The Vampire Queen

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A girl named Selena has been kidnapped by a vampire king who wants her for the mate of his grandson. Will she accept his grandson? What is going to happened with her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Are you sure she broke up with ben? " One of my friend asked curiously.

" Yes i am pretty sure about it" Rose replied

"I am shocked to see that Nancy had broke up with ben" I said anxiously.

I was sitting in a cafetaria along with my four college friends and gosipping about others.

Suddenly my eyes turn towards a man who was helping a waiter in the caf矇 He was tall,had a muscular body, and a attractive face with a fair complexsion,he seems to be in his late twenties. I have never seen before a handsome man like him.

"Selena, Selena, are you there? " my friend Olivia asked curiously.

I nodded my head and said "Yes" with a smile.

"So you are looking at Barley? " asked Derocy.

I was shock by her, how did she know his name? My subconscious mind told me.

I stared at her and asked " You know him? "

My all friends were looking at me like i am just dropped from heaven.

Rose said that he "his name is Barley and his family is in the list of the richest man in the world. And he is also the in the list of bechelor men of the year."

Then my phone rang. It was my mother Murial. She was telling me to come home as soon as possible because i am out for to long. I said to my three friends that" I have to go now" I waved them.

I was going towards the exit when i suddenly slipped and i was about to fall but Barley help me and i fall in his arms.

I thanks and greet him. I left.

When i reach home my mother was shouting at me because i was too late. I was trying to be reasonable but she didn't give me a chance to reply and she gave me a lecture. And at last she told me that i will go outside only on my graduation party.

" Now why are you standing here go to your room" she said angrily.

I climbed up the stairs and wet up to my phone.I sat on my bed but I don't know why I can't stop thinking about Barley. Every time i winked my eyes his smiling face comes in my eyes.

Did you fall in love at first sight Selena? my conscious told me.

Noh, that can't happen, i can't fall in love with him in the first sight.

I tried to distracted my mind so I open my laptop and tried to find a part time job for me. I search in various website and finally found a job. I applied for that and was relax.

I came downstairs and told my mom about this. She was happy,we both called my father who was in the office, he told us he will arrived before the dinner. My brother who was working in the garage came in the house and was happy too

After 3 days

When I was returning from my graduation party I felt that someone is following me. And after few mins I was surround by some men. They were wearing black hoodie and mask so it was not possible to seen there faces. Two men came around me and they hold my arms. They put a cloth on my mouth,the hard smell of chloroform was coming out of that, I tried to hold my breath but only for a few mins, and now my eyes were black and I fell on the ground. When I open my eyes it was all black and I was not able to see anything,my hands and legs were all tied up with a rope. It took me sometime to realizes that I was blind folded. I was struggling to open the ropes suddenly I heard something. They were atleast 7 feets away from me. I heard two men were talking about me.

"Are you sure she is the one? If its not her we will be in a trouble,you know. " a man said cluelessly.

" I know, and I'm sure she is the one who we are finding " one of them replied.

Why they were finding me? my conscious mind told me.

I suddenly realized that they were taking me somewhere else. " Help me, someone please help me." I screamed at the top of my voice. " What do you need from me?" I am not the one you are searching for" I said.

"You better need to shut your big mouth or else you will be in a big trouble. " one of the man told me angrily.

I am already in a big trouble, what else is going to happen? I have been kidnapped and now the kidnappers are taking me somewhere else. A question popped on my mind.

It doesn't took so long to realize that I am in a car. A man was forcing me to drink water. And I felt blank.

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