time now. I tried using other she demons to fill the void, but only the touch of a mate can calm a deadly demon like my self. And tim

Fantasy / Romance
Joseph Erezi
Age Rating:

Chapter one

*beep, beep,beep* I roll out of bed, feeling good as always, I opened the Windows, I breath in the early morning air, my inner demon smile at the view, she loves any thing with red, that's because she's red. You see being a demon can be a blessing and sometimes a curse, depends on how you place it. Our inner demon is part of who we are, just like werewolf, they have wolf inside of them. The difference between demons and werewolves are big. One we are more powerful than them, their wolf has feelings our demons don't. In fact our inner demon is more like a void. They don't feel, and when they are mad, only their mate can calm them down.

Yes we have mate, and if we don't find them on time we are doom, our demon will go rampage, and a crazy demon is a very dangerous demon.

Humans likes to exaggerate our existence, they makes us to look like evil villain, werewolves, vampires those creatures hides in villages, small town, but we demons we hide in plain sight, we are pretty rich, most of us have hotels, bar, restaurant, clubs, hospitals, schools. Name it we live large.

But as a dangerous being, we all have a prime we answer to. The alpha of evey lair, we all belong to each lair, I belong to the one my grandpa rule, our lair is small, but we are powerful. We don't leave together like wolf, but we do meet once in a week for update.

I scan my condo, it wasn't big, but it was okay, I bought this condo the moment I graduated from college, not that I earned the money, I stole it, yeah judge me, come on cut this she demon some slack. Demons are known for their illegal ways, I was taught how to steal, by my own grandpa, I couldn't put my training to waste, so I used it. And damn it feels good.

I lost my parents when I was sixteen, they were killed by crazy demon, the demon had lost his mate, and the fucker killed my parents, because he couldn't control his demon, the worst part of it all is that he was my uncle, my mum's elder brother, after the incident he was killed my my grandpa. Since then I was the only child without parents in our lair.

I quickly shake the lonely feeling out of my mind, today is a new day, and I am so not starting my day in a bad mood.

I quickly take my bath, and get ready for work, I own a salon, it's not much, but its what I like, I like giving people new looks, my hair salon business has helped me a lot to hide my hideous hair, since I was a kid my hair has been glowing in the dark, and each color that it shows, is a mirror of my mood, for example, red means I am angry, blue, tired, green, sick, not that I fall sick every time. Its hard for demons to fall sick, so I hardly see that color, pink, happy, yellow, pissed, orange, hungry, white mixed with red, means my demon is about to surface, which means that's so not good while purple means I am scared and I fucking hate that color. So you see my hair gives away my emotions, which is not fair.

After my preparation, I scan myself in my full length mirror, today I am putting on black button down shirt, and blue jean, and my Snickers, I put my long black hair in a ponytail, and my cross bag, yeah I look good. Being a half nymph, half camps, anything I put on fits me perfectly, I was born to seduce, but am not into shit like that.

I walked out of my condo, locking it behind me, and I made my way to the bus stop. I would have been driving but the fucking government as taken away my drivers licence, just because I brake the law more than twenty three times. Stupid government.

As usual the bus was full, and I have to stand till I reach my stop, my demon hates crowed place, I hate it when people take up my space, but I can't do a thing, why? Because the fucking government has my license.

Finally the bus stopped, I exist the bus with a smug look on my face, I might have steal a necklace, its pretty, blue and red, it is super shiny, and my dragon side loves shiny things so I took it.

As I approach my shop, I couldn't help but smile, this is my priceless possession, and I am proud of it.

I guess girls are here, already, the open sign is out, I pull the glass door,and immediately the smell of black coffee, hit my nose, fuck I love that smell.

'' good morning girls '' I greet them, Ariana the crazy one, with white hair and killer body. Cora the real Nymph, I swear her smile can light up a house, I am half Nymph so I kinda don't hold a candle to her.

Ruby the Siren, you must have heard of sea creatures in the see that lore man to his down fall with just their voice, yeah Ruby is that Siren. Then we have the two crazy twins Alice and Allison, their breed is gorgon, just like Medusa, and they both enjoys bring trouble to us.

When I deicide to open my own hair salon they quickly apply as my co worker, not that I was hiring.

'' morning V '' they all replied.

'' so who owns this last cup of coffee? '' I enquiry, I know its mine, but I just like asking.

'' oh its for your ex, Sam, and we kinda spit in it '' Cora said, looking at me with a smirk on her face, bitch.

I did not reply are comment, Sam is a old story. I grab the coffee and went straight to my office, yeah I have my own office, surprise.

Today business was good, since its Monday, we have less people who wants to make hair.

'' V we have a business proposal for you'' Allison said walking towards me, the rest of them walked behind her.

'' and what kind of business is that Alli'' I questioned, when ever they give me that look, I know its a dangerous business, and its not good.

'' so you know that new, club, that has secret underground for demons only?'' She asked me. I just nod, everyone knows the new Ian king club, its highly expensive.

'' so you see, some she demons dared us, and when I mean us, you are included, they dared us to steal from a rich demon, and since you are good in stealing, we need your help'' oh no no no, hell no,

'' one word girls NO'' I told them, come on demons are territorial beings, and invading their privacy is just fucking stupid.

'' please, they called us weak, that our lair is nothing but trash compare to theirs '' Allison whines, okay, fight I can handle, stealing I can also handle but what I can't handle is insult, no one look down on my lair, we are strong, but people don't just see it.

'' OK what are we stealing, and when are we stealing'' I finally give in. I don't back down from a challenge.

'' tonight, and the bitches, says anything, as long its from the owner, one of them can tell'' Cora answers.

'' when are we going?'' I quired more.

'' 9, the owner of the house won't be home by then'' Alice answered.

'' and who is the owner?'' I asked them. They all shrug, well, as long as we get to steal and beat up some useless bitches I don't care. I really want to kick those bitch ass for low grading our liar.

So here we are in a freaking mansion, the house was more like a castle to me, it is huge, the owner must be super rich. We tried breaking in the security is so damn strong, so this calls for plan B. Ruby immediately starts singing, while we close our ear, her voice can hypnotize anybody. When we notice that she done singing, we remove our hands.

Allison quickly freeze the lock, while Ariana kicked the doors open, as we walk inside we saw men and some few girls on the floor.

'' nice work Ruby, '' Cora high five her.

'' now, Violent its your turn, make mama proud'' I can't help but roll my eyes, Cora can act like a teenage sometimes.

'' yes mum, what should I steal?'' I look at her innocently,

'' OK baby, anything that catch your pretty eyes '' she said petting my back. I just give her my baby smile and do my magic. Not real magic, just my work. I use my dragon side to pass through the door, inside the room is beautiful it has a dark tune, like its danger, my demon stir the smell here, it is intoxicated, I take in a deep breath, the more I take the scent in the more my mind blur, I want to pocket this amazing smell so bad. I quickly shake my head, I have a mission, I scan the room there are lots of things here, something caught my eyes, it is a pendant, in the shape of a heart, silver color, I grab it and exist the room the same way I come.

'' got it now let's go'' I show them the pendent

'' nice necklace, too bad we can't have it'' Alice pout, childish girl.

'' come on we have some crazy bitch ass to kick '' I tell them those bitch have something big coming their way.

As we walk out we all grasps standing not to far from us is no other person than Ian king, fucking Ian king, what the fuck have I put myself into.

'' we are fuck '' Ruby whisper yell.

'' oh yes, we are defiantly fuck, but damn he is hot '' damn Cora and her crazy sex drive,

'' Cora we might likely die tonight and all you can say is the man who might kill us is hot '' Allison hiss at her.

My crazy hair begin to glow, and the color its glowing is fucking orange, yes I am fucking hungry, in a time like this.

'' seriously V you're hungry now '' Alice cries out. But I can see the amusement in their eyes.

I couldn't hold it any more I started laughing, and the girls join in, the seven of us laughed like our life might not end this very night.

We all stop when we heard the growl, our eyes snaps to the product of the sound and we all froze.

Ian eyes is glowing, not normal glow, no fire glow, we can't see his eye ball, he's whole body is stiff, like its about to snap, his followers gives him space, like they are scared, who won't be scared of this motherfucker, he is a walking predator.

His flaming eyes were force on me, why me, oh wait, because I am the one holding his property, am screw.

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