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Hello readers and a happy day to you all!! A Saga Of Erotic Anecdotes is a collection of sexy, sex filled stories and only dreamt about sexual fantasies that come to life. My body is already heating up just thinking about it. I’ll usually post one to keep you busy until a chapter of a book is updated. Please comment and share your thoughts. Let me know if you have an interest and want a story based around that. Enjoy!

Fantasy / Erotica
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Book 1: The Electrician

Today was such a long day and I am so glad it’s over with it. As excited as I was to get home, I had a nice trip ahead of me, seeming I was stuck in traffic on a hot Cali day. My name is Tricia and I’m a paralegal at a firm in the city. Still in my work clothes, I could just feel the sweat rolling down my caramel colored skin and making it glisten in the sunlight. I was running for work this morning, so I passed on fueling up and headed straight to the office. Since I was low on fuel using the A\C was a BIG NO NO right now. So I used what I had available to me, a hand full of documents I can use as a fan.

I was finally home and all I wanted to do was shower the traffic sweat off me, get busy with my caseload from work today that wasn’t finished in the office. Accompanied by wine, music and since it’s still a bit muggy, bath in some light air conditioning. Setting my plans in motion, I went to my private bathroom in my bedroom, started the water for a hot shower, I then retrieved and set up my laptop on the coffee table in the living area and set a stack of folders next to it. I went into the kitchen, pulled my favorite white wine and put it in the fridge to chill, then put some ingredients to the side to make a plate of assorted cheeses, crackers and spreads for when I was done showering. I grabbed my favorite wine glass out the cupboard, headed back to the front room and sat the glass on the coffee table. I made my way to the stereo and being a sucker for 90s music, picked a playlist that was sure to set a good mood for working. Lastly, I go to set the air conditioning unit on a nice temp, cool but won’t give me a cold cool.

After many failed attempts, I couldn’t get the damn unit to turn on. I tried multiple reset codes and nothing gave. I debated with myself if I really needed the air or could I wait it out until tomorrow. The spoiled part of me gave in, so I pulled out my phone and got to researching maintenance companies. I finally found one nearby and they said they’d be here shortly. Thirty minutes flies by and they haven’t arrived yet, I decide to go ahead and take my shower. After a few bouts of scrubbing my body and washing my hair, I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower to hear a loud repeated banging at my door. Now I’m super pissed, “who in hell has the nerve to hit my door that way,” I say aloud more to myself. I grab a towel for coverage and march to the front door where the noise is coming from. I grabbed the handle to yank the door open with words of venom already ready to slip past my tongue, but when I opened the door fully, I stopped dead in my onslaught and somehow the words got stuck in my throat.

Shit, I could not believe what I was seeing. It was the electrician from earlier at the office. We had a power outage and the backup system didn’t kick in. This cat, I can’t remember his name, I just remembered trying to keep my distance and avoid him like the plague because all he did today was stare at me and make me horny as fuck in the process. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a dark skinned brutha’, but babee, when I tell you it was something about this green eyed devil that stood in front of me just now. For the second time today, he has been able to make me hot, have me leaking from my core and speechless. Just picturing him pounding into my southern region turned me on and made me even wetter.

“I’m here for the unit,” he says. I say, “Um, I’m sorry please come in,” stepped back out of his way, “I apologize if I had you waiting long, I expected you some time ago and decided to shower while I waited.” He tells me, “It’s okay, I’ll get to the unit and be out of your way shortly.” I nod, return to my bedroom and close the door. I dry my hair and body, put on some comfy but sexy pajamas and put a robe on. I exit the room, see he is still working and head to the kitchen. I prepared my plate of cheese and crackers, grabbed my wine, took it to my bedroom, placed it on the nightstand, went to the front room, collected my things off the table and just planned to stay in my room until whatever his name is left. Something told me he was enjoying the music, so I left my door cracked so I could hear it myself.

An hour has gone by and he’s still here. I pause what I’m doing, go into the front room and ask him if he wants water or anything to drink. He declined and said, “I’ll be done here soon enough, but thank you ma’am,” and he smiled! Jeez, look at that smile, this is not helping at all. I returned the smile and replied, “Please, call me Tricia.”

“Nice to meet you Tricia, I’m Nate.”

“Nice to meet you too Nate, I’ll let you get back to work then.” And I returned to my room. I must have been deep in work or the music because next thing I know, I have a cool hand holding me down by the small of my back and with the other hand rubbing the back of my thigh, from my knee to just under where it meets my ass. Of course I jump at this from shock, but before I could turn over he grabs me by my waist and makes me still and I hear him shhh me. I’m confused, I want to curse him out and make him stop, but honey, I’m so busy with work, I’m sure this pussy has plenty of cobwebs that need dusting. The dominance is definitely something turning me on and he so fucking fine. Once he sees that I have stopped resisting, he takes his right knee and spreads my legs wide open, damn I’m so wet right now, I know she is pooling beneath me. Even if I had said no, one look at my pink lips and you would know I’m lying. He takes two fingers, part my lips and starts rubbing my wet pussy. He takes my juices and starts massaging my clit and eventually shoves those fingers in me and starts sliding them in and out, he then adds another finger to the mix. He slowly removes his digits and digs his fingers in my waist and lifts my ass in the air, I put that arch in my back and he just smashed his face in my juicy pussy. I screamed his name to high heavens, “Nate!” “Mmm yes!,” I swear he’s fucking me with his tongue, his tongue is so deep in my pussy while his fingers play with my asshole. He’s making me feel all sorts of pleasure right now.

He flipped me on my back and stared me dead in my eyes. He hovers over me, chest to chest, landing sweet kisses all over my neck and chest. Nibbles on my earlobe and says to me in a husky voice, “If you could imagine the thoughts I’ve had about you since earlier this afternoon. You’ve been stuck on my mind all day Tricia and then to come here and see you! Do you think I would let you slip away a second time.” I melted like pudding in his hands.

I move and position myself to lick and suck his neck hungrily, I then say to him, “So since that’s the game we’re playing, I might as well act out my fantasy too right?” He looked at me all confused. I continued, “You haven’t been the only one to fill this need, to do something between the two people in this room.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and rolled us on his back and was straddling him. I kissed his neck and chest and then pulled his pants down to expose his little man, even though there was nothing little about him. I giggle and say to myself, “this should be fun.” I sit on my hind legs on the floor with bent knees in a submissive stance and ask him to stand up in front of me. He does as I say but not before he strokes his big cock in my face. Allowing me to see the pre cum leaking from the head due to his excitement.

I spit in my hand, grab his length and begin to stroke him very slow. I hear a moan above me and look up, he is definitely enjoying this. Wanting more from him, I place his length inside my hot mouth and begin to suck his fucking soul while still stroking him at a faster pace. I’m sucking, twisting and stroking, Nate is slowly unraveling and losing a bit of control. He grabs me by my hair and slams his cock in my mouth and starts fucking my face. My gagging reflexes are showing up and showing out, but Nate doesn’t seem to notice and I’m not even about to disturb the sight I’m seeing. He grabs either side of my face with his hands, tips my face up, looks deep in my eyes, thrusts in my mouth a little faster and releases his cum down my throat.

Nate lifts me up by the waist and lays me on my back in the bed, lifts my legs and puts one on each shoulder and then slams into me and just starts going crazy. O my god, he is fucking me so good, I scream his name over and over. He moves my legs to the outer part of his waist, takes some of my wetness and rubs my stiff clit and that makes me go insane. I instantly start to fuck him back. With each thrust, he seems to increase his speed until he is balls deep in my pussy and is just slamming into it. After a few minutes I reached my climax and so did he a few more moments later.

We collapse on my bed and we’re panting hard as hell. I roll towards Nate and say, “I bet you want that water now, huh?” We both start to laugh and he responds with a yes. I come back with the water and as I hand him the bottle, I notice little Nate is still hard. He must’ve caught me staring because he says in a low voice, “I’m nowhere near done with you. And I hope this isn’t the last of us.” Nate starts us back up by placing kisses all over my body and we stayed up all indulging in great sex.

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