Mate,who are you?

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I know I made mistake I know I cheated I know I am a shitty person but I am her mate how can she leave me like this I am the king how the hell did she do this she even erased her smell from the whole mansion as if she is saying you didn’t even deserve to save my smell how is my mate so cruel I know I made a big mistake and she can’t forgive me easily. Follow Elizabeth and Nicklaus at their journey of mystery and betrayal

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Elizabeth PoV:

Why do betrayal hurt is it because it is from someone you trusted liked or loved or is it because it made you feel worthless not enough weak broken and the list can go on till I take my last breath and it won’t be enough to express how I am feeling right at this moment watching alive porn of my love husband soulmate someone who is supposed to love me and never betray me in top of another woman answering her why is he sleeping with her while he have a mate do you know what my precious mate answered that I am his mate and he love me, but I can’t be the queen since I am a weak omega and how I will give him a weak offspring and that he can’t have such weak mate like me to become a queen at that moment I didn’t know what should be my reaction do I enter and rib the girl head of and god I can do it or do I breakdown and start crying do I make my presence known and act all cliché of a wife catching her husband cheating and start shouting and crying no I was never this weak I am Elizabeth Valentinis I was never weak I kept telling myself that while watching my asshole mate groaning from pleasure finally I made my decision turned my head from the scene and returned to our bedroom do I breakdown now no I have to stay strong let’s get to work I took a deep breath and moved to our walk in closet I packed a suitcase and opened it I took everything I had in closet that he didn’t get for me and my passport and papers I closed the bag and went to the bathroom collected my tooth brush and hair brush and anything that could leave my scent or even a memory about me for him to remember I smiled to myself thinking why will he even remember he see me as a weak and worthless person not deserving his asshole type fuck him I went out from the bathroom and got my back bag and my suitcase my phone and booked the first flight from America to France in different name see I have many fake ids and passports but that another time story let’s say it’s what got me here in the first place after I finished I stood on the middle of the room taking last look at it then I said the forbidden words I Elizabeth Valentinis reject you king Niklause black as my mate and my king I felt a ping of pain hit my chest hard and I couldn’t breathe properly, but I ignore all of that and chanted something under my breath removing my scent from the whole room completely and teleported yes ladies and gentlemen I am a hybrid half witch half wolf I am not even an omega so why did my mate say that I am that’s because I simply hide my wolf warrior scent was it wrong from to do that lets say that’s what got me to front of his study room in midnight I can’t believe I felt guilty he didn’t know about my past and about my condition and that I am hiding things about myself from my mate so I decided after 6 months that I need to confess at the beginning I didn’t trust Niklaus but after I fell in love with him I was afraid he could not like that I am hybrid or that I am from a very dangerous coffin or he could be hurt that I lied to him he didn’t even know my real name I called myself Anna Wilson and introduced myself as an emigrant from Canada and joined a pack called sliver moon pack as an omega I choose this pack because it was small and low profile also they don’t discriminate between classes all are equal alpha beta omega complete each other in their eyes I actually had fun their I even experienced many new things like having friends and it will mostly be the greatest thing I will miss here I made two friends in school yes I am 17 years a senior I meet them in my first day although they were both high class wolves as May is a warrior and Oliver a beta of his pack and we were from different packs they didn’t look down on me so I love them on my first day of school I were nervous and afraid that people might know my secrets call it paranoia but if you saw and lived what I lived you will excuse my little paranoia my first class were English I entered and sit on the last disk at end not looking at anyone suddenly I heard a knock on my disk while I were taking my English books from my bag I looked and was meet with a bright blue smiling eyes and chocolate brown hair pale skin and red lips in toothy smile I realized I were staring so I said “sorry yes” the girl answered with a smile extending her hand “I am May and you are” I hesitate first but then I smiled and took her hands “Anna” “are you new here it’s the first time I saw you here” she remarked “yes I just transmigrated from Canada” “wow so are you Canadian” “half Canadian my father is American” “from which pack are you” you see we are in all werewolf school there is no human here so we can took openly “silver moon and you” I asked “golden rose” we kept talking for some time until the teacher arrived after the period ended she turned again to me and said “show me your timetable” I showed it to her and she smiled wide and said “it’s same as mine lets go to the math together” so we continue entering classes together till lunch break of course May suggested we eat together so we went to the cafeteria.

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