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Lilith had a good life as princess of Evender, everyone feared her and some wanted to be her. Lilith loved all the attention until a ratchet step-mother and sister were brought into their lives. Her new sister was to be on the throne since she was a year older but Lilith new she was NOT going to let that happen. She was the rightful queen and she was to be on the throne. She would not let a little pesky wannabe become the new heir. Until she found out the chilling truth about her and Alanis that the towns people could NOT find out about. She had to protect the truth at all costs.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

"You won't be on the throne after me." I looked at my father, thinking this was some weird twisted kind of joke of his.

"What do you mean daddy? I'm your only child, who else could possibly be before me?" I was seventeen and the princess of Evender when I turned eighteen, which happened to be next month, I would be queen. Well, I was supposed to. My mother died when I was just a baby, daddy never told me how. So it was just me and him.
I was okay with that, he was always working, never had time for me, but it was something. Being rich and powerful kind of took all the loneliness away, for the most part. I laughed, was he serious?
"You have a sister, Lilith." I choked on my water.
"What?How is that possible?" I stood up and I could see the guard near the door straightening up, ready for me if I decided to cause harm to my father. I wasn't, I was just in shock. What the hell did he mean I had a sister?
"Before your mother, I had a small thing with a women. Very beautiful and intelligent but she had a baby, never told me because she found out I was married to your mother. Well, her mother reached out when she heard of Elanor's passing and I decided to let them live with us."
"Daddy, how could you let this happen? I can't possibly have a sister. Ugh, how awful! Daddy!" He had stopped paying attention to me and was looking down at a piece of paper in his hand.
"I'm sorry honey. It's just-they are already here and waiting to meet you."
"No, daddy!" The guard moved over and had opened the door, revealing a skinny blonde and a daughter who looked exactly like daddy.
"Lilith, this is Cora and your new sister, Alanis." I sneered at them, Coral was somewhat pretty with her beach blonde hair and her brown eyes with freckles that framed her nose. And my breath caught in my throat when I looked at Alanis. She was so incredibly gorgeous with her long black hair that stopped at her breasts and piercing blue eyes, which didn't make any sense because her mom and had brown eyes and daddy had green eyes, which he passed down to me. But there was something about those blue eyes that seemed so familiar.
"And this, is my daughter Lilith." Daddy motioned towards me and the two of them bowed, their dirty dresses flying behind them.
"Please, there is no need to bow. You are family so you will be treated like family, even you Cora." Cora and daddy locked eyes, I could see that there definitely was a pass there, but I just glared at Alanis. I looked at daddy and he raised his eyebrow at me, waiting for me to say or do something. So I smiled smugly and walked right passes them and out the door.
Screw them.
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