The Yin and The Yang

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A castle was on sight as the sky loosened her darkness claiming the End of dusk; a breath of relief calmed the fear and the pain who has contained the young Hazel. Arriving at the big door who looked rusted made the lady lowered her hope to what it seemed an abandoned castle, the crack of the door made the birds flew away as Hazel closed her eyes wishing she had wings for the instant second; a deep breath made her regain some of the urge to climb the wide dirty stairs to another spacious door full of confusing epigraphy, a wave of chill followed once knocked, however, no answer came from the other side; ” Hello, I need help, please, is anyone there? “, she said with a soft voice full of pain, suddenly the big door moved backward, and the dark hall got illuminated by the rising sun; hesitated steps were made to the inside, her eyes wandered over the new place; ” What a brave young lady, coming to the mad king’s palace.“, a husky voice came from the upstairs; Hazel took her time to process what the male voice uttered, and for a split of a second she has wished she never took the path.

A December breeze made Hazel quiver from the kitchen chair as the young man came to close the big window, holding a woody box in hand; Hazel hesitated for a moment giving her injured arm to the tall standing man in front of her, his looks were terrifying, full of devilish fire, or at least that’s what Hazel saw in him, after all, he once was a mad king, who nearly burned the half of the country, a king who slaughtered villages, a man thirsty for war and blood, craving the ultimate power. Hazel lost herself in her thoughts only to be back by a sharp pain in her injured left arm, ” you should never lose concentration in front of your king, you can stay the night, there is food left, you can feed, and you can sleep in the room down the hallway upstairs, do not disturb your king, young lady, otherwise, death will be your fate.“, he uttered calmly as he vanished from her sight.

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