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'''I have a riddle for you, yes you! I am not your everyday girl I survive in water and die on land I scorn creatures that are not of my kind I destroy whatever stands on my path to victory Creatures are intimidated by my magnificence and superiority I am a soldier to the sea I don't only attack when attacked creatures call me The siren Have you guessed it yet?? what am I???'''

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The dawn of a new era

"Hmm! I don't think I've properly introduced my self.

My name is..... and I'm a .....

So, let's not talk about me right now.

Let's talk about you, you are trying to kill me I control the sea for crying out loud. Sometimes, I wonder if you fishes have brains, for something so big you really have a fish brain. you saw a beautiful princess soldier like me and not even a courtesy."

The Shark swam towards her by propelling itself through the water using its tail. The shark's tail swings from side to side to make it go faster. she didn't move an inch and there she was with a mysterious smile on her face.

"I don't have all day sharky, hurry up I'm hungry. I want to eat you already."

As the shark swam closer to her, she brought out a well-sharpened wooden stick that served as a spare and she immediately aimed at the shark. the wooden stick went right through the shark and killed it.

"Oh! I'm so sorry I shouldn't have killed you without telling you the history of the weapon I used to kill you how rude of me."

Leaning back on the dead fish, she starts narrating the story of how she killed humans whom she calls "creatures from the land"

"So it was a stormy night, and I absolutely love stormy nights, because does filthy creatures from land get lost and end up having a shipwreck or maybe I just turn the ship over. but I'm not dangerous I just wanted to play with them. they were ten crew members on board that ship, and I killed every single one of them. guess what happened next sharky.....uhh you are so boring sharky, ok I will tell you what happened, don't worry I'm not a monster, I didn't eat them I fed them to your brothers. and their ship which yours truly wrecked, was used in making that beautiful thing that is in you. ok, that's enough talk now sharky it's time to eat."

She opened her mouth and all her teeth's grew bigger she took a big bite from the shark

"Delicious oh my! sharky"

After eating she went back home for a very important ceremony her mother was hosting for the whole clan.


Said with a displeased voice

"Daughter, where have you been."

"I went to get dinner."

"Did you kill any of them?"


"The creatures from the land."

"No, unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone to kill."

"We don't want any trouble from those creatures stay away from them."

"Ok ok, I will stay away from them."

"Now go get ready the event has almost begun"

"Yes, you are right mother the event has really almost begun." said confidently and mysteriously.

Her mom, with so much pride, swam into the decorated underwater cave, which they called the queen's palace. and she was introduced by her spokesperson, who hit the very loud staff on the surface of the sea introducing her as the Queen of the siren sea queen winderbell.

"Introducing, princess farynx of the siren sea."

Everyone made weird noises which they always make when welcoming the royal family.

"We are here to welcome my daughter princess farynx into the world of our ancestors and now she will take care of us all. "

The mermaids always held a special ceremony for the princess who has come of age to take over the throne. the princess would always speak and if they like what she has said they make different types of sounds when they make those sounds they have just gotten a new queen.

Her mom whispered something into her ear before she went to speak

whispering"don't try to be smart"

"But you know what! I'm already smart and whatever I say is smart, so I won't be able to help you there."

"Hello! my fellow mermaids and mermen, I just want to thank the Queen, my mom, for giving me this opportunity to announce something very important. The creatures from land are not our friends, we have to kill them before they kill us. They killed my father, some of you have wondered how my father your king died. my father was killed while trying to save me from them I wandered off to the other side of our kingdom the forbidden sea. I wanted to know why we are not allowed there and I found out that the only reason we are not allowed to the other side is because of those creatures, they steal our food from there. They brought out a long black thing that brings out a silver ball and they used that ball to kill my father. do you really want to own only one part of the sea we can own the whole sea we can own the land, and one day, they will all be extinct from this world.

I have sparkling yellowtail like that of a fish, from my waist upwards I look like a human devil. I want them to see me as a devil. I want them to tremble upon hearing my voice and seeing me. I have always lived freely in the water now it's time for us to walk confidently on land. I have a curly and long chestnut brown hair, I am beautiful, I have beautiful amber eyes, I am strong, I have everything humans don't. we are stronger than them, we can defeat them, we can beat them, we can kill them all. they see us as monsters, let's show them what real monsters can do."

"The beginning of the end has come for those filthy creatures."

They made noises, disturbing sounds, they were cheering for the speech their new queen made. Her furious mother has a plan for their new queen.

Authors note: Tune in to the next chapter to know what former queen winderbell is planning for our new queen.

I made up those names😂😂😄

And yes this is what happens in my head welcome to my imaginary world😚😋

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