The Yin and The Yang

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Weird how a person can leave an impact on us in such limited time.

Undistinguished feelings contained Hazel on her second night, sleep was no longer her companion while her eyes glued on the illustrated man who made her feel she wasn’t the center of the sadness, made her learn that some people chose who to become, and that king, was neither a king nor a monster, he was a damaged man, who acknowledged how dark his path and chose it. The compassion grew up in Hazel among the profound affection for the dangerous man, with such dangerous eyes, ” Is this why father has left? did father sacrificed everything only to feel his heart hammering while remembering that someone?“; Hazel knew the pain of asking questions that could not be answered, and for a certain reason, she let herself drift in the dreams of a king who soared her from the hollows.

The moon shades sneaked around the corridors of the palace to the big balcony, where Orpheus enjoyed the fresh air of a December night, and the moon’s reflection on the frozen lake. The crashing thoughts echoed from the inside out, warm feelings bothered the coldness of his depths. Fainted steps coming made him put aside what messed with his existence the previous second and for the first time Orpheus’ features soften, the cold breeze had no effect on the two burning hearts, the tense looks cut the distance between the bodies, not stopping until the hot air got mixed, and two different worlds got united under the full moon’s sight.

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