The Yin and The Yang

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The birds’ harmony made Hazel woke up from a sleep she didn’t get for a while, even when it was in an old grimy room full of spiders’ dens, however, Orpheus did not slumber the entire night bringing back the childhood remembrances, those that would always be there making him who he already was, nourishing his ego from the fear and pain of the people, their hatred for him never failed to make him stronger, just like how his father instructed him to be, the ultimate weapon, a ruler with no feelings to distrust his judgment, everything made sense for him at that time, yet when his father passed away Orpheus’ world shattered to pieces, he lost the last only person he cared for, and Zachary was no ally, he had the chance to be raised by the high priest of the great church in the capital, and he turned to be what it seemed the light in Orpheus’ darkness. The screams and the smell of the burnt flesh were Orpheus’, eternal mates.

Hazel’s voice behind the door made the sense in the head of the mad king; the denial of her going came right after she spoke, opening the door and seeing the blue crystal eyes woke up an urge in him, an urge to tie and hide her to be there with him forever, to look at her eyes as long as he could, ” You are a painter. I want my people to remember me, and you must portray me, if I enamored the masterpiece you are free to leave until then, you are bound to this place.“; an unknown rush came through her body, thus his wish has to be granted, the wish of a king she said. The air was full of tense silence as Hazel sketched the looks of the exiled King that meant everything yet nothing; a weird feeling had crossed Orpheus’s heart and for once he wanted to speak himself; ” I deserve being a mad king; father burned mother and made me watch it; feelings question judgment he once said, the smell of my mother’s flesh proved it; Zachary survived because he lived in the church, and the little Orpheus observed people die every night, heard them screaming until the devil inside a child came out and enjoyed the view, became addicted to the burnt flesh’s smell, my judgment was never wrong, my father has prepared me well until there’s nothing else to give. I am the god of knowledge, the god of fire, the god of darkness, therefore, no judgment is the same as mine, no human should compare himself to a god, to me.“; an honest confession made Hazel convinced that some people lived without affection, some people simply would not change even in the depth of their darkness.

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