The Yin and The Yang

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The night has fallen, the darkness devoured every room of the palace, and there she was in front of the chimney warming up, thinking about what she got herself into, only a few days ago she was portraying her father with her favorite black coal while making funny gestures to draw his heartwarming smile; tears quickly made their way to her crystal blue eyes, she knew her father left only to be with someone who made his heart beats like her mother once did, and for that, she could never hate him, like the sweet person she was. Muffled footsteps took her out of the tornado she was in, her eyes were down as the young man approached and sat in a chair in front of her; ” You stand in the presence of Orpheus the first, the exiled mad king, who are you? “, he uttered with a low voice tone, Hazel hesitated for a second and as quiet as she could respond, ” Hazel from the Hazelnut village my lord. “; a peaceful silence took over the area, minutes later Orpheus showed interest in the young lady asking about what would bring a woman to the most perilous forest of the realm; her story took start when her father traveled once to sell his paintings in the Capital, yet he came back as a new different person; the exiled king was astonished by the love Hazel carried towards her father even when she almost became dinner to the hungry wolves.

Her life tale made Orpheus outraged towards his father and himself the most. Through her story, her words, and her eyes, he saw the mercy he never had, never gave, he saw the blood in his hands, yet he would blame neither his father nor himself, however, his younger brother Zachary was his nightmare, thinking about how stupid he was to exile him, the rightful king to the throne, moreover to rule a kingdom full of well-disguised demons with a delusional peace. Her voice got him out of his storming sanity, and the thought of his loneliness with no one to rule made him glare furiously at the innocent scared lady as he left the room.

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