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Three - Fire

“First dear kings, I will start with a tale”

“There once was a woman.



Enthralling to the core.

Her name was Penelope.

Such was her beauty, she was courted and soon wed to the king, the Great Odysseus.

The king was a mighty warrior, cunning and wise.

He was the master of disguise, both in body and mind.

The king abandoned his bride the day after they wed to aid the Trojans. His departure lasted twenty years.

Penelope, the loyal, patient wife, waited.

But... Penelope had many suitors.

The suitors knew she was wed to the almighty Odysseus. Yet, that did not matter, he was not present to witness their treachery.

The suitors all pursued the queen, showing their humility by feeding a beggar outside the palace gates. Soon they demanded the goddess choose.

Through contest.

Flattered, the goddess chose a contest she thought impossible.

The suitors would have to string the Great Odysseus’ bow by hand and fire and arrow through the holes of twelve axes.

One by one the suitors tried and failed.

Until the beggar, stepped forward.

He strung the Great Odysseus’ bow and shot an arrow through the holes of twelve axes.

And then one by one the suitors fell, until only one was left standing.

The beggar.”

Fire looked at kings from the corner of her eye, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Do you know the ending of the story?”

“The beggar. He was Odysseus.” King Xavier replied, “We were all told of this tale.”

“Very well... Dear Kings.” she sighed. “My proposal is as follows: Leave. Leave here. Leave this field. Leave the rivalry. Leave the Princess. Or die"

Fire smiled at the kings, looking at them directly. Eyes blazing.

She winked.

"Choose wisely”

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