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Have you ever Wonder what it would feel like to grow up as a completely different person. even if Its just a day. well Selena and Skylar have been leaving each other lives without them knowing. Hi my name is Selena and I am the daughter of the moon goddess, heir to the throne, my life is perfect, I've got everything, but deep down I know that I am lonely, that's why mother sent me to earth to find my mate. but fate has other planes for me. Hi my name is Skylar, daughter of the sun goddess, heir to the throne, my life is miserable, my mother the sun goddess is a pain in my ass, I have just one request, and that's to find my mate, but the crazy bitch won't let me go down to earth. but don't worry, I am not just a girl with a pretty face, I've got skill, and I am so getting out of here. what happened when two souls are not suppose to meet, but they ended up as best friends. with their mate right beside them. together four of them must conquer the dark force that is trying to bring them down.

Fantasy / Romance
Joseph Erezi
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I sat on my throne watching the humans, go on with their lives, they have short life span yet they are fucking happy and here I am a god without a mate, without a child. I have tried numerous time to get one goddess pregnant but its not happening. I watch other gods have a happy life while I dwell in loneliness.

I have no idea why the supernatural realm is treating me like this, I have been a good ruler to my people, save them from any kind of disaster, but still yet I am the one paying.

'' My Lord, its happening '' my second in command Zane, said. I immediately stood up. Its happening, I can't and I won't let it happen.

We enter my secret chamber, that's the place where I watch other gods and all the things they are up to.

I quickly summon my powers to show me the two goddess. The sun and mood goddess. Those two hates each other to the bone. Its such a irony that the sun goddess is nothing but a pain in my butt. She's pure evil, its still a shock that she's pregnant, that goddess can't be a mother.

Why my favorite goddess of all time, mood goddess, that goddess is loved by all, well except the sun goddess, she likes no one. I know that with out a doubt that she's going to be a good mother. That's why I kinda feel bad for what I am about to do.

You see as the ruler of all, I have the ability to see ones future, and I know everyone's future, including this two babies that are about to be born. And theirs is not a pretty one. They are pure terror, they will both destroy the world and conquer all of us. Their future is dark and I won't allow them to live.

I sit and watch as both women are trying their best to bring their child into the world. Its painful yet they won't give up, I watch as the maid wives work, doing their best to make sure the babies are OK but not for long.

About three hours later the children are finally here, two beautiful girls. One with red hair with a touch of gold on the tip, gold eyes, she's beautiful just like her mother the sun goddess.

My eyes went to the other child, my heart skip a beat when I saw, she's wonderful, and she looking at me, not that she can see me but are eyes are facing me. Sky blue hair that almost looks like white, blues yet that looks like the universe, dark lips. Everything about her screams innocent, but I have a mission I must kill them both. Just that thought has my heart aching.

I close my eyes as I Summon my powers again, I imaging the two girls on their mothers hand smiling, savouring their last moment with their mothers, then I begin, I draw the life out of them.

I am almost done when those set of blue eyes find their way into my heart, then I see the set of gold, and I stopped, I can't, I can't hurt them.

'' I can't '' I whisper to my self, but I know Zane heard me, because he moved towards me and place his hand on my shoulder.

'' then don't, I have no idea, why I am feeling this pull towards them, but we can hurt them '' he said leaning close to me.

I guess I am not the only one who is mesmerized by their beauty.

'' what should we do then ?'' Its a simple question, that I have no answer to.

'' why don't we change their fate, switch them '' I immediately turn to look at him, is he crazy.

'' hear me out first '' he said, and I just sit back to listen to what he has to say.

'' change their mothers, the moon goddess should have the sun goddess daughter, while the sun goddess have the moon goddess daughter. And you know very well that the sun goddess won't allow her daughter out of her sight, and they won't be able to access their powers, when they are in the wrong realm, so they will grow up as goddess without powers '' he explain, His idea is good but there is a problem.

'' and when they accidentally meet each other what will happen? Because you know very well that if the come together and form a bond they will destroy us all '' I tell him, feeling defeated already.

'' then we kill them before its too late '' I look at him, and he has his game face on. I shrug guess I have to change fate now.

I stand up again and close my eyes and summon my powers. I will the two body and soul to show forth, then I begin, I watch as they merge, turn twist and combine together then they separate. I open my eyes and watch the two girls change form in the hands of their mothers.

They both look totally alike, like twins. That's the problem with switch, the two body now have one face but different soul.

I watch as the mother's watch in horror as their daughters face hair and eyes change. They look totally different from what they use to look like before. Now they are breath taken.

My work here is done, but from time to time I will be back to watch them. To monitor their every move.

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