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Good things take time and every single thing in life has its own meaning. It’s said that suffering is only temporary and soon it will all change but with change comes chaos and with chaos comes emptiness. Emptiness that consumes souls and leaves the hallow shell of what was once great and powerful.

It takes and takes, giving nothing in return.

Life becomes gray, colors draining before your eyes.

There’s nothing you can do but watch as your life comes to a stand still. Nothing you can do but watch as time leaves you in the past.

You are left tangled in the threads of despair and anger at yourself, cursing your inability to move forward and break away from your shackles.

You are stuck in awful memories, watching it replay over and over.

You scream but no one can hear.

You run but go nowhere.

You can only sit and watch in fear as the darkness consumes your senses and embracing the madness, and its gentle caresses.

You can only hold tightly to your insanity, finding comfort in its clutches.

Insanity that led you to harm, insanity that cannot be reformed.

You can only watch as the blood begins to spread, tainting what was pure with its sickly red.

Smell the revolting metallic scent as the life drains away, lips becoming deathly pale.

The day was cheery but know it is bleak.

A mother spiraled deeper into madness, unable to cope with her sins.

A young girl set on the path of destruction, hating what she is.

A King lost his family, burdened by his mistakes.

AND SO THE ROSE WITHERED in its unkempt state.

Welcome to the first
official chapter of WITHERED.

As you already know, I am
your author, fanatic_of_night!

This is sort of a filler chapter.
It’s short but precise and gets
the point I want across,
a lil backstory.

credit given to @violetsdeath from WATTPAD for the wonderful cover❤

So, that’s all I have to say,
Until next time lovelies~


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