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Inner thoughts

The way she walked, intoxicated him with this smell and power that he never has felt before and as an immortal and have been alive over 900 hundreds, he was intrigued and needed to know more about her. He needed to know everything about her, what makes her different, how is it that she make him feel, when he’s been numb after so many so many years.


After the death of his family, Derek was never the same. I mean, how do you go back the person you were before you seen your whole family murdered, but somehow you’re alive and stronger than ever, and you also cannot die. He felt guilty, he still does, he will always blame himself for them dying, for not saving them and he will never get their screams out of his head or get the their blood on his hands out of his head. After that day, his soul darkened, you didn’t notice at first, but over time, the pain and torture was just too much and he gave in, and if you knew him, you didn’t blame him, but he started to murder and destroy town and family and when that didn’t satisfy his need, he murdered young women and torture their families. He was doing that same thing that turned him into the monster he is. It was the only way he could deal; he lost his family, his love, his sanity and his soul, he felt he had nothing left, but when he saw her, he saw hope, for the first time in a long time, he felt love, he thought he would never feel love after he lost his beautiful Bella, but this women was different, he didn’t know her, but she was somehow different, he need her in his life, and he was willing to do anything to get her.
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