The Yin and The Yang

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A body was on a chair tied up, quietly still; Orpheus clapped hands twice, and the sleeping beauty was up from the deep sleep, weakness started to spread all over her body; a wave of panic caught her as soon as she realized her situation, and with pleading eyes she looked to the tall standing man in front of her, not a word came off, however, her looks showed the terror from the man she believed she loved, “Aren’t you going to beg for mercy, plead for your life?“; Orpheus uttered with a husky cold voice, hence, no word came from Hazel; a smirk on her face made the mad king frozen still; “I will not plead for a life I don’t want, I will not beg a man without a soul, I will not fear a delusional man. A god? a king?; I have fallen for the king of darkness; only you are no god to me; if these are the last breaths, I won’t spend it on begging a fake god who thinks a fair judgment is to kill. May my screams be your companion for a lifetime, may my presence stay with you as long as you are breathing, dear mortal god.“; Hazel spoke trying to sound as braver as she could, her words were truthful, and for the last time, she looked to Orpheus until she couldn’t.

A week passed after what Orpheus did to Hazel, thus, her crystal blue eyes never left his vision, she was right, her screams made his nights sleepless. Countless lives were lost and nothing mattered; only after Hazel, he knew, he was no god, he was no king, and his father was wrong, Orpheus hated himself for the first time. As much as he wanted to feel unconscious, the cold breeze of the night woke him up, his reflection on the frozen lake made him feel disgusted, and only then he saw blood in his hands, the blood of innocents, blood of Hazel. ” You were mistaken father, we don’t have to kill what we can’t own, we don’t have to kill to be gods, I am no god, father, I executed the woman who made my heart feel a warmth I never felt, I massacred the woman who saw my corruption and loved me, I thought I killed her because she had no freedom to leave me; We were the mistaken father; I no longer want to be a god; I no longer want to be a king; I only want to be human.“.

The End.

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