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Izzayzle Black just wants to live a normal human life. Shes a werewolf. She thinks she has everything going good until she's in a bad car accident. Waking up with memory loss in Alpha Christopher's pack, she becomes one with her wolf and is happy. So she thinks until her memory comes back. Torn between the new life she has and her previous life before the wreck, Izzayzle must decide where her heart truely belongs. And decide which life truely makes her happy.

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Chapter One

Beep Beep

Another call bell is going off. I was just about to sit down for a second when I heard another go off. I don't know why everyone thinks third shift the patients all sleep at night, because they really don't. I get my butt moving and head down the north hall to see what the patient needs.

My name's Izzazyzle Black, but everyone calls me Izzy. I'm a CNA and work the night shift at our town nursing home. During the day I work at the local animal hospital. Even though I'm only twenty-two, I strive myself to work hard.

I would say im just an average young adult, but I'm actually not. In a way I wish I was though. I'm a werewolf, classified as a rouge because I don't belong to a pack. My family never did. We've always lived among humans and lived what we tried to be normal lives. We all went through the Wolf phase, but made sure it was kept secret.

My family lives down towards the southern border of Pennsylvania. About five years ago I moved up to the northern part of Pennsylvania, with my grandmother. To help her when she became ill. Sadly, she passed away about a year ago.

I keep busy and dont have many close friends around. Sure I have acquaintances aplenty, but few who I hang out with outside of work.

My shift finally ended at six in the morning. I was sore and tired from a long night. As I was getting in my car my phone beeped. My boyfriend Lee text's me every morning. Usually to say good morning and ask how my night went, before he goes to work. Lee works in a factory. And yes, he's human. We've been dating three years and I never told him what I truely am. I was always afraid he would leave me. He is so good to me. And is always there for me. So, why ruin a good thing. Right?

I barely ever let my wolf out, even though I live in the country. I hear her and I do feel bad. But I just want to live a normal life.

Tonight Lee is taking me out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I'm excited to finally get out and do something besides work. Lee said to meet him at the Italian restaurant over in the next town for six. He lives in the next town, so meeting there gives him a chance to shower and change after work.

I have off today from the animal hospital, so I go straight home. I live in my grandmother's house that she left in her will for me to take over. It's a small but spacious home. On five acres of land near the woods. She always loved the woods. She felt safe to run in her wolf form when her wolf became anxious. Our neighbors lived way out past our lands. So we always felt safe.

I took care of my dogs as soon as I got in the door. I have two huskies. Max, whose pure white, and Sally whose grey with one blue eye, one green eye. I took them in after my grandmother passed.

I grabbed a quick shower and went upstairs to get a good days sleep. I even had off tonight at the nursing home. So Lee was gonna spend the night at my house. Its nice to curl up together on the couch and watch movies.

Curled up on the bed with Max and Sally, I fell into a deep sleep.

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