The Yin and The Yang

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The sun rose to witness a calm palace in a peaceful forest. Orpheus admired the masterpiece drawn by the hands of the same woman who flicked a faint light in the darkest heart by a look, a touch, yet the words of Orpheus’ father never left his mind; ” No man should forget a god, Orpheus, and you, my son, are the god of gods. May your feelings disappear once and for all, and may your judgment be as sane as a god is.“; the mad king carried those words for a long time, however, they were never that heavy to carry. Hazel walked around the corridors, thinking where does her heart belongs, thinking if the mad king was home as much as her father once was; the thoughts navigated her until a black door was on sight; a wave of regret followed the moment the door opened wide, and the smell of fresh burnt meat sneaked out of the room, it was dark, thus, the cremated cadavers were as clear as the morning sun. A rush of anguish, regret, and disbelief embodied Hazel.

" My time has come, I shall leave, and never be back.“; Hazel copied her father’s words, determined to leave a mad king, to leave a man who made her heart skip the beat. The feeling of being back to the start, with teary eyes and a broken heart has embraced the young woman once again, however, the mad king showed no reaction, looking at her with empty eyes, a body as cold as death, then it hits him, his father was on the right path, Orpheus was on the right path, and emotions were only a curve to avoid; ” No king has reached what I have, no god is sane as I am, and now ungrateful young woman you stand in the presence of the god of fire, the god of darkness, may your fright be as pure as your compassion.“; such words sent the frozen chills to the standing woman in front of what she thought a beast.

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