The Yin and The Yang

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the darkness and the light are the foundation of our existence. May our light never fades.

Fantasy / Drama
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" i shall never come back to this village no more.“, a father once said to his only daughter; her crying voice rose all along with the loud music of the festival, the father standing still at the front door looking down to his daughter, on both knees begging her only family not to abandon her, yet the decision has been made that night, and a young woman was left alone with a messy wet face, and a more messier mind, thoughts about how her life would be after her father has disappeared were crashing against each other. She picked herself up while her eyes wandered over the well decorated village, colored candles in every path, flowers making the ground looking like a reddish carpet, waves of joyful music were on heard, however, none of it mattered to the young lady roaming around like a person awakened from death, a soft voice calling her was heard, ” Hazel is everything okay?“, the little question made the young Hazel woke up, and realized it was no dream, pulling up her yellow robe, she started running and following the path her father once took.

The heavy rain started to pour, making the lost Hazel realize that the village was far away, her father even further, helplessly standing there as if nothing around existed, thinking what she has done wrong to deserve this miserable fate. A cold breeze sneaked around the high trees woke up the urge to go back home in the young lady, however, there was no home to go back to; Hazel walked slowly under the rain and got lost in the depth of the forest. A howl made sense in her, and with every forward step, the fear grew until she started to hear noises in the dark, running was all that she was capable of until an edge came to sight, only Hazel was busy looking behind and forgot that she has a forward to look up to. A badly injured arm, a body full of Mud, that’s how Hazel woke up, looking up to the dark blue sky, helplessly lying there, waiting for her soul to fade she thought until a cloud of smoke started to show up high on the sky, the survival mode has taken over her, and she ran holding her injured arm to whoever was there.

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